35 Actors Before They Were Famous

Known for their innovative photography and typography I-D Magazine is celebrating their 35th birthday issue with a set of rare photographs of actors before they became really famous and popular icons. Featuring stunners like Scarlett Johanson, Rachel Weisz and Emilia Clarke, we also see images of the leading males, such as a young Keanu Reeves before he was Neo on The Matrix.

Keanu Reeves – The Sound Issue, No. 115, April 93. Photography Stephen Hamel.

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‘Red Hill Bridge’ - Baron Hill Mansion - Beaumaris, Anglesey by Kris Williams
Via Flickr:
This shot featured in 'Advanced Photographer’ magazine, July '11 issue. Nice day of sunshine today so was up and out early to get to grips some more with the infrared filter. This building is on the remains of the drive leading upto the mansion, just on the bridge that crosses the main road on Red Hill above Beaumaris. Originally built in 1618 for the Bulkeley family, the mansion was remodelled into the Neo-Palladian style in 1776 by the architect Samuel Wyatt. It remained the Bulkeley family home until sometime in the 1920s, when they moved to more modest accomodation and the mansion was then used for storage. When World War II broke out, the Government requisitioned it and it was used as a billet for Polish soldiers. The Polish soldiers were unhappy with the large, cold rooms and decided to start a small fire, so that they would be rehoused in more comfortable accommodation. The resulting blaze destroyed a large part of the main building’s interior. The soldiers were rehoused - but into portable huts in the mansion’s grounds. The mansion has been abandoned ever since the war ended and has gradually decayed further. Facebook / Google+ / Twitter
© Kris Williams