People didn’t want Linda Sarsour to speak at CUNY. Would “free speech” pundits stand up for her?

  • By now, civil rights activist Linda Sarsour is used to backlash. The opposition came in full force once again when Sarsour was announced the commencement speaker for City University of New York’s School of Public Health 2017 graduating class. They didn’t succeed.
  • This speaking engagement has recently made Sarsour a target for violent protests and social media campaigns launched by hate activists, right-wing provocateurs and members of the Zionist movement alike. 
  • But unlike some of their steadfast support for the free speech of conservative commentators Charles Murray and Milo Yiannopoulos, liberal “free speech” pundits rarely, if ever, spoke up on Sarsour’s behalf.
  • So Mic reached out to some of them.
  • Jonathan Chait, a liberal commentator at New York Magazine, has written extensive criticism of political correctness, and the left’s free speech conundrum.
  • Chait hadn’t tweeted or written an op-ed critiquing the double standard in the conservative approach to free speech.
  • Chait didn’t respond, until now.“I would endorse the argument made by Emily Shire,” Chait said in an email, citing a Washington Post op-ed in defense of Sarsour. “I find many of Sarsour’s views repellant, but that does not disqualify her as a commencement speaker. This episode is another example of the parallel contempt for liberal discourse found on the far right and the far left.” Read more (6/2/17)

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It is always humbling to be recognized. But this recognition was especially meaningful because…well, it’s my first! Thank you to CUNY School of Public Health for ushering me into this illustrious fellowship. Congratulations to all my fellow graduates! 


Hunter College, CUNY, in the middle of Manhattan.

This sign was up for about a week [EDIT] 3 days (posted on October 2nd).

We had petitioned for 3 years to get the sign placed.

There are only 2 other gender neutral bathrooms on the 68th street campus, which spans 3 tall buildings and the much older, smaller Thomas Hunter Hall where this bathroom is located.

It only took 3 days for this sign to get vandalized and rendered illegible. We just want a safe place to pee.