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If your visit is onions, don’t come and don’t call. لو كانت زيارتك بصل، لا تيجي ولا تتصل
—  Egyptian expression; usually when Egyptians visit each other, they bring desserts or something sweet for the host. This is to say that if you’re not bringing something good, sweet or useful, you’re not welcome.
If the dog owes you something, call him “my Master.” لو ليك حاجة عند الكلب، قول له يا سيدي
—  Egyptian expression; first off, calling someone a dog or even a son of a dog is an insult in Egypt because dogs are considered unsanitary in Islam. So if you want something from someone or they owe you something- you need to retrieve it by being nice, even if that person is literally being a little shit.
“He told me off about how I haven’t progressed since college and how I’m not living my life the way he expected.”
“And did you respond?”
“Well, I wanted to, but I still need his help. If the dog owes you something, you call him Master.”
The Creatress Black Woman: My Black Herstory/History  Month Contribution

I’ve been studying general Black History for over a decade while focusing specifically on black herstory because of the worsening of anti-black woman attacks and slander. This is why I created my Original Black Woman and Fighting Misogynoir platforms. It is my belief that knowing AND telling OUR OWN story coupled with some BWE and dark wisdom is the SINGLE thing that will re-evaluate black woman back to our original glory.

Even in my hotep days I saw AND acknowledged how black women’s her-story has been overshadowed during general discussions and or celebrations of Black History. Hoteps would shout, “Black Women are the Mothers of the Earth.” This is certainly true, however they talk as if  giving birth to black people and the rest of humanity if the ONLY thing that black women did in history. I’m tired of it. This is why we and only we need to tell our own her-story.

Black Women didn’t just birth humanity and black people we birth civilization, culture, spirituality and divinity and everything in between. This is what it means when it is said WE ARE THE FIRST CAUSE and or CREATRESS  of all things, if it weren’t for black women, nothing would be possible. This is what the diagram above explains. Black Women ARE THE ONLY group of people who can claim the titles of first cause, the first human, the first (original) woman, the alpha woman amongst many others, this is one of the PRIMARY reasons why black women catch so much hell on this planet.

I will be  putting this on a shirt.

Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black Her-story Month!

R.J. Robinson aka The Original Black Woman aka Fighting Misogynoir

Copyright © 2017


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Cheer Up Post #4832 - Korean Traditional Clothing Edition

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Breaking theistic satanism stereotypes
  • Sacrificing animals, children and humans in general

Actually, doing so is banned. Satanists are viewing everything that is alive as sacred.

  • Using drugs in rituals

Although some smaller sects tend to use psychodelics, most of us stay away from that kind of thing, but we believe that everyone has their own right to do whatever they want.

  • Defractionized Christianity

Most see us as Christians that want to rebel and show how cool we are. There is a group that view Satan as shown in the Bible, but there are people. who see him as Seth, Enki or a completely different deity.

  • We’re full of conceit, vanity, cockiness and feeling superiority

That’s called  “satanist superman syndrome”. It doesn’t happen that often, and most of us grow out of it in some time. 

  • Raping people and kidnapping virgins

Rape is banned. So is kidnapping. End of story.

  • Selling soul

No, we don’t “sell our soul” for wishes such as fame, money or sex. Instead, we perform a dedication rite when we pledge our loyality to Satan out of pure love and not demanding anything in return.

  • Black Mass

It is supposed to get rid of any Christian residues left inside of us before the dedication rite. But as I mentioned above, no goat sacrificing and raping virgins. It’s usually a regular mass filled with satanism symbolism or performed backwards.

  • Being evil

Satanism reaches much further beyond the concept of “good” and “evil”. We simply have our own morality, but I’ve never heard about a satanist being what would be considered “evil”.

  • Eating cats

That’s just plain stupidity.

  • Burning churches

That was a practice of Norwegian black metal music lovers in the 90′s, not satanists.

  • Destroying cemeteries

Digging up graves, smashing tombstones, performing Black Masses on the cemetery… We’ve all heard it. But do we do it? Nope.

  • Hating Christians and Christianity

Although it’s true that most of us don’t have that great opinion on it, but we believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want and worship whatever they want and we’re not supposed to pick on people we’re not agreeing with.

  • Using curses

Some of us do, some of us don’t. It all depends on a satanist opinion on it.

  • Destroying the world is the ultimate goal of a satanist

Nope. We seek to empower ourselves and be equal as gods. 

If You’ve managed to read all of this and not ignore me, please, pass it on. I don’t care about the number of likes and reblogs, I just want people to finally understand what we really are. It really hurts to be ostracized from the occult community and society because of this disgusting stigma.