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Yes, Romania is beautiful, but we can’t post images of our great castles or our breathtaking nature at this moment. Everything is in danger right now. The government of the PSD (the neo-communists) made corruption legal. It’s true, it’s great, would Trump say. But we’ve had our share of corruption. We’re done. We want transparency. We want to be a modern country. But now, those politicians want to legalize corruption and of course they are the ones who won’t end up in jail because of this new law. They steal our money and our lives. 

We, the people, can’t do anything about it, except this: protest and share our message with the world. We only want to live in this beautiful country with breathtaking nature and great cultural places, but without those corrupt and arrogant politicians. 

Please help us, and share. And Romanians: protest!


Momoyama Castle Details by Patrick Vierthaler


Momoyama Castle by Patrick Vierthaler

Catalonia Aesthetic 

Requested by @no-passaran

Red and yellow stripes streaming in the wind, holding hands with strangers and dancing in the street, feet on shoulders holding up one another, the success that only hard work can bring, beautiful buildings adorned with flowers, the coast running up to meet the mountain, being independent and flourishing in it, always being mistaken for something else, yet always standing firm in being yourself. 


Himeji Castle by Kokulan Vivekananthan