He’s sitting in shit and he’s warm in it. قاعد في خرة و دفيان فيه
—  Egyptian expression; used to describe someone who gets comfortable in a shitty situation and stay in it even if they’re aware of how shitty it is.
“Shit, dude, do you still fuck Shahira?”
“Yeah man, I’m too lazy to find other people.”
“But she crayballssss”
“I know.”
“You’re sitting in shit and you’re warm in it, huh?”

Duk-Duk is a secret society, part of the traditional culture of the Tolai people of the Rabaul area of New Britain, the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea.

Duk-Duk has religious and political objectives, and represents a form of law and order through its presiding spirits. In ritual dances, members of the society invoke the male spirit duk duk and female spirit tubuan depending on which mask the dancer wears. Women and children were forbidden to look at these figures. The society has secret signs and rituals, and festivals which were closed to strangers on pain of death.

Justice was executed, fines extorted, taboos, feasts, taxes and all tribal matters are arranged by the Duk-Duk members. In carrying out punishments, they would burn houses and even kill people. Dancers wearing the tubuan masks were regarded as divine beings whose judgment and actions could never be questioned.

Duk-Duk only appeared with the full moon.

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