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Skin-care routine: BEFORE and AFTER makeup application


•I always start with cleansing my face. Right now I’m using the Aqua Marina Lush cleanser (which I really regret buying👎🏾)
*But I also use an artisanal all-natural soap after I use any cleanser.*
•I use Witch Hazel as toner with cotton pads after cleansing💯
•Then, to make my skin extra smooth for my makeup application I mask for 15 minutes with the Cup O’ Coffee ☕️ from Lush (this leaves my skin like a baby’s bottom, and my makeup look more flawless)
•After masking I apply Witch Hazel again (I love to tone lol) and I also spray my face with the Ole Henriksen Truth facial water 💦 (the orange 🍊 one)
•I then proceed to moisturize with my Belif Aqua bomb🌊
•SPF (If I know I’m going to take a lot of sun I use the TarteGuard☀️, but otherwise I skip this step because it makes me too oily)
*the purpose of the before care is to make my skin soft and ready for makeup*

•I remove my makeup with the Garnier Micellar water 💦 (this stuff is so amazing)
•I now started to use a cleansing oil after the micellar water (The Burt’s Bees 🐝 one I posted previously)
•And I cleanse my face with the same Lush product and artisanal soap
•after cleansing I like to exfoliate (right now I use the St.Ives Blemish control apricot scrub but I’m in the process of making my own scrub)
•I tone my face with the Witch Hazel✨
•and I apply the L'OREAL charcoal mask (detox and brighten😍)
*the point of the after care process is too take out all the makeup and gunk from my pores and make sure they’re squeaky clean*

I usually go to sleep after taking off my makeup so I then apply my nighttime products🌝🌚

Odin’s glad it’s nice a toasty inside because the weather is starting to look quite frightful outside!

  • Manager: Gays I'm turning in this months evaluation. Anything to report?
  • Hwasa: Wheein put my stuff in jell-o again.
  • Wheein [eating a jell-o cup]: how do you know it was me?
  • Solar [raises her hand]: Byul tried to kiss me. And I didn't tell anyone because I'm not really sure how I feel about it
  • Moonbyul: Solar, don't report that!
  • Solar: I'm not actually making a formal complaint. I just really think we should talk about it
  • Hwasa: I'd like to report a hate crime. Solar made me do the dishes
  • Solar: That's not a hate crime.
  • Hwasa: Well I hated it!
  • Wheein: I have a real problem. Moonbyul turned me down for the third time. Is there anyway to get her kicked out of the group?
  • Manager: You need cause, Wheein.
  • Wheein: I have cause. It's beCAUSE I hate her
  • *Manager stares at camera like he's in The Office*

ok but what if the very first time the chocobros hang out together they decide to go eat some noodles: Gladio has a beaming smile on his face, Prompto and Noctis are eating and chillin’, then Ignis takes a sip from his cup and his only comment is that, well, those noodles are not that great. Oh Six. Gladio freezes and glares at him in utterly horror and disbelief (Noctis thinks he’s overreacting a bit, but he doesn’t dare to say it out loud) and he decides immediately he doesn’t like that specs guy at all because clearly the boy doesn’t know shit about great food. But then, completely out of the blue, Ignis starts musing aloud about how those noodles would taste better with a pinch of pepper, mixed with carrots, celery and chicken, double cooked first in water until al dente and then mounded in a frying pan until crisp and brown – “mh wait, maybe I should try behemoth meat instead…?” and eventually Gladio ends up staring at him in pure and absolute contemplation, enraptured by his noodle-cooking wisdom and mentally screaming something like “HOLY SHIT THIS IS IT HE IS THE RIGHT MAN”

  • Yato: There's a fly in here
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: ...
  • Yato: ...
  • Yukine: Don't you da-
  • Yato: S E K K I