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story time with peter

my relationship with my brother in law is fuckin wild he gave me a rick sanchez figurine from his loot crate and rick is giving the middle finger and i knew my grandma would throw a fit if she saw it so he gave me this big-ass cup with a lid on it and stuck the figurine inside it for when i went home and if she asked me why i had it id just be like “ya james gave this to me bc he didn’t want it” and now i have a rick figurine AND a big-ass cup

tony at the end of every avengers mission talking to thor and steve all heart-eyes like “thor??? you’re staying right???? captain??? you’re also staying???? i’ll throw us a party. you’re staying right??? you’re staying. are you staying??? you should stay. right??? that seems like a good idea so you’re staying aren’t you???”

tony @ bruce like “literally come live with me i have ten floors of pure science to share and”

tony @ clint like “i already took care of your entire medical treatment and i called in a doctor straight from korea and also drink this green smoothie. my bots made it but i picked this lidded cup and straw personally”

tony @ natasha like “[blasting AC/DC] hello base this is Shellhead ™ did you miss me. over. no nat i do NOT sound like i’ve been crying i’m actually always Fine”

help me tony loves them

tips for being little subtlety

- Wear cute dresses/skirts/shirts/etc. wear something cute, with cute designs, or in a cute color! 

 - Find cute pins! Walmart sells some REALLY cute pins to clip on your clothes/backpack/purse or whatever you want! 

- Water bottles with a ‘sippy cup’ type lid. Those can make you feel super super little. 

 - Do cute hairstyles! Pigtails, braids, French braids, literally any hairstyle that makes you feel little! 

- key chains! I LOVE key chains. I have a white puffball, pastel pink rock, and I just recently took off a whale I had on there. 

-Cute phone case! I have my phone with my at all times, so having a cute case always makes me feel little. I also just ordered a pink laptop case for my MacBook!

- Carry around a small stuffie! You can keep it in your bag, locker, car, or literally anywhere. 

- Pack a cute lunch! Lunchables, sandwich cut in half/cute shapes, or bring a juice pouch!

- Accessorize! Find cute jewelry you like! Necklaces, rings, bracelets, chokers, and more! Hair bows, hair clips, or whatever you like! 

-Buy some Play-Packs! They’re on-the-go packets that contain a coloring book, a few crayons, and some stickers. They’re great for car rides!!! Walmart has them; Hello Kitty, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob, and more!

An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Title: An Offer He Can’t Refuse

Summary:  The reader tries to make it up to Dean after they argue, even though she’s not sure what he’s angry about.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2592

Warnings:  nsfw, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  Written for @avasmommy224 birthday challenge. It had to include smut and the prompt “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

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Of Caramel And Body Shots (M)

Inspired by this moodboard by @belovedbias



Yours and Jungkook’s peculiar friendship had started a few months prior thanks to the summer heat, and when you step into the cafe clearing unhappy about something he takes it upon himself to distract you.

Genre: Fluff, comedy, smut, crackish

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Swearing, Sexual Situations, Fun Times, Teasing and Flirtatious!Kook

Word Count: 8151

(Italics = flashback)

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There goes my life

A/N: I heard the song There goes my life by Kenny Chesney & got smacked with feels about a Dean x daughter!reader. It’s an AU. Enjoy.

Listen to it here

 Dean x Daughter!Reader

Seventeen year old Dean stared at his girlfriend Lily, not wanting to believe what she just told him. They were the stereotypical high school couple; he was the captain of the football team, she was the head cheerleader. They were the homecoming king and queen, the high school sweethearts of their class, but they knew once school ended Dean would be headed to California and Lily would be going to New York.

They both had dreams bigger then Lawrence, Kansas.

However it seemed like it all might be crashing down on them.

“Say it again.” Dean stated as tears of fear began to flood his eyes.

“Dean, you heard me.” Lily said as her own tears began to fill her eyes, she was worried how Dean would take the news. She was already terrified herself and was scared of how Dean would react.

“Lil’-just say it again.” Dean responded.

“I’m pregnant.”

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Caramel Macchiato

Thank you so much for your love of The Project!

Sorry for the wait! The first draft of this ended up not being the greatest so I rewrote it which took a while. Anywho! I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 3959

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Warnings: Strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable do not read.

Description: Your best friend, Yoongi, tells you one day that he is interested in a girl who started working at BigHit recently. Being the selfless friend you are, you set aside your feelings and help Yoongi out with his newfound feelings. 

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(We do not own this gif. Credit to notjustaphase.)

“Yoongi! Hurry up!” you called from your blanket huddle on the couch. You had been watching a movie together, but Yoongi had left to make more popcorn. You had won rock paper scissors, leaving you with the luxury of staying in your warm pile while you waited for snacks to appear before you.

“Do you expect the popcorn to be done in under a minute? Practice some patience, woman,” Yoongi called back. You groaned, feeling your stomach begin growling. Movie marathons with Yoongi were so long that oftentimes the lazy pair of you would forget to eat.

You zoned out as you stared at the paused TV, your stomach occasionally growling. Suddenly the buttery scent of popcorn filled the room, prompting you to turn your head towards the dark haired boy carrying the popcorn bowl.

“Took you long enough!” you said while shoving your hand greedily into the bowl before your best friend had even sat back down. He gently smacked your hand away, making some yellow, buttery pieces of goodness fall to the floor.

“You are cleaning my floor mister,” you demanded as Yoongi settled down next to you. He groaned, setting the bowl next to him with an amused smirk. You chuckled and reached for the remote to resume the movie you were watching.

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Oh My My My - X


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language and a little angst

AUTHOR’S NOTE: please don’t hate me part 2 & ½ lmao i promise that after this chapter everything will be like before lol


Months went by and you couldn’t shake off that night at Tony’s party. You probably shouldn’t have slapped Bucky across the face but he also deserved it. It’s not like you went around and asked him if he even like Dot. He would go crazy if you even asked him.

“(Y/N),” Peter called.

“Huh? What?”

“I asked what toppings you want on the pizza.”

“Oh uh, pepperoni.”

Peter gave you a strange look before continuing the pizza order on the phone. He hung up a couple of seconds later and plopped down on the couch beside you.

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I love you, Jughead Jones

 Anon prompt: “can i request something like reader has been bestfriends with jughead forever, reader was there through jellybean and jughead’s mom leaving and every other dramatic thing, and reader falls in love with him but sees that he’s with betty? thanks!”

A/N: Most definitely this is a song based fic, the title is a song by Nevershoutnever
called “I love you more than you will ever know.” From this point on I’ll be writing all future fics in first person. 

I had been friends with Jughead Jones for ten (10) years, three (3) months and twenty-two (22) days. 
We were in the same pre-school class together, we’d shared lunch and talked about our favourite books. 
Our friendship was strong, it was like diamond in some circumstances; nothing could break us. 

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Young!Reader x Clary /  Young!Reader x Jace

“We could ask Luke if he or the packs seen anything?” Alec offered as they walked together, planning to head out and mill around to see if anything interesting popped up.

“It’s after school (Y/N) will be back from school, we’ll have to stop by a toy store unless you want to take her with us?” Jace muttered as he pulled his phone from his pocket.

“I told you not to give her a toy every time you saw her.” Alec chuckled although he knew for a fact that most of Max’s clothes had been handed down to you and he’d enjoyed watching your face light up when he’d given you some of them.

“I know but the kids cute.” Jace grumbled.

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A Girl Called Mike - Part 2

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Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Word Count: About 3500

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Warnings: Language, Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I am by no means a writer so I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors. I appreciate any feedback or suggestions! 

Special thanks to @misguidedconqueress for the suggestions, feedback and for putting up with me! :)


“Listen, there’s something I feel like I should tell you.” You started and paused, the next words not coming out of your mouth. “This place is sick. You bring all the babes down here?” You raved, keeping up the demeanor.

“Not quite, only a few close friends know about it. We keep it pretty private.” Sam stated.

“Ah, too bad, I could totally see a pole right here.” You showed them between the war room and the library, kicking yourself mentally for taking it too far.

Dean hit Sam’s shoulder with the back of his hand. “Not a bad idea.” He agreed with a chuckle.

“Respectfully so.” You cleared your throat. “So, uh, for the Vodnik, I can go through any of these books?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah, of course, I’ll help you out.” Sam responded.

“No, I don’t want to be a burden.” You said.

“It’s okay, he gets off on it.”  Dean rationalized.

“I’m sure there is something more important for you to be doing.” You started again.

“Other than looking for another case, not really.” Sam insisted.

“Well, while you two nerds continue your sleep over, I’m going to grab some grub.” Dean joked and left for the kitchen.

“So, you got a system in place here?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah, some chronologically, others geographically.” Sam explained.

“This thing seemed to have an accent. East European.” You hypothesized.

“Okay. That gives me an idea of where we could start.” Sam concluded, grabbing some books off the shelves and handing them to you.

Not soon after you had started flipping through the pages, Dean came out with burgers and beer that no diner or bar could ever come close too.

“Oh my god,” You said with your mouth full. “This is the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

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Bearable (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request by anon: hey!!! could u write something based off that scene in amazing spiderman two where peter and gwen were setting rules for their friendship??? love ur writing X

Word Count: 839

A/N: Sorry this is kinda long, but I guess also short when you compare it with my previous writing. Anyway… I GOT MY FIRST REQUEST! Thanks so much to the anon who requested; I actually had a lot of fun writing this one, that scene was so damn cute!

Hope you like it, anon! 

Peter rounded the corner, and there you were. Just sitting there, but perfect as ever. How could one make jeans and a sweater look so good? How could one make a careless messy topknot seem like it was styled oh so meticulously? How could he be so stupid as to let it all leave him?

He almost forgot you had broken up two months, seventeen days, and three hours ago. Almost. The details of why sat like a written confession in the back of his head: often reread, crumpled then smoothed open again. He refused to look back at them now; they didn’t matter at this moment. All that did matter was that you wanted to meet, to talk, to be friends. And it was the best thing he’d heard in a while.

Peter approached the outdoor cafe table. “Hey,” he said timidly.

You looked up from your phone. You considered trying to hide the grin spreading on your face but decided against it. “Hey there.”

Neither of you dared to breathe or move an inch. Not even your eyes drifted. They were lost in each other. You both wondered how long it had been since your own eyes had been completely filled with the sight of the others’.

You were the first to break the silence, but not the connection. “You, uh, maybe wanna sit down?”

“Oh, oh yeah,” Peter breathed. He had to look down for the chair. He sat and grabbed the second cup sitting on the metal table. “This for…?” He hesitantly reached for it.

“Yeah, it’s for you.”

“Oh ok, thanks,” he raised it to his lips, feeling the warmth, tasting the bitter and the sweet.

You both sat, again in silence. There was some awkwardness in the air, no doubt, but something else as well. There was a sense of welcoming and delicate wanting. You both wanted to talk already, to break this drought of awkward with the rain of conversation. But no one wanted to say the first word, for fear it might be the wrong one.


“I, uh—”

“Oh, God,” you both giggled.

“You first,” Peter insisted.

You took a deep breath. “Well,” you began, “thanks for coming. I mean I know your schedule is pretty full and all so…”

Peter looked down at his cup, “No, it’s really no trouble seriously! I mean I was just glad to talk for a little, and then you wanted to talk more—which was, I mean, awesome—but yeah it’s really cool, like no trouble, no problem at all. All cool!” A smile crept on your lips as he rambled. You really fucking missed how he’d do that. How it only happened when he was flustered or excited. How often he did it with you.

“Anyway, I mean, if we’re gonna be friends again and all that, I think we should establish some ground rules. Especially after what you just did.”

“What I—what I just did? What’d I do?”

“Oh nothing bad!” You assured him. “No I just meant like, for example, maybe don’t go on your little nervous, excited rambles cuz they’re wayyyyyy too cute and they’re gonna make me fall in love with you all over again. And if we’re gonna be friends, we can’t do that.” Peter looked up at you a little taken aback. Your eyebrows slanted up, worried. “Too much? The ‘in love’ part? Sorry I—”

“No, no it’s fine,” he chuckled. He twiddled his thumbs on the coffee cup lid, thinking for a moment. “Well if we’re laying ground rules then you need to find another way to laugh.”

“What?” You looked at him, incredulous.

Peter’s eyes twinkled. “Yeah, you know when you laugh? And your nose crinkles just at your eyes? Yeah no, can’t do that. It’s too damn adorable.”

You scoffed, eyes crinkling at the corners, “Well I can’t control it, Parker!”

A wide grin broke out on his face, as he dipped his head down, shaking it. “Well then you better learn to!” he challenged. He looked up, eyes smiling as wide as that shit-eating grin that was softening into a sad sort-of grimace.

You sat up, folding your hands together and putting your elbows on the table. “That, Mr. Parker, I believe is ground rule number three.”

“What is?”

“That! When you look at me with those big dark brown chocolate doe eyes through those stray curls… sorry that’s just too much, so you need to cool it with that.”

Peter whipped his head up, eyebrows furrowed, eyes smiling, gasping in offense. You burst out a throaty giggle that quickly swelled into a laugh. He couldn’t stop the smile that immediately grew, like a plant that was watered by your delight. Peter missed this, and so did you. And though it didn’t make up for all the hurt and shit you both felt during those two months, seventeen days, and two hours, to be able to spend some time with an old new friend was enough to call it bearable.

Two ladies have been all over the store today looking for a specific thing. When I ask them if they need any help, one of them lifts up a container of patriotic-themed sprinkles where the different types of sprinkles are separated by clear plastic cups with lids. 

“We want this, but without the sprinkles in it.”

“You want… the packaging?”


“I think we have some in the bead section.”

There are sounds of dismay behind me and I can already tell they’re not going to be happy with what I show them. 

I pick up a couple options of the kind of bead storage pieces where the containers screw into each other and I get an immediate reaction from both of them.

“No! Those are awful.”

“Just horrid!”

“The lids don’t fit them and if one of them doesn’t fit then they’re all useless.”

I’ve used them before. The lids fit. If they don’t fit, it’s because you’ve been screwing them in the wrong direction. I decide not to say anything.

“What about-” I pull up one of the other kinds.

“Oh god!”

“Those are WORSE!”

“Don’t you have anything else? Anything BETTER? Is this ALL YOU HAVE?”

I have an exercise in emotional labor management that involves pausing to take a breath. If I space my reactions between theirs and speak slowly and softly, then my reactions will be more measured than if I had not. 

I call this exercise ‘murder avoidance.’

“I believe this is all we have,” I tell them. “May I suggest ordering online from a company that specializes in containers? I know a few that might be worth looking at.”

The younger one shakes the sprinkles container in my face. “No thank  you. We’re just going to buy all of these and dump out the sprinkles.”

“….all of them?”

“Well if there’s no other options, then it’s all we have.”

The sprinkles she has are all seasonal, which means that we get one truck of them and that’s it. She has the entire stock of these in her cart.  An entire season’s supply of sprinkles, which go for $10 each and she has ten of them in her cart when she could get the actual thing that she’s looking for at $2.99 each if she would just bother to use them right. 

And if someone wants to make themed cupcakes for the 4th of July, they’re shit out of luck because someone bought all the sprinkles and dumped them out so they could use the packaging. 

Lady, I hope you get ants. 


Let me preface this with that I actually really like Starshmucks as a company even though I think their coffee is disgusting.
Anyway, I had to move from Madison to Indiana. Even though it took about an hour to get to my store I loved working there. The staff was super chill and we were always super busy which is always a plus for me. One of the main reasons I like working here over Coal’s was it felt like a team. If POS wasn’t busy they would get lids, cups, etc. If drive-through was dead they would make coffee etc. Just over all if your station wasn’t busy you helped the other six stations.
Cut to my new store. There’s a girl barely keeping up with stocking. So I see we need Pike and since I am not busy I decide to make some. Cut to my shift telling me, “That I need to not do store support things. I need to just stand at the reg, wash pitchers, and occasionally clean.” Today I was on drive-through. We were on a 7 minute wait and I notice that a different shift is busy with a customer who seems very angry over her order. So I decide to make the drinks I am waiting on THAT HAVEN’T EVEN BEEN STARTED. AT SEVEN GOD DAMN MINUTES. I get told later by said shift, albeit kindly, that I can’t do that. I can’t leave my drive-through station. Even if I am on a ten minute wait for a drink I have to stand there. Even if a customer is waiting a reg for someone to take their order I have to stand there. Even if I know I can do more the one thing at once I have to stand there. I am told that if multiple people tell me this again I will be written up. Can you fucking imagine? Being written up for trying to help my fellow Baristas and help customers. This may explain why the store is fucking shitty and why it’s the lowest rated store in Indiana.

Cutie at the Drive Thru | kim seokjin

Originally posted by fawnave

Pairing: jin x reader (ft. a cameo from the rest of bts)
Genre: one-shot, college!au, fluff
Length: 2.5k
Warnings: some strong language
Summary: It was a Saturday night and you were called into work at the cafe until close. So far, you regretted taking this shift, but working drive thru may have its perks.

A/N: When you guys read this, you’ll probably be able to see how much I hated working in a food place! Haha, all my built-up frustrations here… but I hope you enjoy this little fluffy scenario.

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Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water, and flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in different forms. It’s related to sorbet and Italian ice; however, in Sicily, it has a coarser, more crystalline texture. Food writer Jeffrey Steingarten says that “the desired texture seems to vary from city to city” on the island; on the west coast and in Palermo, it’s at its chunkiest, in the east it’s nearly as smooth as sorbet. This is the result of different freezing techniques: the smoother types are produced in a gelato machine, the coarser varieties are frozen with only occasional agitation, then scraped or shaved to produce separated crystals. Although its texture varies from coarse to smooth, it is always different from ice cream which is creamier, and from a sorbet, which is more compact; this makes granita distinct and unique.” Common flavorings include lemon juice, mandarin oranges, jasmine, coffee, almonds, mint, wild strawberries, and black mulberries. Chocolate and almond granitas have a tradition in Catania. Granita with coffee is very common in Messina. Granita in combination with the yeast pastry brioche is a common summer breakfast. Granita is also found as a slush-type drink in a paper or plastic cup with lid and straw. Made with savory ingredients or less sugar than the dessert, Granita is often served between courses of a meal as a palate cleanser.