Stunning Conceptual Scarves Mimic the Wings of Birds

Melbourne-based fashion designer Roza Khamitova continuously creates a collection of conceptual scarves, which are inspired by the anatomy of the bird. When each piece is worn as a shawl, it creates the illusion of having enormous beautiful feathers and bird wings.

The stunning illustrations on Khamitova’s pieces are hand-painted and digitally printed on non-toxic and a primarily cotton recyclable material, which is itch-free. You can find more designs and colors of her creations at her Etsy shop called Shovava. 




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Japan’s Largest Treehouse Was Built Around a 300-year Old Tree

A professional Japanese tree house designer for 15 years Takashi Kobayashi has built over 120 tree houses in Japan and globally. When he was approached by Risonare resort in Atami to construct a tree house for them, he knew the most vital point was to find the ideal tree. Named after the 300-year old camphor tree it was built around, the structure is titled after the tree in Japanese: Kusukusu

Completed in March of 2014, Kobayashi  partnered with Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects to use 3D data, engineering and technology to produce the visually stunning and stable construction. 

To protect the tree, the tree house never touches the natural beauty. There is no harm done. 

Black Teen with Autism says he was assaulted by Metro Transit Police
ST. PAUL, Minn - A St. Paul mother said Metro Transit Police mistreated her 17-year-old son. Maria Caldwell said her son lives with autism and was

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A St. Paul mother said Metro Transit Police mistreated her 17-year-old son.

Maria Caldwell said her son lives with autism and was assaulted Monday by police. At some point during the alleged attack, witnesses say the teen suffered a seizure.

The alleged incident happened at the University and Lexington station in St. Paul.

Caldwell said her 17-year-old son, Marcus Abrams, was standing on the train tracks moments before police approached him. When they approached, the teen said he was wearing headphones and couldn’t hear everything police said. The teen said he and two other friends were traveling home after working at the Minnesota State Fair.

The teen said officers accused him of being intoxicated or using drugs.

“One grabbed my arm and the other one grabbed my wrist and I told them to get off me – I did nothing wrong,” Abrams said. “They just slammed me right on the ground. I tried to get them off me and (one officer had his) whole body on my whole face and I couldn’t breathe.”

Caldwell, whose son was transported by ambulance to Regions Hospital, said she wants officers to recognize abnormal behavior and people living with mental illness.

“I don’t want autism to be a crime, I don’t want people that have it to think that it is a crime. I don’t want people going around saying, ‘oh well if your child is this way they shouldn’t be out here by themselves,’” she said. “He was put in a situation where he was stressed out, a lot of pressure and confused. And I think that is what brought on his seizures.”

I am absolutely OUTRAGED. Individuals affected by special needs and particularly those on the Autism Spectrum have it hard enough, communicating and trying to find a comfortable pace and place in society. They MOST CERTAINLY DO NOT need the people who are paid and have promised to protect being their greatest fear or making life any harder for them. Shame on those policemen. What a disgrace. 

Amy Lombard

A Party to Celebrate a Shared Love of Sneakers

The Brooklyn Museum opened “The Rise of Sneaker Culture,” a sweeping exhibition that includes 150 pairs of sneakers - from 1920s Keds to Nike’s first pair of Air Jordans. 

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High Fashion VS. Astrophotography 

Italian artist Bianca Luini previously featured for high fashion and runway beauty pieces has conceived intriguing diptychs inspired by nature’s beauty and classical and abstract art pieces. Although her comparisons to landscape photography is widely admired and instantly recognized by many fashion enthusiasts, few know of her juxtapositions between couture fashion and beauty and astrophotography. On her Tumblr blog called Where I See Fashion, you can find these hidden gems, where she compares couture’s glittery elements to those of the cosmos through sensations, colors and shapes. 

Why go to Mui Ne in Vietnam?

I spent all of August in Vietnam and had nothing but a blast! I spent most of my time in Saigon but traveled over to the southeast coast to a little place called Mui Ne.

The beaches are not the greatest and initially I thought I was going to like this place because I wanted to be by the water.

So what was so cool?

1) Driving for miles and miles on the beach with your motorbike

2) Riding ATV’s on the white sand dunes

3) Getting lost on my motorbike and finding unreal temples in the middle of what looked like a dessert 

4) Finding another temple, getting fed bananas by a Vietnamese monk and then having him sing to us!

5) Walking through the Fairy Stream




Shooting primarily in the United States and the Caribbean, #DeanaLawson is inspired by the expression and aesthetics of black cultures worldwide. Her photographs can be seen as psychological portraits of black subjects in an extended, mythological diasporic family. You may recognize her work which was included in our recent exhibition, Crossing Brooklynnow you can see Hellshire Beach Towel with Flies (2013) currently on view in I See Myself In You


Stunning Anatomical Collages by Travis Bedel

Mixed media artist Travis Bedel composes stunning symbolic collages, which combine anatomical illustrations with a strong fusion of flowers. Representing life and energy in his work, Bedel’s surreal collages are conceptually and physically beauty. They symbolize the coexistence between nature and humanity. You can buy his work on Society6 and Etsy.

One more ancient civilisation found in Lake Issyk-Kul: could this be where St Matthew is buried?

Siberian scientists have made a discovery of a 2,500-year-old Saka settlement in up to 23 metres of water in Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan. The new find at this mysterious lake, which was located on the ancient Old Silk Road, is separate from the discovery in 2007 of the ruins of an ancient metropolis of roughly the same age and Scythian burial mounds under its waters.  Divers from Tomsk State University say they have located another ‘previously unknown’ outpost of the ancient world, along with 200 artifacts from this long-lost culture.

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