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First Look: Lotus Exige Cup 380 

Evolved from the hugely successful and capable Exige Sport 380, this latest Lotus supercar is the purest manifestation yet of the company’s Cup concept for sports cars. Genuinely eligible for competition yet undeniably elegant, just 60 editions of this extreme Exige are planned for worldwide markets – assuring its status as one of Lotus’ most collectible road cars.

  • The fastest to, from, and around the race track
  • 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds
  • Dry Weight from 1,057 kg (2330lbs)
  • Dramatic bodywork revisions boost downforce to 200 kg
  • Limited to 60 editions worldwide, confirming collector status

With a purity of drive unheard of in road cars, and a power-to-weight ratio of 355 hp per tonne, the Exige Cup 380 delivers genuine race pace, with 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds (0-100 km/h in 3.6 seconds) and top speed of 175 mph (282 km/h). Key to the Exige Cup 380 reaching its low weight of 1,057 kg is the comprehensive adoption of carbon fiber and extreme engineering. Making their first appearance on a road-going Lotus, heavily revised bodywork elements contribute to the increased downforce of the Exige Cup 380, with the car generating up to 200 kg, 43% more than the Exige Sport 380. Making the most of this aerodynamic downforce and maximizing mechanical grip, the Exige Cup 380 features larger rear tires as standard.

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Chevrolet Unveils 2018 Camaro ZL1 NASCAR Cup Car

A new era in Chevrolet motorsports starts today with the introduction of the Camaro ZL1 as the new race car for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

The Camaro ZL1 will make its competition debut next February during Daytona Speedweeks, which kicks off the 2018 NASCAR season.

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-  I am a little sad that it took $175 million to make the movie, and the box office only got $147.9 million, I thought it would have gotten more. I only spent six dollars to see the movie with my best friend.

-I adore this movie. It hits you in the feels, hardcore. It’s the best cars movie, yet! Only Rotten Tomatoes disagrees and rated it a 67%

-This is the awaited sequel of the first movie, I don’t even count the second Cars movie as part of the universe because it was horrible. This was all about Doc, Lightening, and Cruz. It was Beautiful.

-There are new and old characters introduced in the movie, there were flashbacks of Doc Hudson, I cried every-time. The music didn’t help either at that point. Speaking of the music, they’re was old and new best soundtrack since the first movie.

-The movie did a lot of focusing on the racing, I felt like my heart was going to burst open because it was such a relief to get back in the familiarity of the track race.  

-Lightning’s crash. I wasn’t prepared for it, I sat on the edge of my seat, gripping the recliner handles. It was so intense and left me gasping because all he wanted was to do his best, to win the race and prove he’s not past his prime in life. Lightning spends more than four months recovering in Doc’s garage

- The scene in the garage, with the wall plastered with pictures of Lightning and Doc. “Racing wasn’t the best part of Hud’s life. You were.” *Cue the tears*

- Jackson Storm finally got taken down by Cruz and with one of Doc’s moves no less. It was awesome.

-  Chick Hicks, Strip Weathers, Tex, Rusty and Dusty–all returned from the first film there wasn’t a lot of screen time for them but it was good enough for me.

-Sally got more screen time in this film then she did in the second. I am still curious on how kid cars are made.

–Cruz Ramirez is a happy, bubbly, positive person when you first meet her, and then when you get to know her more you see she has deep pain of regrets, and really wants to be a racer. It hit really hard for me personally because I know what it’s like to hide behind a mask of positive.

-Doc’s generation of cars was a nice touch I wish they had more screen time.  Speaking of which every-time Doc Hudson made a appearance I cried  He’s one of my favorite character in the franchise.

-Lightning’s character development from the first movie was very nice, you could tell that he wasn’t a hot-temper person anymore, that he has aged, gotten wiser, and actually takes advice from people. Which brings me to my next question how old is Lightening? Someone said thirty-years-old but I would think he’s a little bit older.

-How do cars actually die? I still want to know this, how old do they live for?

-The creepiest thing about this movie was Sterling having parts from Lightening’s races, like body parts in jars on the display, like please tell me you didn’t steal his body parts while he was sleeping.

-Lightening repainted himself to look like Doc. It was amazing.

OVERALL Cars 3 was worth seeing, it was what the Franchise needed to conclude the movies, if you haven’t watched the second one, I wouldn’t. Consider this movie the sequel to Cars. I really loved everything about this movie, I am satisfied with how everything fell into place, how the new generation and old generation can co-exist together, and come out with a HEA.

Rating: 9/10