17-Year-Old Self-Taught Mexican Artist Composes Beautiful Watercolor And Pencil Sketches

Seventeen-year-old Mexican artist Dany Lizeth Leon composes stunning watercolor portraits and drawings of majestic animals and people, which feature a skillful technique and abstract use of colors. Although her work follows a traditional school, Leon has clearly developed a signature style, which is both atmospheric and smokey. 

For all my convert and sisters without a culture afraid to wear henna because they weren’t “invited” the prophet peace be upon him invited you to wear henna when told the women to wear henna.

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin:

A woman made a sign from behind a curtain to indicate that she had a letter for the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). The Prophet (ﷺ) closed his hand, saying: I do not know this is a man’s or a woman’s hand. She said: No, a woman. He said: If you were a woman, you would make a difference to your nails, meaning with henna.


Whimsically Beautiful Animal Hybrids Street Art by Alexis Diaz

Puerto Rican street artist Alexis Diaz’s composes stunning murals using a traditional and engraving technique to recreate whimsical and majestic animal hybrids. While maintaining an urban edge, Diaz’s pieces also posses an elegance and fine art style. Instead of implementing the use of high contrast and vibrant colors often seen in graffiti, Diaz’s use of softer, smokey pastels evoke a dream-like and sophisticated element. Meticulously constructed, his work also reveals a magical and eccentric quality, which is simultaneously macabre. The chimerical animals resemble the beauty, imagination and creatures found in the best children’s and fantasy novels in literature. 

Is Colonialism still alive?

I was super excited to visit the British museum to see what I find to be my most beloved treasure of my heritage- Ancient Mesopotamia. I realized just how much they’ve stolen and it made me upset, while I was having the time of my life seeing all these breathtaking relics. It was emotionally overwhelming.

Iraq, a war-torn land, is (and has been for as long as I remember) in a terrible condition where our heritage is being destroyed, manipulated and forgotten. It is disheartening. So I thought it is good that they were there. No harm will come to them. A part of us is safe.

I realized that Ancient Mesopotamia in all its fragments wasn’t the only thing that was ripped out of its land. I too, along with my family, followed its same path. War, suffering and injustice for the sake of ‘power’ made it so. As I walked through the “rooms” that were mainly dedicated to Ancient Mesopotamia, I experienced what I was so desperate for: coming face to face with my roots and have them speak to me.

In the British museum, London, I felt so at home, surrounded by my history and ancestors, finding them in the silence and peace of reunion. As much as we have been ripped out and cut to pieces, we’re not dead. We live.

~Aya Al-Hakim©  


Intriguing Conceptual Sculptures by Daniel Arsham

New York based sculptor Daniel Arsham’s creates minimalist sculptures, which combine the concepts of art, architecture and performance. Arsham’s inclusion of architecture in his work is unconventional, it is use for the purpose of juxtaposition, instead of function, which makes his work highly intriguing. To create contrast, the artist introduces ordinary or sterile environments, such as a white wall, and gives it another dimension with the insertion of playful objects such as a chair or mysterious figures. Overall Arkham’s contemporary stance is conceptual and serves its purpose as a trompe l’oeil.