Top 10 Scenes As Picked By My Friends picked by @thesofiepollyuniverse

“I smell you… I hear your breath… I feel your air… Where are you? Where are you? Come now, don’t be shy… step into the light. There is something about you… something you carry… something made of gold… but far, more, precious. There you are, thief in the shadows.”

“I did not come to steal from you, O Smaug the Unnecessably Wealthy… I merely wanted to gaze upon your magnificence, to see if you really were as great as the old tales say… I did not believe them”

This is an actual conversation between me and a friend and couldn't help imagine these two:
  • Bilbo:"if I am not invited I won't go no matter if we are friends"
  • Thorin:"That makes no sense at all."
  • Bilbo:"yes it does."
  • Thorin:"Bilbo if I tell you I am doing something it means I want you to come."
  • Bilbo:"now you tell me."
  • Thorin:"You know me for a while now."
  • Bilbo:"I do but it's still nice to be asked."
  • Thorin:"OMG are you being serious right now?"
  • Bilbo:"✌🏼😎"
  • Thorin:"This is why women find me arrogant. Hahaha."
  • Bilbo:"everyone* 😘"
  • Thorin:"Well fuck you too."

continuity from my previous “just for fun”: Cumber!Smaug
I had ridiculous free time today, and these were born…

and to be honest, i dont wanna call this SmaugLockD:
i just want a Pure evil Smaug the dragon with Cumberbatch Human form, no sherlock personality in here, so shall we call him CumberSmaug, instead?

one more thing: got many notes asking me to paint him with Bilbo, but since i already saw tons of them, let’s just have a Young Thorin, ok?

coz i do what i want!!!XD