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Hello, I read your comment about culur and it left me curious; as far as I know the only thing culur was guilty of was buying recasts and she's since gotten only legit dolls. Can you elaborate on the "scamming" part that I read? I'm not trying to argue your point, just looking for information. If you don't want to type it, could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks. :D

I don’t mind answering this because most of this information is pretty hard to find now unless you know where to look and it’s more than just the scamming of why there is so much negativity toward Culur.

To explain the scamming part of Culur infamous reputation, it comes from her failing to label her sales posts of the recasts she sold. When you don’t specify a doll is a recast, it’s automatically seen as a legit doll, which is something very looked own upon both pro and anti recast people because it is scamming for not being honest of what’s being sold legitimacy (plus it’s illegal). I don’t know the specific number of how many times Culur has done this, but it’s several and each time she says she forgot, however, she somehow didn’t forgot because she only told the doll was a recast if she was asked in private messages so you can tell why not many people see her to be trustworthy and known for shady behavior. Because of her mislabeling, she has been banned from various sales groups, including recast sales groups, because she doesn’t properly label her sales posts.

The only one that can be found as an example of her “forgetfulness” is this sales post:

She didn’t specify in the original post that she doll she was selling was a modded recast Doll Chateau Christina with the ornate neckpiece sanded off, just as a “fixer upper” project she did over the summer (notice how the doll is missing it’s clavicle and the top of her neck isn’t straight and curved at the second joint). When Winonaflammery and other people caught on to what this doll really was and Culur admitting it was a recast, she deleted the original post because she got caught again. Instead of apologizing after being caught with her fraudulent sales post, she decided to make a post on her blog “revealing” that she has recasts (even though was already obvious and common knowledge), gave a back story as to why she had them and her early days in the hobby, then blamed her age at the time she bought them, and then said she was now going to be anti recast from now on, not even mentioning the Doll Chateau Christina fiasco until Quezycoatl had brought it up.

Here’s the apology post:

And also this link below of when Quezycoatl questioned her about the sales post and can also another example of what Culur does (and usually says) when she gets caught by saying she “forgot”:

Even though Culur apologized for her actions, seemed like she cleared everything up, and even said she was now anti recast, she was, again, caught lying and this time by AmaranthCastaways and also bring us to the second part of why Culur is infamous, her dishonesty. The proof of her lies in her apology post can be seen here in these links:

AmaranthCastaways showed in those links of proof of the lie Culur told in her apology post. Culur mentioned that she was banned on Den of Angels, but never why other than it happened suddenly when that wasn’t true. The first link shows proof that’s she did post her recast on Den of Angels, a forum that has a zero tolerance toward recasts and will ban you if you post them, and even cross posted from DoA and the Haven at the same time, plus speculation that she must’ve know the rule as well (plus it’s plastered right on the front page of the forum). When confronted about her posting her recast on the forum, she claims with her per usual excuse she “forgot” it happened. The second link shows that’s she did at one point did try to get back on the forum even though she is banned. It could be considered another scam because she was duping someone to get back on the forum not telling them that she was originally banned, also could’ve risked the person who gives her the invite to be banned as well because it’s against forum rules to invite a banned user, accidental or not. Another lie she made in the apology post is that Culur said she also, again, sometimes forgets to tag the photo posts of her recasts. She said never knew it was an issue when she didn’t tag them when the truth is that she never tagged her posts with her recasts and this subject is brought up constantly in the bjd tag when it comes to recasts not being tagged, including people make confessions targeted at her for not tagging them.

In case you case you didn’t notice, all the links I’ve provided cannot be directly found in Culur’s blog, but from others who reblogged them because after the fiasco with the Doll Chateau Christina, plenty of proof countering what she said, and showing she doesn’t tell the truth, they were removed. Culur deleted the original recast apology post along with every single her post of recasts her tan Volks Lorina Lane, sleeping head Volks Lorina London, and all her other recasts from not only her tumblr, but also her Flickr, Blogspot, and Deviantart with no further explanation. As for her recasts, she no longer showed anymore pictures of them and no signs that she sold or got rid of her recasts, so on other words they disappeared also without further explanation .

After the mess she caused, she disappeared for a little while, the came back and continued as if her getting caught with her lies never happened or her recasts never existed. Ways that shows she denies the past is that she says “no recasts” on her Instagram and even more when she made a post also Instagram saying the at “the hobby can be se so cruel” and her post of being confused of why she is being questioned about the legitimacy of her dolls and also agreeing those people are haters in the comments. And now due to her deleting everything that happened, many people like you and her new wave of fans have no idea what Culur has done. Only a few know she used to have recasts and believe that the hate is because of that and not much more, so they still continuously give her support and defend Culur even though they don’t know what’s she’s done to attract all the negativity.

So in conclusion, the source of Culur’s infamous reputation is rooted from her dishonesty and not that she had recasts (for only a small margin of people). She constantly never told the complete truth or the truth at all and whenever she is caught she says she forgot, she was too young at the time, or a mistake. Culur has been given many second chances to improve herself and the one time she could have really changed, she wasted it by lying more and then hiding after being caught in her instead of owning up to them. From what I hear, with the way she still is acting shady, not following commissions instructions properly, and rigging a giveaway, I personally don’t think she will change or will ever admit to what’s she’s done.

I hope this explains everything you and others who wanted to know about Culur, think of what you will about her.

Does no one consider Culur is still very young? She only turned 18 this year and just graduated high school. She’s so skilled for someone her age. Dealing with big money with dolls when she’s still young? The BJD world can still be pretty scary, and for someone that young, I can see why she went to recasts before she knew better. As someone who started as a toy collector when I was a young teen, it’s intimidating and you don’t know where to start. She’s only just learning how to adult…


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i have a question, as a latinx who was born in mexico (but parents are from puerto rico) i want to get a sugar skull tattoo to remind me of where i was born and grew up, but because none of my family are mexican, im not sure if its culural appropriation or not, and i would like yall's input

Why a sugar skull tho? Like, is that the first thing you think about when you think of our country? /: idk, as we’ve said so many times, sugar skulls belong to a very specific group of Latinxs (those who celebrate this sacred holiday). There’s so many symbols that can represent your ties to Mexico and that would step away from taking something that you might not be a part of.
-mod S

I’ve gotten a few followers over the past few days and I assume it’s because of Hannigram and I don’t want to fool yall. My relationship with Hannigram is mostly casual. And really just awful because it’s such a fucked up ship and yet I’m here for it. 

But really yall should know I’m Johnlock trash mostly. Ya I’m a Sherlock blog in a lot of ways and so feel free to unfollow cause I get it. scourge of the tumblr fandoms. 

Also I’m super into certain RPFs. Yep that is Real People Fiction… I know gross right? Anyhoo I write about them and I love them so if that squicks then you should walk away. 

And uh also I love myself. I’m NOT part of the tumblr culure that constantly makes jokes about their looks and personality. Nuhh I kinda dig me most days. 

ALSO I have two problematic faves that a lot of tumblr hates…. and I’m quite pervy about one of them. First I love Joss Whedon and will defend him and his writing against you at almost all costs. Secondly I like to talk about Martin Freeman’s massive cock and all the things I want to do with it a LOT. 

Oh and recently  I have been told I’m a gross ass flip flopper as I refuse to agree about what will happen with certain ships.

Finally as friends will mention I often get VERY shouty about things like Shakespeare, CERTAIN MUSICALS, Improper Hogwarts sorting, and THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF TELEVISION. 

 Soooooo jus as an FYI …. I am not an easy blog to follow.

 I think of these anons are missing the point about Culur. 

I don’t know if its clear enough for you all that she is a confirmed SCAMMER and a LIAR. I and many other people don’t give a rats ass she used to be a recast owner, its the fact she used to scam people, lies constantly, and hides it all so she wont face the consequences of her actions, and that is reason why she’s hated. The one time she actually tried to be honest, she lied in that post too and didn’t even admit she sold a recast as a legit when that’s whats the post was supposed to be about. When people caught on her lies, she went and deleted everything of her recasts, including her post of her coming out that she had recasts and all that junk, in hopes to hide what she called a “mistake”, her per usual excuse for she has used various times. So now as long as her fans remain ignorant and cant find her past thanks to her deleting habits, she will never have to admit whats she did and continue to play dumb because according in her mind it never happened. And in reference to Kleincrew, even if she isn't perfect, at least she will come out and say she messed up, plus she even left up her post saying that she got rid of all her recasts instead of Culur going around and hiding her crap. 

So no anon, it was never people picking on her not being “perfect” or her being a recast owner in the past, its the fact that Culur is a coward because she lies so damn much and never admitted to her scams, and with the way she is still acting shady and mistreating her customers, it shows she wasted her “second chance” and will never change.