stay alive
not because your mother will never stop crying
but because you can look up at the sky on a sunny day and see the clouds moving by and you’ll take a moment to wonder if it is because the earth is spinning or because the wind is blowing
stay alive so you can answer that question
stay alive so you can ask someone else that question, then wow them by knowing the answer
or be wowed that they already knew it as well
stay alive because you’re never too old to look up at the sky and see figures in the shapes of clouds
a cumulonimbus that looks like a dog will never fail to make you smile

stay alive
not because your father will blame himself for the loss of his baby
but because your favorite band might come out with a new song
or your favorite show might get renewed for a new season
or your favorite person might like your tweet on twitter
stay alive because the future is unclear and that may seem terrifying, not knowing what’s to come, but it’s worth taking that chance
gambling is never a safe bet but the house always wins and you, my dear, are the house

stay alive
not because your best friend will never forgive themselves for losing you
but because of the feeling you get when you do see your best friend
that calmness, that peace, that happiness – that feeling is genuine happiness and yes, you are capable of experiencing it
you’re allowed to experience it
you’re allowed to be happy
stay alive because you’re allowed to be happy and there are countless reasons to feel that joy radiate like sunbeams
like licking melted ice cream off of your hand as it drips from the cone
or the way the world slowly changes from green to orange in autumn
or seeing the first snowfall of winter
or that first sip of a hot beverage when you’re absolutely freezing
or wearing your favorite underwear
or finally seeing the Big Dipper at night
or the perfect amount of Parmesan cheese on top of your pasta
or your pet crawling into your lap
stay alive because at least one of those things make you happy and you should experience it one more time

stay alive
not because i’ll miss you
but because one day life will feel the way a brand new notebook feels - intimidating, but exciting and more importantly, a fresh start
stay alive because you deserve to be around for that fresh start

(cc, 2017)


Orion Descends into the Storm - April 1, 2017 by Joseph Brimacombe
Via Flickr:
Taken from Savannah Skies Observatory with a Canon 5D Mk III and 35-mm Lens in a Cyclapse protective housing.


Timelapse videographer partners with the World Meteorological Association to tell the story of clouds.


three separate off duty commercial aviators photographed cumulonimbus clouds illuminated by flashes of lightning from their planes.

otherwise known as thunderclouds, cumulonimbus are the only cloud type that can produce hail, thunder and lighting. the base of the cloud is often flat with a very dark wall like feature hanging underneath, and may only lie a few hundred feet above the earth’s surface.   

cumulonimbus clouds are created through convection, often growing from small cumulus clouds over a hot surface.they get increasingly big until they represent huge powerhouses, storing the same amount of energy as ten hiroshima sized atom bombs. 

although the storm looks formidable, today’s airliners have advanced equipment to circle around storms this big without entering any dangerous zones.

(photos xx

MBTI types as things in the sky

ENFJ: The rising sun on a summer morning.

ENFP: A constellation pointed out by friends star gazing.

ENTJ: A jet breaking the sound barrier.

ENTP: A super nova, releasing all of its star power.

ESFJ: A shooting star, holding on to a wish.

ESFP: A meteor shower passing over a summer camping party.

ESTJ: A satellite, precisely orbiting the earth.

ESTP: A distant planet waiting to be explored.

INFJ: The Northern Lights, dancing in the sky.

INFP: The Moon, both its illuminated side and its dark side.

INTJ: A cumulonimbus, majestically brewing from the storm inside.

INTP: A black hole, both mysterious and mesmerizing.

ISFJ: A rainbow after a spring shower.

ISFP: A colorful hot air balloon flying at dawn.

ISTJ: The International Space Station looking over an hurricane on planet earth.

ISTP: A parachute, deploying gracefully and falling freely.