I just hit 300 hundred followers and I want to thank you all so much! Heres a follow forever that I said I would post 2 weeks ago, but procrastination got the best of me (and also these take a long time to make tbh).

mutuals/Dil Howlter Defense Squad


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And of course the memes themselves…

danisnotonfire amazingphil


Hello guys! This is a sideblog, but I would like to make it a primary blog so I had to make a new account. So could you guys please go follow me on my new blog philestear? It looks exactly the same as I probably will be deleting this blog in the future (or becoming inactive). I will eventually change the url of that blog to cactuslester as I would like to keep this url.

Could you guys please reblog this so as many people as possible see it, thanks.

I’m also going to tag all mutuals to make sure they see this:

philsrawr dan-meme londonhowell phantatoes literallyaflame philledup asianellenpage chemicalveils bethnaomii panicturtle forest-howell icedragon141618 asstheticlester dangerlester fearsomemango73 clumsydan bamfhowell hqwell memealmighty dazzling-dan astrologicalester phansbumsex space-and-incense trans-dan  eternallyphan is-youawuss cactusphan cringe-attacks sapphirelester phan-asf feedthephandom smolhowell pianomandaniel ohphil bandsdan isabellabuttcheeks japanphan phairylights aesthetichowelll didyoujustcallmenormal phantasticness homohowlter mimimumbles howlterjpg loveotherlemons cirruslester its-j-a-c dilhowel hufflepufflester clubphanguin pyschophan fortsocialanxiety lesterish machhiato

@Hello!!! Its me Elle, so this is not an imagine, but i really wanted to thank all of my followers for taking the time to read my weird imagines, it means a lot really. So today i hit 101 followers haha, it might not be much for some of you but its a big deal for me. Thank you!!! So i wanted to thank all of you personally, this post will be long so if your not interested go ahead and skip it. LOTS OF LOVE!!! :3

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These are super duper old, like 2009 old. But I used to make a bunch of these banner things. Back then they were called “GFX” banners or, “sigs”. They were used on message boards and I was addicted to making them.

I never did make Xion because I never did play 358/2 Days till a few years later and just forgot about these.

I have a shit load more that I might upload because they’re kind of really nice, even though these are all taken from facebook since I lost the original files. So that’s why they look very pixelated.


This blog looks exactly the same as the blog cactuslester because that blog is also mine. However, cactuslester is a sideblog and I’m switching to a new primary blog (this one). I will slowly become less active on cactuslester and eventually delete or just not use it anymore. I will also be changing the url of this blog to cactuslester sometime in the near future. Please reblog this so any of my old followers on cactuslester know that I’m moving blogs, thank you!