Another 10 reasons why Benedict Cumberbatch is the best man on the planet.

1. His Cheekbones.

2. His Intelligence.

“It’s this age old question about what mystery is what the unknown is. We can all stand in awe of the unknown and the majesty of what we are part of in this life but I think the beauty of science is that it is as beautiful to me as any religious or spiritual revelation to untag an understanding of your world. There’s so much to wonder at even though we have a really specific understanding of these things we wonder at. It doesn’t diminish the romance of these discoveries. You can still be in awe of something even if you understand it.”

3. His Hands.

4. His Charity Work.

5. His respect for his fans.

6. Even though its a bad habit, you can’t deny he’s hot when he smokes.

7. He can cook

8. He even looks hot playing a rapist.

9. That smile.

10. When he unleashes his sexiness on the world.

Paired with just…this.

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Tea porn.