If there's one thing I really like about Cole Sprouse now, it's how he makes you think.

 He doesn’t do what a lot of celebrities do by pandering to their audiences with the standard “I love all of you, blah blabbity blah,” and bathe in the limelight of attention. The things he says actually, y'know, make you think. Not just something that makes you go “Oh, okay, that makes sense,” They’re things that confuse you. Things that bring you outside of the box. And when his fans tell him how in love with him they are, he makes a several paragraph post explaining what he thinks about it.

  When I initially followed him, it’s because something he said made me chuckle and I thought “Why the hell not?” Then he posted some things that made me think pretty deeply, and at first I was surprised, before I realized that Cole is the kind of celebrity I would like to be if I ever got famous. It’s doubtful that I will, but he’s the kind of actor I’d aspire to be. 

 Just thought I’d say that, since he seems to be the new Tumblr Trend.