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I wonder how trolls deal with being nocturnal?

Like, you can’t really take the human schedule and shift it 12 hours because we go out in the evening all the time, but the sun actually burns trolls. And there’s parts of the world where the sun doesn’t go down for months, or even more populated areas where you get only like 8 hours of moonlight a night for months.

Maybe the sun is less intense in the evenings and people can go out with adequate protection or even, like, parasols? Or maybe there’s a lot more culture around hanging out indoors, or large public places that have a roof?

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I have this slightly ridiculous headcanon that Tatoonie Slaves consider it bad luck to name your kid after a member of your family, especially if something tragic happened to them. Like you're trying to shape a child into something they're not or begging history to repeat itself.

Doesn’t sound ridiculous to me!

Actually that sounds pretty reasonable, for both of the reasons you name. I think Tatooine slaves are much more likely to give their kids names that relate to myths and religious stories, or else embody qualities that the child will need or that the parents wants to bless the child with. (In that way, Tatooine traditions dovetail pretty neatly with Naboo traditions.)

Naming a child after a more distant ancestor, like a great-grandparent or a half-legendary great-great-aunt, is probably more common. There’s enough distance there to ensure there won’t be pressure on the child, but the ancestor’s luck will hopefully still pass to their namesake.

The other exception to this general rule would be if the parent(s) is specifically trying to invoke the protection of an ancestor as guardian spirit. (So like, a few generations down the line in the Double Agent ‘verse, there are probably a fair number of Anakins in the Skywalker / Organa family. Shmis and Padmes, too.)

autistic culture is wearing sunglasses when it’s overcast outside or it’s night because it’s too bright

autistic culture is wearing sunglasses indoors despite the fact that it’s not generally considered socially acceptable

autistic culture is always being asked ‘why are you wearing sunglasses right now?? it’s not even bright!’