寒行托鉢-2 by Nobuhiro Suhara


Exquisite Japanese Moss Ball Aquarium DIY Kits and Air Plants by Gönül Yetim

Brooklyn-based artist Gönül Yetim lives by entrepreneur Justin Beckett’s motto: “Nature has been mastering itself for some time now, and it is an honor to be able to capture its beauty.” Yeti’s goal is to introduce a decorative element from nature, which requires little care. Each geometrical lodging follows a minimal design at the cost of low maintenance. Yeti explains:

“Decorate your home with plants, but without the work that is usually required by thirsty houseplants. Surround yourself in the warmth of nature while adding a sculptural element to your home, even if you live in a city apartment where space is at a premium.

Discover airplants, aka Tillandsias, plants that thrive without soil. Airplants receive moisture and nutrients through their leaves, leaving you with no soil, no mess……and no sad collection of dead plants. Perfect hanging, sitting, in a group, or solo.

Or introduce a water feature to your home, a miniature aquarium with Marimo, an underwater plant that requires minimal attention. No filtration nor artificial light required. A bowl with tap water will suffice.”

Composed from glass, orb terrarium, dried flowers and preserved reindeer moss, each glass encasing is a DIY kit, which are easy and fun to assemble. The magical orbs filled with algae create an atmospheric impenetrable, tiny world, where lush green beings exist. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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Mathematical and Scientific Markings on Rustic Pottery by Laura C. Hewitt

Designed in rural Alaska, artist Laura C. Hewitts rustic, handmade pottery is influenced by the magic found within the mundane, nature and its pragmatic obscurity. Embossed with typographical mappings of the universe, mathematical formulas, and technological charts, Hewitt’s work pays homage to the dichotomy of the union between science and art.

Adorned with patterns, which include alpha numeric marks from vintage machinist punches and inlaid drawings reminiscent of maps, circuit board, astronomy and flow charts running into deeply carved organic river markings, each piece is unique.

Chronicling binary numbers, the distance from sun, the solar year and equatorial diameter of all planets, Ohm’s law, and the mapping of a circuit board among other technical formulas, each creation is Wheel thrown and hand carved. The vintage manual typewriter keys markings add a rustic and agrarian sensibility, which create a profound juxtaposition with the numerical values of technology in Hewitt’s pottery. You can find her entire collection in her Etsy shop.

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In a world where we can make pretty much any object ‘smart,’ sometimes the more interesting questions are posed when being stupid.

Arwa Mahdawi, on the third-annual Stupid Hackathon, where developers waste their valuable time purposely creating ‘projects that have no value whatsoever’

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The Frond door of Samurai’s Residence by Masashi Bon


Architect Designs Musical Instrument Which Whistles In Tune To Ocean Waves

Nikola Bašić is an architect that envisions not just feats of engineering marvel when it comes to buildings and towers, but uses his innate creativity and knowledge of design to create a construction in the middle of a sea that fits into the environment without disrupting it, amplifying the music of the sea for a unique experience. The device is call the Sea Organ and graces tourists and locals with its haunting sounds echoing off the coast day in and out.

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img392 by Shuujou Arima