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dang girl,lol. What did you have for breakfast?

around 6a i had a ham egg and cheese on an english muffin, 8 oz of orange juice. at 9 i had a nutrigrain bar and one piece of a special k fruit crisp and at 10 i had a glazed donut just because. so in like a matter of 4 hours i took around 600 idk i quit counting calories. i got obsessive.

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Me too!!!!!! I need to research the benefits of cardio. I know it’s good for the heart, but what happens to fat when you do cardio?!

i also found that my resting heart rate was 92 bpm … and it says to do lots of cardio and get enough rest which i friggin do so i dont understand why my rhr is so high!in regards to all the cardio i did last week along with eating correctly, i didn’t even weigh myself this past sunday i was too scared to lol i was afraid of a disappointment

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Ah okay. I love those nutrigrain bars, they keep you full for a longtime! I have them after the gym and sometimes before. I find that counting calories help me. If I didn’t I would eat too little and lose a load of muscle end up looking jiggly. GL!

i was taking in around 1200 calories a day after working out and i didnt lose a pound and i was constantly searching how much calories i would be eating and .. it got really bad lol i just recently stopped and those nutrigrain bars are soooo good i had an apple cinnamon one - my favorite! lol but thanksss! you too :]