Flower Bouquets in Vintage Envelopes

Kiev-based artist Anna Remarchuk showcases stunning images of her flower bouquets inserted in envelopes on her Instagram account. Remarchuk delicately styles lush flowers into vintage envelopes, which belong to her grandmother. The results are feminine, delicate and a creative craft, which are ideal for Instagram’s beauty and image crazed culture. 


I wanted to do a little feature on Krizmah bags for a long time because they are everything I love in handbags - they tell stories, illustrate a rich heritage and most importantly use women artisans on the ground to not only empower them economically but also allow them to tell their own stories through the images depicted on the bags. 

“Living with otherwise limited opportunities to improve the quality of their lives, KRIZMAH allows these mothers to embroider at home, without neglecting their daily housework and responsibilities. KRIZMAH is also providing scholarships to the daughters of these women, so that they benefit from a stronger education and secure a finer future for themselves and eventually their own families.”

Krizmah roots come from a valley located in Pakistan called, Chitral. The handbags tell tales of the traditions and history of Chitral through illustrations of local customs, beliefs, folklore, and Polo, a game very much part of the culture of Chitral that is still alive in this beautiful mountain valley. Chitral is home to one of the worlds highest polo ground in the world and the people of Chitral breathe this game like others breathe football or cricket. 

“Echoing the unique stories and aspirations of the hands that constructed it, each piece is an absolute original.”


Fairy Dreamscapes by Bella Kotak

Photographer Bella Kotak inserts her fairy-like models into stunning dreamscapes filled with lush flowers. Her transformation of each landscape into a magical world, complements the delicacy and hair color of each subject, thus adding vibrancy and beauty to each image. To a amplify the fairy-look, each women poses in an extremely delicate manner with a calm, aloof expression. Their physical beauty is further enhanced with their costumes, which consist of colorful pastel wigs, flower crowns, and long flowing dresses. Overall to enhance the chimerical worlds, Kotak creates the ideal staging.