Sophisticated Floral Photo Collages

Spanish artist Ernesto Artillo composes stunning surreal collages combining editorial and fashion photography with floral insertions. Artillo is also known to work with brands such as Oysho and Mango to complement the brand. By adding paint brushstrokes, Artillo adds depth and an organic element to each collage. 


Abandoned Green Village in China

A once prosperous fishing village, this green village is completed deserted in present day China; nature has reclaimed its existing civilization. Located on Goqui Island at the mouth of Yangtze river, the mysterious village has been captured by an unknown Shanghai-based photographer. Each image details nature’s invasion: every house is covered by ivy and vine, which makes for a spectacular, majestic view. 

Tomb of the Persian poet Hafez - Shiraz, Iran

Hafez was born in Shiraz in either 1315 or 1317 CE

His poetry has had a profound effect on Persian culture & life, people in Iran, Afghanistan, & Tajikistan learn his poems by heart & use them as proverbs & sayings for everyday life

“Thucydides is the best cure for the classically educated young man who has carried away a horrible, whitewashed image of the ideal Greeks as a reward for his secondary-school training. He represents the most perfect expression of the Sophists’ culture of realism.”

—F. Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, “What I Owe The Ancients,” §2 (edited excerpts).

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