The Scientific Explanation Behind the Reason Why Introverts Need Much More Alone Time Than Extroverts

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Picture this: You’re at a party. A few of the people you know fairly well, most are mild acquaintances and the rest you’ve never before. How do you interact?

The way you view and respond to social situations is the primary indicator on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

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Hilariously Translated Signs For All Occasions By Sign Fail

Quirky puns, suggestive innuendos and sarcastic jibes are the rage here at Sign Fail, the online Etsy shop that creates hilarious signs, cards and magnets. Dubbing their unique phrasing as “Chinglish of Engrish”, Sign Fail takes inspiration of oddly translated signs from all over Asia and dresses innocent attempts at communication in the most funniest and diverse ways on the sign-making market! 

Built on sturdy acrylic perspex, the lettering is applied with gloss vinyl making them more durable than usual.  Their ridiculously translated signs with certain caution can be used at professional gatherings, home and parties to bring a few tears of laughter when your guests or customers are looking for the toilet. At Sign Fail, they strongly believe that even a wrongly placed word on the blandest signboard can make your day! Find them on Etsy.

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Here are this year's best and worst colleges for LGBTQ students
Here's which institutions of higher education got the "most improved" award.

Every year, Campus Pride releases updated lists of the colleges and universities that are most supportive and affirming of LGBTQ students. This year, they released two lists: the “best of the best” and the “shame list.”

The rankings are research-based and examine policies for LGBTQ student safety, recruitment and retention, with a specific focus on trans students. Schools on the shame list openly discriminate against LGBTQ students. 

Read below the break for the full lists of the top 30 most LGBTQ-friendly schools, as well as the whopping 102-name shame list of schools where it’s dangerous to be an LGBTQ student: 

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The sense of being between cultures has been very, very strong for me. I would say that’s the single strongest strand running through my life: the fact that I’m always in and out of things, and never really of anything for very long.
—  Edward W. Said, Power, Politics and Culture.

USA Cycling gets a cognitive advantage.

Since their last trip to the podium this spring, American cyclists in the Women’s Team Pursuit have been taking precious seconds off their times by training with an IBM Cloud cognitive solution.

Each team member’s anaerobic muscle capacity and wattage output is tracked in real time through sensors, along with cyclist sequencing and track locations. The program then analyzes the data to help them make game-changing pacing and switching decisions, and provides feedback to the riders’ eyewear. It’s been one small part of USA Cycling’s performance improvement in 2016 – congrats Sarah, Chloe, Ruth, Kelly and Jennifer!

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