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Maggie spends the first several months that they’re dating trying to introduce Alex to Lesbian Pop Culture, which includes binge watching Orphan Black, Wynonna Earp, Person of Interest and Carmilla. And one day Alex is trying to find something to watch and suggests trying the 100 and proceeds to get an hour long lecture about the dangers of being a lesbian in television.

Are there any blogs that are fans of Voltron who are actually discussing episode content, quality, both pros and cons, and maybe not totally focused on this ship or that ship or what have you?

Like, I want more opinions from a creative standpoint, and my dash is DEAD cause I can’t find any good blogs to follow. I want people discussing the plot and story and character development but not just like… point blank demands for “moar lance development” without discussing what’s actually there or what’s actually needed, but also not just finding any screenshot and reaching for proof of one or another ship cause I really don’t think that the focus is on shipping in this show at all.

Also being able to step back from whether or not a particular character is needed or likeable, and actually talking about the tone and pacing and writing in each episode? Does anybody follow a voltron blog like that where actual discussion is taking place beyond “do you think klance will be endgame canon” because even though I have my preferred ships, at the moment I just… don’t care. 

I want to talk about the meat and bones and I only see people chewing on the skin, and that is a gross metaphor but is there anybody else out there who gets me?

another time pt.1 | alfie solomons

@girllostinthewoods requested reader travelling back in time - will be eventual /alfie, though he’s not in this chapter. i know, i know. patience is a virtue.

You looked up from the array of paper to where the caretaker was checking the windows and closing the cabinets up.

“Sorry, do you need to lock up?”

“No, no, don’t you worry. I’ll be here about another hour, you’ve got time. Just like to get a head start on things”

“Sorry, I know it’s late. I’m finishing off, I promise. I just need to find this one address or I’ll never be able to sleep tonight”

You gave a breathy laugh at the end, pointing to the mess of your folder. He laughed back, dropping the bundle of keys back to the chain on his waist.

“You’ve been here half the day already. Who is it you’re looking for?”

“Umm…a ghost apparently. I’m writing a book about the history of the city, using the stories of the women who lived here. So, I pick one from each century-ish time period and follow them through time, documenting all the changes they lived through, you know? The events they experienced, what they thought of them at the time, uncoloured by what we know now.

Anyway, a historian I met up with pointed me in the direction of someone they thought might be an interesting subject but I’m having trouble actually confirming they existed. I think maybe they mixed up their information somewhere or got confused, I don’t know. It’s all a bit of a mess”

“When was this? Lived in this city my whole life, might be able to help out”

“She’d be about my age in the mid 20’s and that’s where they aimed me at”

He hummed, rocking on his heels.

“Sorry, bit before my time”

“I thought it might be”

“That’s very kind of you to say, dear. Most assume I’m pre-historic”

You laughed at him, shuffling about some papers.

“Anyway, the libraries got some things you won’t find out here if that’s any help”

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have you watched anything by Pop Culture Detective? I've been binging their videos all morning

OMG THANK YOU FOR RECOMMENDING THIS CHANNEL. I just watched their “Predatory Romance in Harrison Ford Movies” vid and it’s great. I’ve been saying this FOR YEARS.

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wouldnt you go to hospital for drinking half a bottle of vodka and jim beam, after benzos, xanax, valium. like jesus christ thats TOO much to even handle as an average sized man let alone a 19 year old girl who is having digestion problems aswell. how is the liver??? and then you BANG your head with BLOOD EVERYWHERE. like help me understand how the fuck you survived or was that exaggerated? im not being rude just genuinely curious. i almost died on half of one bottle of vodka alone.

I have a liver made of steel and a stupidly high tolerance to everything it’s annoying af and I’d paced myself like it’s not like I downed it all within the space of an hour it took like 5 hours for me to get to that level lmao but I can easily finish a couple of bottles of vodka in a night depending on when I start and when I stop drinking lol the binge drinking culture in Australia/New Zealand/England is insane.


Self-care with the Foxes for @neilswesninski! Featuring: Neil, Matt, and Allison!

Neil and Allison:

  • those two are shopping buddies because as Allison is fond of saying, “shopping is cheaper than therapy and your fashion sense is shit Josten, so into the car” 
  • mostly these shopping trips consist of Allison making Neil try stuff on and Neil telling Allison how awesome she looks which isn’t hard tbh
  • there might also be some relationship talk - “hows the monster” Allison says like she doesn’t care but she does
  • Allison is a firm believer that Neil deserves good things and while she doesn’t understand it she accepts that Andrew is one of those good things
  • to get her to shut up Neil not-so-subtlety mentions when is she finally going to ask out that Vixen because they’ve been making moon-eyes worse than Aaron and Kaitlin over the past months and jesus Allison put us out of our misery 
  • then after shopping it’s people watching in the food court because these two sassy motherfuckers judge people together like true friends
  • plus it gives Neil new ideas of things he could try
  • like flower crowns 
  • Neil definitely wears a flower crown at least once and it’s Allison’s fault
  • she sees him watching a group of girls wearing them with interest and then drags him off to claires only to find abysmal quality flower crowns and that won’t do
  • Allison gets Renee to make Neil one and it’s a surprise for his birthday
  • this eventually leads to all the foxes wearing flower crowns but that’s a headcanon for another time 
  • Andrew thinks Neil’s flower crown is ridiculous but he knows it makes Neil happy so he doesn’t protest much 

Neil and Matt:

  • welcome to the great pop-culture binge watch of whatever year this actually takes place in
  • Matt loves loves loves watching action movies with Neil just to see him point out the inaccuracies with increasing annoyance 
  •  the best series to do this with is always Mission Impossible but Fast and the Furious is good too
  • “he should be dead. at least five times over. and that’s just in the first 30 minutes alone. does no one understand physics?”
  • when it’s not movies with Matt it’s video games
  • they played some of the old James Bond video games but Neil kept kicking Matt’s ass too effectively for never having picked up a controller before so they switch to mario cart
  • mario cart is always fun
  • mostly because it’s always really really close and they both get so into it it’s hilarious 
  • but also
  • Matt is actually the first one who helps Neil paint his nails
  • sometimes Dan does Matt’s because it’s fun
  • and Neil sees it and he’s just kind of like “oh that’s interesting” and of course Matt notices and offers to paint Neil’s
  • and Neil’s like sure why not
  • this starts a biweekly nail painting tradition, sometimes Nicky joins and more often than not so does Dan, Renee, Allison, and her Vixen girlfriend 

also, for your consideration:

  • Neil in a bubble bath 


Broad City (1 season, 10 episodes. Stream: Amazon)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (1 season, 13 episodes. Stream: Netlfix)
Enlightened (2 seasons, 18 episodes. Stream: Amazon)
The Comeback (2 seasons, 21 episodes. Stream: Amazon, HBO GO)
Veep (3 seasons, 28 episodes. Stream: HBO GO)
United States of Tara (3 seasons, 36 episodes. Stream: Netflix, Amazon)

Move over, cooking shows. In Korea, the big food fad is eating shows, or mukbang. Korean viewers are so glued to watching strangers binge-eating that the live-streamers consuming calories in front of webcams are becoming minor celebrities in Korean culture.

Rachel Ahn, who goes by “Aebong-ee” on her broadcasts, is kind of a big deal in the mukbang world. In fact, when we went to meet her, she wore a mask for fear fans would recognize her on the street.

Koreans Have An Insatiable Appetite For Watching Strangers Binge Eat

Photo Credit: Elise Hu/NPR

Mental Health Tips for University

The other day I came across someone in the studyblr community saying that she didn’t know a lot of people in the community who are studyblrs and who talk about going from a low in life (e.g. dropping out) to trying to work through it and make it. I realised I fit that category to a T, so maybe I should talk more about it.

This is for anyone incoming first years/freshmen in to University who are struggling with serious mental health issues. They’re really simple, but did all the difference for me the second time round! That being said, I think these could benefit anyone really!

If your university offers it to first years, ask for a single room

  • Truth is, no matter how much you want the roommate experience, and how much you think being with another person will help you, it probably won’t. A lot of the time, we need to have time to ourselves. To deal with ourselves. To cry. To binge watch Netflix in peace. To try and heal ourselves. If you have a roommate who comes in and goes when she wants to, has friends over, wakes you up when she’s coming in late from a night out, does that thing she always does that annoys you - you’re not going to get the rest you need. You can always talk to her (or him) but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s her room too, and she has as much as right to the room as you do. Having a room to yourself where you don’t have to be concerned about another person and can just concentrate on you and your needs is important. It’s healthy. Also, on another point, my mental health issues actually ended up affecting my roommate really badly too, and it was difficult for her to deal with someone who had ‘episodes’ like I did. To me, not having another roommate my second time around was actually as much protection for my potential roommate as it was for me.

Talk to your student services/health care centre

  • When you first arrive make absolutely sure that you talk to your school so they know you’re having a difficult time. Sometimes they even offer you counselling sessions if you need them. But even if you don’t, it’s good that the school knows - so in case anything ever happens (e.g. you don’t make it to your seminars, you need to extend a deadline, whatever) the school has a record of you struggling and knows that you are not lying when you have to explain yourself. Unfortunately mental health isn’t seen as an acceptable ‘excuse’ by everyone, and some professors may not react well to your reasons for missing a deadline. You’re not going to be able to change that, but having the school know about your struggles can help you a lot when do have to explain your situation to a professor or otherwise.
  • Also, sometimes universities offer services for those struggling with mental health. From counselling (as mentioned before) to things like exam help. When I re-did my first year, my university did something amazing. They gave me my own exam room. I’m alone when I take an exam - with the exception of the person who’s invigilating my exam (so I don’t cheat). I have borderline, so I tend to overreact and really get emotionally worked up (let’s not talk about the time I actually started banging my head on the table in the middle of an exam) and being in a room where I don’t disturb others and am able to freely express my emotions is extremely comforting. Your university may be able to do amazing things for you, but you won’t know what your university is capable of if you don’t talk to them and let them know.
  • You don’t have to go into details about your mental health issues if you don’t want to, but you can always shoot the correct office an email and let them know - hey, I struggle a lot and I want to let you know in case anything ever happens

Expect everything to change

  • There’s nothing more to this than that. Things will change. You may be going far away for university, so you may be lonelier than ever before. You may not be the smartest in class anymore. You’ll lose your friends. And you as a person will change. I think we all ‘know’ this when we go to university, but we don’t really know this - and we can’t, because we have no idea exactly what’s going to come at us. The truth is, university is going to be really, really difficult because the changes will be steep. And they will be hard to take. Expect things to change and be as prepared as you can be.

Don’t buy in to the hype/expectations of university

  • You may be excited. Parties with alcohol. Going out. All the extra-circulars you can do. You may think all the new stuff will be really cool, and that you’ll love it. I know I did. In fact, I ended up buying into the whole binge-drinking culture of university. It didn’t matter that when I was drunk I was absolutely miserable (crying most of the time), hated being around a lot of people, and ended up making decisions that I regretted the next day. It was how life was supposed to be, and it was supposed to be fun, and eventually it would be. Man, guys. So bad, so bad. Don’t do it. If you find that you’re miserable going to parties, then don’t. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things out, but don’t do things because you think you’re supposed to be doing them and that they’ll eventually be great. Eventually doesn’t exist. Do what makes you happy now, and if that’s watching Netflix in your bed, eating Ben & Jerry’s, then for love’s sake, do it. And don’t worry that you’re missing out on all the fun. You know you won’t enjoy yourself anyways (you tried it out), so better take that time for yourself and catch up on your TV shows.

Take your time

  • University is new and difficult. It feels like everything is set on fastforward and sometimes it’s way too much. And it’s not always going to be smooth sailing. So, it’s okay if you fail. If you relapse. If you’re not okay today. Or if you weren’t okay for the whole of last month. University is a huge change. And things will be difficult, and there will be times where it will be challenging for your mental health. But it’s okay. It’s okay that you just don’t want to get out of bed today. It was okay in high school and it’s okay now. Having to repeat my first year was incredibly embarrassing and defeating. It was embarrassing that I had to defer my exams this year because I relapsed last semester. But it’s okay - it’s okay to do things at my own speed. To defer exams, to take an extra year. There’s nothing bad or wrong about it. The important thing is to let yourself be okay with the fact that you may not finish university like everybody else, that you have to do things differently. That you may only be able to take a class a semester - whatever. There’s nothing shameful or bad about it. As long as you’re actually doing it, heck, you’re already a step ahead of everyone else. And that’s an amazing feat.