(Fan-cam) 170622 NCT 127 Mark Fancam ‘I’m good’ @ SBS-R Cultwo Show
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170518 Cultwo Show

eyewitness account: “around last november, near my house where the children play, this tall and handsome young man in a simple hoodie outfit, read books with the children, peeled mandarins, and played well with them - and it was VIXX’s Leo. I was surprised when I realized. It seemed like he really likes children. Is that somewhere you go often? It was pretty to see (you) laughing and playing with the children.

dj: was there a nephew you knew there? peeling mandarins for them isn’t something easy 
leo: that… at a orphanage… went to play (with them)
dj: you went?
leo: yes yes
dj: ohhhhh 
dj: do you go there often?
leo: yes when time allows

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[ARTICLE] Zion.T Explains Why Taking Off His Sunglasses Is Like Taking Off His Pants

Zion.T recently talked about the significance of his sunglasses.

The singer appeared as a guest during a broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2’O Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” where he talked about his sunglasses, saying, “If I take of my glasses, nobody recognizes me. When I walk around Hongdae, it feels like I’m walking around in New York.”

Zion.T continued to explain the impact of his sunglasses, saying, “Usually celebrities will wear sunglasses so that people won’t recognize them, but I take off my sunglasses so that people won’t recognize me. When I put them on, people start gathering [near me], but when I take them off, people are like, ‘Dang it, it’s not him” and walk past me.”

“Something big happened while I was filming ‘I Live Alone.’ I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses during the broadcast. I don’t think I can freely walk around after taking off my sunglasses anymore,” he explained.

When DJ Cultwo asked, “Can you take off your glasses just once?” Zion.T responded, “Asking me to take off my glasses is like asking me to take off my pants,” as he slightly lowered his glasses.


Cultwo Show:

- Mark is leaving for New Zealand on 03/31
- Members said Jackson is feeling better
- JB said there won’t be any interactions with women in their MVs because fans don’t like it
- Mentioned Youngjae meeting foreign artists in the US thanks to fans
- Talked about Jinyoung’s movie Nunbal
- Talked about Yugyeom being followed by Chris Brown


170127 Eric Nam & Tablo - “Cave Me In” @ Cultwo Show

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