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“or perhaps in slytherin
you’ll make your real friends,
those cunning folks use any means
to achieve their ends.”

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[ m o r e . a e s t h e t i c s ] 

Ok ok ok but hear me out: the Sorting Hat doesn’t sort based on the traits you have. It sorts based on the traits you value.

This explains why the Hat can be affected by personal preference. No matter how much Harry may have inwardly valued cunning, the Hat could tell he didn’t value it enough to let the Hat put him in Slytherin. Even though Hermoine is bookish and stereotypically Ravenclaw, she’s placed in Gryffindor because, above all, she values “friendship and bravery,” in her own words. Though Neville isn’t terribly brave at the beginning of the series, the Hat knows he wants to be. It knows Neville values bravery above loyalty, even though he has more loyalty than bravery.

Is this all gibberish? Because it seems spot on to me.

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OKAY but imagine Draco Malfoy, practically the definition of a Slytherin shoe in, getting sorted into Gryffindor of all houses, the AUDACITY of that hat, in one fell swoop isolating him from his family and peers, and just when everything feels hopeless POTTER of all people extends a hand of friendship, and he doesn't NEED his pity but well using his popularity isn't a bad idea, next thing he knows the golden trio is the golden quartet seriously what happened (he wouldn't change it for the world)


I don’t think Draco is strictly Gryffindor-like, but here’s the thing - bravery is a choice. And away from the confides of the Slytherin house, he could absolutely develop differently. Kinder. 

The hat seeing cunning but also seeing a brave mask and a chivalry, and a boy who wants to go to Slytherin just so he isn’t disowned. Draco being terrified and stand-offish and awful, and instantly making himself disliked by his house, until Harry sees how rough of a time Draco is having and offers to his friends. Draco accepting it, tired and subdued, and leaving Hogwarts a very different boy than he arrived. Lucius being furious, Narcissa being tight-lipped but quietly loving her son - and, later, when they’re pulled in opposite directions by the war (his parents housing Voldemort, Draco on the run hunting horcruxes), coming together again during the BoH. 

Draco standing up for Harry, not antagonising him. Draco making supportive Potter badges instead of ‘Potter stinks’ badges in fourth year. Draco being forcibly inducted into SPEW, and realising, with more horror than either Ron or Harry displayed, how awful house elves are treated, because he’s seen the abuse first hand. Draco at the Burrow. Draco teasing Ron, and Ron antagonising him back. Draco taming up with Hermione to do research, blinding the other two with their intelligence. Ron and Hemione dealing with years worth of UST. Harry gaining another avid and protective supporter, and Draco finding real friends that are brave enough to stick with him through the dark times. Gryffindor!Draco Malfoy.

Here is a translated version of the interview with Araki from Jojonium volume 14, focusing on Daniel J D’arby.

Q. Who was all turned into a soul chip!?

A. Polnareff, Joseph, Kakyoin, and Avdol.

When I started drawing Part 3 and began working on battles between Stands instead of Hamon, I decided that I wanted to draw some battles that weren’t physical. Like I discussed earlier with Hol Horse, I interspersed one on one battles with team battles throughout the Joestar group’s war against Dio’s assassins, and tried to put a lot of variety into each different ability. I had drawn ‘gambling’ battles before in Mashonen BT, but I wanted to draw another one with Stands in the background. That’s what gave birth to D'arby.

I believe that gambles are something that people embark on by staking both their souls and their pride. The money, chips, and coins that are used at casinos are just representations of souls. So having D'arby remove the souls of the people who lost was a natural conclusion to me. Of course, due to his Stand, I was able to actually draw it happening. (LOL) In gambling, you either win or you lose. So D'arby, who embarks on gambling all on his own, exhibits a powerful mental fortitude and cunning hat rivals even Jotaro himself, which gives D'arby a demonic aura.

D'arby and the Joestar group engaged in several gambles. Basically, anything goes when it comes to gambling, so I like thinking up different ideas. One of my favorites involves animals. It’s hard to predict what animals will do, isn’t it? That makes them perfect for gambling, but precisely because it seems like there’s no way for someone to cheat with animals, I bet that someone actually is. It was also important to find a gambling game that fit with the Jojo world. Poker is popular, and everyone’s played it, and the key to winning is bluffing. The most important thing is to see just how much you can fool the opponent psychologically, and how calm you can stay, so I thought it’d be perfect for the showdown with Jotaro. It was fun drawing the battles with D'arby, so before the final battle with Dio, I introduced his younger brother Terrence. Just when the readers thought “Aww, poker AGAIN!?” I brought out the video games. Baseball, racing… I was able to try a few different ideas, just like I did with gambling.

Now that I think about it, I feel like the D'arby brothers and the Oingo Boingo brothers launched Jojo into yet-uncharted territory. In other words, it proved that battles can be drawn in many different ways. The gambling battle between Jotaro and D'arby became the gambling battle between Josuke and Rohan in Part 4, and then became the beetle showdown between Josuke and Jobin in Jojolion. With Jojo’s battles, you can have physical punch-outs AND psychological trickery. And it all started with this D'arby battle.

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Would it be possible for an update of the abominable snowman Stiles tag?

its become a tiny bit more popular. but not a lot D:

abominable snowman stiles

It’s a Seasonal Thing by Onlymystory (6/6 | 8,783 | PG13)

Okay, so Stiles lied about the whole abominable snowman alter-ego. But he didn’t lie about the seasonal part. Stiles could have kept his secret too. Until he had to go and become best friends with Derek Hale. And well, cats might be curious and all, but they’ve got nothing on a werewolf.

Cold Natured by BeniMaiko (1/1 | 3,939 | NC17)

Stiles is a Yeti. Just pure fluff.

Cunning Hats and Other Knit Goods by BeniMaiko (1/1 | 2,285 | NC17)

Knitting is very important to Yeti.

This Is Halloween by Swing Set in December (1/1 | 4,557 | G)

In this town, don’t we love it now?


For anon…it is a Reylo imagine as well. Both Rey and Ren are Gryffindors as requested.

Ben: *mumbling* I should’ve been put in Slytherin.
Rey: *quirks a brow* What was that, babe?
Ben: *crosses arms* *sighs* I don’t see why I’m a Gryffindor.
Rey: *smirks*
Ben: I mean, I’d be great in Slytherin! I’m cunning, ambitious, resourceful. That hat just wanted to hinder me.
Rey: *giggling* You just want to be like your grandfather, Dark Lord Vader.
Ben: *acting suspicious* What? Why would I want to emulate the greatest wizard ever?
Rey: Ben, you wear a helmut for crying out loud! It’s not too difficult to see.
Ben: *mutters* I’ll get into the Slytherin house.

Want to Request?

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Bagginshield + meeting at a masquerade ball au?

1. The ball is held not in Erebor, which has fallen - and whose people would be confused at the idea of disguising oneself to meet partners, anyway - but in the Shire, on the first harvest moon of Blotmath (by Shire month-reckoning, in the old sentimental sense). Under the Party Tree in Hobbiton, couples and singles alike gather in costumes with their faces covered and dance the night away, as all the while lamps carved from pumpkins grin snaggle-toothed down at them from high tables.

2. In Ered Luin, a dispossessed king raises his head when a Hobbitish peddler mentions such an interesting holiday. “Wouldn’t want to miss it, I wouldn’t!” she declares as she rummages in her wagon for the fabric that Thorin has agreed to purchase for Gloin’s son’s new shirt. “Come by, if you’re able. We welcome all sorts.”

When the peddler begins her journey back to her home, Thorin follows the same path, Dwalin and Balin trailing along with him. Neither of them can resist Hobbitish feasts.

3. Hamfast has to drag Bilbo out of Bag End on the insistence that it isn’t natural for a Hobbit of means to miss so many Harvest Balls. Bilbo eventually goes for the food, and for the occasion, sews himself a splendid costume. He drapes his round body in orange linen and makes a cunning hat of green-and-brown felted wool, even painting his feet brown to simulate a pumpkin in its patch. His mask is white and glittering, for the first frost.

4. They meet by backing into each other. “Oof,” says Thorin, and “Oh!” says Bilbo, whirling around, eyes widening. He hasn’t seen a Dwarf for years and years. This one has on fine clothes that still look as if they’ve seen wear, and his mask is beaten metal; it shines in the torchlight. “At your service,” Thorin says with a bow.

“And at yours,” Bilbo replies. “What would you be, then?”

The Dwarf’s eyes sparkle through the eyeholes of his mask. “What anyone might expect of a Dwarf, Master Hobbit,” he says. “I am a gold mine.”

Bilbo suspects that his bachelor days may be over after tonight.

5. The evening ends with Bilbo and Thorin in Bag End, Thorin having been persuaded to remove his boots and air out his poor neglected feet on the plush parlor rug. They have spice tea and scones on porcelain saucers; Thorin praises both effusively, and then praises Bilbo’s generosity. And his eyes. And the swell of his belly, which is labeled beautiful among both Dwarves and Hobbits.

Dwalin and Balin (whom they left dancing, each among a group of Hobbit children like a sunflower among pansies) show up at midnight, stuffed with food. They have to bang on the door for ten minutes before someone answers. “Thought you’d be a bit more polite,” Dwalin grumbles at Thorin. “Wait, what’re ye doin’ answering a Hobbit’s door?”

Thorin can’t say as he has any proper response except the truth.

6. By the time the Quest comes around, they have been wed for years, and Bilbo refuses to let anything happen to his husband.


Previously on Vikings: Ragnar goes full Orpheus and declares he will follow Athelstan into the dark. It is somewhat ironic.

This week on Vikings: What will HAPPEN in THIS, the season FINALE of THE VIKINGS SHOW? Let’s find out!

Season 3, Episode 10: “The Dead”

Camp Viking. The French roll up with the treasure they are exchanging for the Vikings’ pinkie swear that they will take it and leave them alone. Ha ha ha, sure.


this is mostly a joke for my roommate (hi Cate)

Rollo goes off to tell Ragnar the treasure’s here, while the rest of the Vikings mosh around the chests and cheer and throw gold coins around and generally have a good time. Remember in S1 when the Vikings came back from Lindisfarne with all their loot, but then the Earl said they could only keep one thing each, and Ragnar was like “Maybe I will take this bowl and wear it as a cunning hat. No actually tho I will take this cute monk I mean this priest here.” Of course you remember. Ragnar also remembers, when he’s not too busy sweating and trembling and coughing in his tent.

Rollo: oh, bro :(

Ragnar: “I am dying. But at least I know that I will see Athelstan again.”

MAN do I love that all of Ragnar’s dialogue lately sounds like my paraphrasing. Dude’s at death’s door, he’s got no time to mess around with subtext, #txt it

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My commission from the awesome lunarinferno: everyone’s favorite nerds modeling the Jayne Cobb’s infamous ‘cunning hat’!

The idea is a riff on a conversation from chapter 4 of “Athene Noctua” and, dear goodness, did lunarinferno do a wonderful job with it, from Hermann’s little blush to Newt’s shamelessness.

I think I have my new computer wallpaper …

30 Days of Whedon, Day 28.

 Favorite family members?

Seeing as in most cases, actual family of the characters in all of the various shows kind of sucked, from Xander’s alcoholic parents to Wes’s over bearing father to Tara’s entire screwed up clan there isn’t a lot of people to choose from that I’d even want to know let alone call my ‘favorite’, So I’m going to go with Jayne’s mom.  Why? She knits cunning hats for her adult son. And that’s sweet.

bragandbounce submitted:

I’m really very sorry about your shit mierda merde Incident; please accept this picture of my bearded dragon, Charizard, in his tiny hand-knitted bobble hat, along with both his and my well-wishes.

There is no adequate way to respond to this except to softly whisper thank you over and over again, as repeating as the tides, and hope that you can hear me from wherever you are.