Reality Bending Curved Origami Made through Challenging Wet Folding Technique

Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết produces incredible paper origami constructions using a laborious technique known as wet folding. This allows the artist to create curves and bends in his paper art which would otherwise be impossible with following typical origami method. Quyết first began making his own paper sculptures in 2008, and has co-authored two books since then in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

The suspense in building the origami art, with pleats and folds and a set plan to making it even more challenging as the artist must use the perfect amount of water to shape the paper under his agile fingers - too much water and the paper will be too brittle to work with and too less could spell disaster as the paper will tear. The marvellous animal origamis that results after this painstakingly intricate process are unique - the curls in their shape taking his artwork to another level of origami making.

Shying away from the usual demand for geometrical origami sculptures, Hoàng Tiến Quyết creates them with an imaginative flair- having unpredictable curves emerge in their rigid forms makes the art more graceful. From roosters to rats, foxes and cats, the artist has applied this new technique to explore the potential within origami art and the results have been rewarding and visually stunning so far. You can find his designs in his Etsy shop

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Google Engineer’s Home Project Is A Futuristic Device With Real Life Applications

Showing a proactive nature, Google engineer Max Braun has taken it upon himself to create a hi-tech futuristic device that also serves as a sleek and sophisticated mirror in his bathroom. Thinking ahead of his time and the existing products available in the market, Braun has devised a mirror which also serves as an interface for customised and relevant information, like weather updates and news notifications.

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いっぷく by mizuk@


AirBnB Now Offers Iconic Van Gogh  Bedroom For Lucky Renters Via The Art Institute of Chicago Project

Van Gogh’s Famous The Bedroom has been transformed into a living work of art by Art Institute Chicago as a three-dimensional space. The interactive installation mimics the colors and scattered untidiness of the room. AirBnB has put up this room for rent for the collective program, “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” - an exhibition revolving around his three domestic scenes where for the first time they will be displayed together.

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しだれ桜 by mizuk@

This Byzantine wedding ring from Agrigento, Sicily was made in the 7th century AD. The ring, which was originally inlaid, shows Christ blessing the union of bride and groom. The inscription on the face, ‘OM(o)NYA’, means ‘Harmony’ or ‘Concord’ and the inscription around the hoop is a quote from the Bible (‘My peace I give to you’ – John 14:27). During the early Byzantine period, just like today, a ring was the object most closely associated with the marriage ritual. Romans and Byzantines believed that a special vein ran from the fourth (ring) finger directly to the heart. 

You can see this beautiful ring in our exhibition Sicily: culture and conquest, opening 21 April.

Sponsored by Julius Baer

In collaboration with Regione Siciliana


Japan 2015 card 2_0723_edited-1 by Tim Clarke

“I took this photo in my village in Burkina Faso, on Christmas Day 2012. I was inside the village church celebrating the holiday with the local Catholic population. My village is majority Muslim with a smaller Catholic presence. This photo is of a young Muslim girl looking through the walls of the church. I had just arrived in my village a few days earlier and was amazed at how peacefully the different religious groups coexist.”


Shirakawago UNESCO village | Takayama | Japan by Esther Ruiterman