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This well-known classical piece, See The Conquering Hero Comes, was written by Handel for the Duke of Cumberland, celebrating his victory at Culloden in 1746, and the end of the final Jacobite Rebellion. Handel was a great admirer of Britain’s Hanoverian monarchy. 


Elizabeth DiMauro, a decade-long Irish dancer, performed in CCC’s Talent Show on April 30, 2015, and won the 2nd place trophy. DiMauro began Irish dancing to embrace her Irish heritage, but she “completely fell in love with the art form” and it has grown into a large part of her life.  She enjoys the unique choreography of Irish dancing compared to the other forms of dance that she has practiced.

DiMauro is a Championship level Irish dancer and has been ranked in the top ten regionally and top 20 in North American. Last April, she competed at the 2015 World Championships of Irish Dancing in Montréal, Canada.

She hopes to become a certified Irish dance instructor within the next few years. Sharing her favorite dance form is something she looks forward to. For her, performing is her time to clear her mind and let go of anything that is stressing her out. She reports no fear of performing, just that Irish dancing “feels like flying!”

 - Rebecca Kolimaga, “The Voice” Staff Writer

video credit: Sarah Galzerano, Communications Intern