30 Days of Whedon, Day 28.

 Favorite family members?

Seeing as in most cases, actual family of the characters in all of the various shows kind of sucked, from Xander’s alcoholic parents to Wes’s over bearing father to Tara’s entire screwed up clan there isn’t a lot of people to choose from that I’d even want to know let alone call my ‘favorite’, So I’m going to go with Jayne’s mom.  Why? She knits cunning hats for her adult son. And that’s sweet.

lilsherlockian1975 asked:

Somewhere around here I have a 'very cunning hat' - my husband's ex girlfriend made it for us (she also made me my Tom Baker scarf). If I can find the hat I'll post a photo... it's very cunning.

Cool! I want to see it!!!