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For those who may not be aware

There was a shooting that happened around 10/11 PM PST so most of us were asleep.

The shooting was on the Las Vegas Strip by Mandalay Bay at a Music Festival.

They recognized the shooter as a 64 year old man named Stephen Paddock.

Currently the death toll is at 50+ with more than 200+ Injured.

This is officially the worst mass shooting in American History.

i hate the whole new fake progressive lgbt concept that homophobia is an old issue that’s basically fixed and cis gay men are the new oppressors™ like yah cis men oppress ppl and have a specific sociopolitical leverage over certain groups and there are a lot of transphobic/racist issues tied with white cis gay men that need to be addressed properly but don’t downplay homophobia as a whole as if the AIDS crisis, the orlando shooting, or the chechnya camps are like ,, not major deals and major indicators that gay men are still massively dehumanized. don’t let the “we love sassy gay men” culture that straight ppl (in western cultures) started as a trend let you detach yourself from centuries of (and more importantly continuing) violent homophobia

I’m just worried about what’s going to happen once neurotypical people get tired of them bc it’s not just some pop culture trend for people “have fun” with like stimming actually helps those with autism and ADHD/ADD?? And fidget spinners and fidget cubes were made for that specific purpose. And I’m not trying to condemn neurotypical people using fidget tools I just wish the trend would help bring attention to the fact that stimming is something helpful