Stunning Home Encapsulated in a Cliff with a Seaside View

Located in Casa Brutale, a home is found enclosed by a cliffoverlooking the Aegean Sea. Metaphorically and physically beautiful, the home represents the romantic idea of living life on the edge. Created by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture) its contemporary, minimalist and sleek design is covered by nearly the entire space within rock. The only visible areas of the home are its swimming pool, its steps and glass wall. The large glass surface reveals a stunning view of the calming sea water. Along with the glass wall, the skylight are is also the home’s sources of natural light. 

In addition to its location, concept and view, the beauty of the home is intensified by its materials, which contain an earthy quality. The surfaces in the home are made from concrete and aged wood. The house seamlessly blends with its surrounding natural elements. It does not behave as a foreign structure in sight. 

Some sections of the Great Wall of China are so remote that they haven’t even been discovered yet. As recently as 2009, a two-year government study using infrared range finders and GPS devices discovered an additional 180 miles of wall that was unknown until then. Because of this, nobody is sure exactly how long it is - the best guess is approximately 5,500 miles long.

Gap teeth doesn't equal bad teeth

Don’t judge me by your european beauty standards, i’m zairian and in Zaire it’s a sign of beauty and wealth.

(Notice the fact that I didn’t say in Africa, because Africa has many different ethnicities with many different traditions and habits, even tho i know that it is found in other cultures, here i’m only talking about a fact true for my culture.)

A Tribe Called Quest reinvented the hip-hop lothario with “Bonita Applebum”

As a rule, I’m allergic to conversations about how no one is making “real music” anymore, or how one generation’s musical passions are broadly superior to another’s. It’s a conversation that takes place often among hip-hop fans, and while it exhausts me to no end, there is one point I have to concede: Hip-hop used to have a sense of humor it now lacks. A Tribe Called Quest’s “Bonita Applebum” is a perfect example of hip-hop’s more playful era, the rare case of a rapper asking a woman for sex in a way that doesn’t presume the answer is yes.+

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anonymous asked:

you need to stop saying perrie appropiates cultures because she weares headpieces, that's not from any culture only it's for everyone. Because you hate her doesn't mean everything she does is wrong

Let me start with the whole ‘just because you hate her doesn’t mean everything she does is wrong’ because you’re hypocrite for saying that. She actually DID appropriate various cultures.

Now i agree that this isn’t cp because it doesn’t necessarily belong to any culture 

but then she wears things like this:

And honestly, i’m still not sure about this one either, but it really does remind me of the headpieces people in my culture wear. It belongs to afghan culture. But even if you let this one slide, you still have this

AND THIS, which is a turban. It belongs to sikhs.

And this, now this one 100% belongs to Afghan culture. It’s a headpiece you wear with traditional clothing

Then you also have these, which speaks for itself.

and this

So next time you decide to reach, do some research. Just because you like her, doesn’t mean everything she does is right.