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I have this friend she's driving me crazy. Any pair that opposes her ship she despises since it insults one of the two. And the one she hates is the most is my OTP and she's never silent about that. I can't even reblog things in this fandom she hates without a lecture how it insults and degrade her. She even told me to consume in secret She hates everything I like but I'm supposed to see her way and like what she likes and i can't take it. i just wanted to vent where she couldn't see

vent away, anon.

nothing wrong with having personal tastes but it sounds like she can’t handle other people having personal tastes that are different from her own. she’s a ship war soldier in the making.

(seriously though: other people having opinions doesn’t infringe on your right to have your own opinions. but I find it interesting that there’s something about the ability to reblog content that’s made ‘other people having (different) opinions’ feel weirdly pressuring.

I think it’s the fact that anyone who disagrees with you could reblog your post and argue with you/add stuff you disagree with whether you like it or not, and then you get to see all the notes of people agreeing with the person who disagreed with you. that can feel so uncomfortable or even painful. it’s like your own content isn’t your own … which, of course, it isn’t. that’s how tumblr works.)

I know I come back for like, a week, and drop off the face of the planet again, but I legitimately think I’m back this time. I’m in a good place, doing a job I like, with a part-time research position on the way, applying to go back to school, I’ve finally got my license and a car and I’ve been mostly healthy for a whole year and eight months! Depression, anxiety, and PTSD are all in check and even if that changes, I have health insurance again! I’ve even got something resembling a social life, including a person I kiss sometimes who doesn’t completely exhaust me to be around! In short, I’m in a good place, so I feel capable of contributing again without actively damaging myself.

The Paladins as Things Tumblr Users Do


Shiro: passive :) aggressive :) smiley faces :))

Keith: using,,,,,commas as ellipses,,,,,,

Hunk: lots of question marks???? after things that aren’t necessarily questions???

Pidge: when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about and end up never using punctuation ever not even one comma so before you know it you have a whole run on paragraph and don’t stop until you’re forced to

I don’t care how silly it sounds, Bob Ross is absolutely part of my pop culture pantheon, so I made this tarot spread in honor of his wisdom.

HAPPY LITTLE TREES: The Joy of Painting Spread

1. This is Your World - Your power in the situation

2. Happy Accidents - A possible positive outcome from the situation

3. Bravery Test - A risk you may need to take to succeed

4. Beat the Devil Out of It - What needs to be cleansed or removed from the situation

5. A Whisper Floating Across a Mountain - Advice from the cards

“The secret to doing anything is believing that you can do it. Anything that you believe you can do strong enough, you can do. Anything. As long as you believe.”