Do you know that feeling when a song moves you so much, you just feel like you have to add your own voice? Mexican culture has an answer to that: a cathartic, joyous yell called a grito.

Legendary Mexican performer Vicente Fernández, aka “Chente,” performs the crazy tragic love song “Volver, Volver.” “It’s one of the most iconic mariachi songs of all time, performed by the most popular Mexican mariachi vocalist ever,” says’s Felix Contreras. “And there is a championship grito at the top of the song.”

Like lots of Mexican-American kids, Contreras and I grew up hearing the adults in our lives performing gritos when they listened to mariachi music at family barbecues, or cheering on friends and family at graduation.

“In my family, my mother and my grandfather, her step-dad, when we would be at family parties like Christmas or something like that, we’d be in the other room playing, we’d hear a really loud grito, we knew the party was on, it just took it to a different level,” Contreras says. “It was the ultimate expression that we were really having a good time.”

In Mariachi Music, A Distinctive Yell Speaks To The Soul

Photo: Hector Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images
Caption: A screen displays the concert of Mexican folk singer Vicente Fernández in Guadalajara, Mexico, in April, when Fernández announced his retirement.

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Elegant Cityscape Rings by Ola Shekhtman

Jewelry designer Ola Shekhtman (previously featured here) began her professional career as a goldsmith student in St. Petersburg, Russia. Shekhtman’s exceptional talent allows her to hand make every process in the creation of her contemporary designs. She manually melts metal and is responsible for rolling, sawing, soldering and polishing every detail by hand.

An avid traveler, the Serbian-born artist habitually relocates with her family every couple of years to a different city. Inspired by different cityscapes, sceneries and aesthetics, Shekhtman’s creations are a direct reflection of her personal life. In addition to being an expert with working with metal, she is trained in 3D modeling. Her collection of rings features major cities, including New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and Dubai among others. You can find the entire series in her Etsy shop.

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It’s easy to swing by your local library and pick up a book by Homer or Sappho—two of the greats of ancient Greece. But finding translated works of ancient Egypt isn’t as simple.

The difference between hieroglyphs and other ancient languages is that the former is often dismissed as art, not story.

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The Beauty of Moths is Captured Under a High-Resolution Scanner by Jim des Rivieres

Since 2002 photographer Jim des Rivieres has worked with a series of images of moths and butterflies local to the Ottawa area, photographed with a high-resolution flatbed camera.

Impressively real, the artist’s prints have a 3D quality, which demand attention. The texture and every fine detail of the insects is seen under the black background. Its delicate antennas, bodies and perfectly symmetrical wings are exposed for inspection. Featuring moths such as the Luna Moth and the Virgin Tiger moth among many others, he captures the obscure beauty of one of nature’s most dainty and ephemeral creatures.

Rarely seen by the average person in such detail, Des Rivieres gives us access to their sublime beauty. You can find the high-resolution photographs in his Etsy shop.

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