#IStandWithLeslie is the beginning of protecting Leslie Jones and black women everywhere

Since Wednesday’s brutal online attack on Leslie Jones — a hacker posted nude photos of the comedian as well as her passport and driver’s license information on Jones’s personal website — it’s becoming clear (as Katy Perry surprisingly tweeted) that the relentless attacks Jones is being subjected to are the product of something more sinister and systemic: misogynoir.

The term misogynoir, coined by Moya Bailey, a professor at Northeastern University, and widely used among black feminist circles, refers to the unique ways black women experience the compounding effects of anti-black racism and misogyny.

Indeed, as much as this is about how truly brutal others on the internet can be, Jones’s experience and the acutely personal nature of the attacks that continue to escalate are inextricably tied to the ways black women are systematically dehumanized both online and off.

Twitter is the optimal place for this sort of harassment due to its lack of regulation and easy anonymity. However, it is our responsibility to make sure that all black women (including Leslie) feel safe, protected, and supported. 


Self-Taught Designer Creates Fashionable Book Cover Clutches Of Legendary Stories

Moscow-based creative designer Tatiana brings her love for fashion, reading and colors in a unique creative project - she hand makes fashionable clutches as reinvented famous book covers. In her Etsy shop, Mrs. Chaplin Book Clutches, she creates magnificently colorful and cleverly embroidered clutches that resemble some of the most beloved books of our time. Weaving her own interpretations for the book covers, the names of the books and their authors are exquisitely threaded in different typographic styles, luxurious wool felt and silk fabrics, and bright colors in different embroidery styles.

 The handcrafted clutches are artistic, quirky and fashionable, and adds personality to the outfit for its wearer. Speaking of her creative process, the self-taught embroiderer Tatiana says, “Transferring a picture onto a canvas with the means of only felt and thread is kind of a challenge but a really exciting one. Every project teaches me something new and helps me continuously polish my embroidery skills.” Find them in her Etsy shop.

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Inventive and Colorful Food Art Created By Diego Cusano

Artist Diego Cusano creates unique illustrations brought to life with real food. Cusano’s creative food art explores little moments that turn quirky with the simple addition of food. His hand sketches are vintage themed, classically shaded with depth and the subject is striking. When the artist adds a food, such as mussel shells pried open, or a wrapped fish, the artwork turns from an alluring drawing into a fun, imaginative artwork with a touch of life.

Cusano’s sense of composition is undeniable - the way the artist incorporates the food to fit perfectly into the illustration shows the viewers the potential of objects that are otherwise taken for granted. The contrast of colors from the monochromatic plane to the three-dimensional food transforms the atmosphere- from a classic sketch into a retro-grade artwork with a certain amount of funk and zest. Find them in his Etsy shop.

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