Every Spring This Forest In Belgium Becomes A Blue Wonderland

There’s a mystical forest in Belgium, not far from Brussels, that will take your breath away if you visit it in April or May. Every spring, Hallebros, or Bois de Hal (Halle Forest in Dutch), a beautiful 552 ha forest, is carpeted with a thick layer of bluebell flowers.

Being in this forest during the bluebell season is a spectacular experience. Visiting would be best during weekdays, as it is packed with tourists and local visitors on weekends. Naturally, picking the flowers in this wood is strictly forbidden in order to preserve its extraordinary natural heritage.

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Wearable Planters & Geometric Bike Planters Help You Carry a Piece of Nature Wherever You Go This Spring & Summer

Colleen Jordan from Wearable Planters (previously featured here) showcases her adorable, ingenious home-made organic jewelry. By combining jewelry and gardening, Jordan displays a range of earthy and modern designs. Created in a variety of small geometric pots made with different types of flowers, shapes and colors, Jordan’s main purpose is to find a convenient way for a person to carry plants with them.

Her miniature plants are generated from a three-dimensional printer, which are later designed by hand by the artist. Jordan also instructs her buyers on how to prolong survival of the tiny plans they purchase by informing them on what type of plants grow best in the small vases and how to keep them alive. Jordan’s creations are perfect for nature lovers. They are not limited to jewelry design, she also makes bike and home decorations, as well as brooches and lapel pins. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop!

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Multilinguals Experience Personality Change When Using Different Languages

People who are bilingual have been a source of fascination for years, with various studies revealing that they are more accepting, tolerant and open-minded than others. The far-reaching impact of multilingualism does not end there, however, with recent research suggesting that the behaviour and outlook of bilinguals also changes according to the language that they use at any given time.

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Shawn Huckins Discovers Humour In Classical and Modern American History 

Shawn Huckins is an artist who is battling the onslaught of social media banter pervading into American culture by aligning it with the early 18th century political revolution. The artwork is the artist’s perspective on how the two parallel time periods of classic and contemporary chapters have coincidentally collided at a crucial moment. 

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Campaign aims to reopen Alexandra Palace theatre shut for 80 years
The historic space opened in 1875 and although built to hold 3,000 will reopen as a multifunctional space for up to 1,300.
By Mark Brown

An abandoned Victorian theatre hidden inside Alexandra Palace that has been closed to audiences for more than 80 years could soon reopen after a campaign was launched to restore it.

The existence of the “frozen in time” theatre is not widely known but it is considered one of the most architecturally significant and historic parts of the entertainment complex in north London, built in the 1870s as “the People’s Palace”.


Watch the Disco Dancing World Championships from 1979. It really is a shame that people don’t dance like that anymore!


Moon Wanderer: New Fantasy and Mythical Velvet Clay Creature Sculptures by Evgeny Hontor

Russian craftsman Evgeny Hontor (previously featured here) creates otherworldly and mythical sculptures compromised of velvet clay and acrylic. Multicolored and highly textured, each piece resembles a high fantasy creature from a potential epic narrated by J.R.R. Tolkien. The Moon Wanderer collection pays homage to the mysticism of the sea, nocturnal creatures and nature’s obscure beauty.

An artist since childhood, Hontor’s philosophy in life and art is to never stop creating. His aim to construct various worlds, where dreams are a gradual entity within different realms of imagination. Although some of the pieces are mythical creatures from fables, such as dragons, others are original illusory sculptures of the artist’s mind, which pay homage to the mythical function of hybrids. Adorable, lethal and wild, each sculpture holds a paradoxical magical feature between what is perceived good and evil in storytelling. You can find the entire collection in his Etsy shop.

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The new ‘Station’ desk will blow your mind and cradle your body

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Delicately Handpainted Ceramics by Elizabeth Becker

Artist Elizabeth Becker from Teacupco runs a ceramic ware boutique where she features hand painted housewares which have elegant and colourful animals painted onto the porcelain. 

The animals are carefully emblazoned on the curved surface, using the three-dimensional space to the greatest advantage by smartly positioning the foxes, birds and rabbits frolicking, flying or curled into a ball at the base of the cup.  The painting using bold colours, defined and blunt, which is Teacupco’s trademark rustic artistry. The heartwarming images of the creatures are sure to provide a homely welcome to the warm brews stirring within and a fresh relief to the eye that the choice of colour fits into the counter tops of cosy cabins or contemporary kitchen decor because of its clever artistic imagery. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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anonymous asked:

What are some reactions to moving to a completely different place. My characters who lived in New York his whole life is moving to Louisiana.

Especially if the character is moving to a fairly rural part of Louisiana, they are going to have some culture shock, like:

  • In the city everything is basically down the street and if it isn’t there’s the subway. Outside the city everything feels farther and sometimes is much farther.
  • The noise. There are a lot of people who live in the city who find the silence unsettling at night and can’t sleep. Same thing goes for the darkness. New York always has lights on, in the country it is significantly darker and depending on how rural it is there may not even be streetlights.
  • Different places have different styles of clothing. Within a relative region or culture it might not differ too much but there always little things. Like in New York you might see a lot more women in heels walking down the streets on their way to a corporate job whereas in a small town there wouldn’t be as many.
  • The food. Again it might differ slightly but it could be enough for the character to notice. Cities make it easy to be kind of picky with food since there are so many different choices but you can’t that everywhere. However, there are also lots of things you can’t find in cities that come in small towns
  • The way people interact. New York is famous for it’s “see no evil” kind of attitude that comes off pretty standoffish as an example.
  • There may be different understandings of privacy.