Malchijah Hats x BlackFashion

“Hats are Back in Fashion”

After the loss of his son, milliner Marcus started creating hats as a way of coping. This therapy process later tuned into the go-to hat shop that many Brooklynites patron. Every hat is personally made by the milliner himself inside. Malchijah Hats is located in the heart of Fort Green, Brooklyn. The shop is always filled with neighborhood kids doing their homework, or random art folks straggling in from the art galleries across the street. What I love most about Malchijah Hats is it’s fondness for the church culture of hats as well as the everyday funky hats that can be found there. 

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Afghanistan is a mountainous country, but scaling the peaks for sport is a new concept here. Mountaineering is considered an odd pastime for men, let alone women whose modesty Afghan society demands be protected at any cost – even death.

But there are enthusiasts. Zahra Karimi Nooristani and her sisters have inspired Marina Kielpinski LeGree to aim to create a crop of Afghan heroines passionate about improving their country and who inspire other women here to break barriers. 

LeGree, a 36-year-old resident of Norfolk, Va., who has spent years shepherding development projects in northeastern Afghanistan, directs a non-profit called Ascend that funds and organizes not only the training, but leadership classes for the Nooristani sisters and a handful of other Afghan girls recruited to be mountain climbers.

The Ascent Of Afghan Women

Photos: Sandra Calligaro for NPR