Stunning Macbook Pro Decals Capture The Rustic Texture of Wood

Engineer Denis Orlov’s biggest dream was to set up his own printing studio. With the support from his interior architect and designer girlfriend, he conceived Skin Lee. He began Skin Lee with a passion to create unique and exquisite designs to customize our handy electronics.

Inspired by the rustic texture of wood, Orlov’s high-quality wooden decals beautifully emulate the imperfections and vintage quality of wooden surfaces. Completed with a matte finish, the wood Macbook decal stickers. Find these decals and other designs in his Etsy shop.

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The Scientific Explanation Behind the Reason Why Introverts Need Much More Alone Time Than Extroverts

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Picture this: You’re at a party. A few of the people you know fairly well, most are mild acquaintances and the rest you’ve never before. How do you interact?

The way you view and respond to social situations is the primary indicator on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

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Educational Hand-Printed Scarves & Neckties by Bethany Shorb

Creator of The Cyberoptix, Bethany Shorb began her online boutique in 2005 when she noticed a void in creative, yet sophisticated neckwear. Paying an homage to chemistry, literature and the classroom, Shorb’s pieces contain quirky anecdotes full of education. From the periodic table to the vintage check out library card scarf, there is a trace of nostalgia of the elementary classroom in several of her work.

Geeky and highly customizable, Shorb aims to offer a hundred and innovative options for her fans. Find more of her neckwear pieces in her Etsy shop.

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Here are this year's best and worst colleges for LGBTQ students
Here's which institutions of higher education got the "most improved" award.

Every year, Campus Pride releases updated lists of the colleges and universities that are most supportive and affirming of LGBTQ students. This year, they released two lists: the “best of the best” and the “shame list.”

The rankings are research-based and examine policies for LGBTQ student safety, recruitment and retention, with a specific focus on trans students. Schools on the shame list openly discriminate against LGBTQ students. 

Read below the break for the full lists of the top 30 most LGBTQ-friendly schools, as well as the whopping 102-name shame list of schools where it’s dangerous to be an LGBTQ student: 

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The sense of being between cultures has been very, very strong for me. I would say that’s the single strongest strand running through my life: the fact that I’m always in and out of things, and never really of anything for very long.
—  Edward W. Said, Power, Politics and Culture.
26 Etiquette Rules Every English Teacher in Japan Should Know
Anyone working in Japan can make their work life better by learning simple business etiquette. Follow our easy guide to working with Japanese co-workers.
By Michael Richey

In Japan, belonging to groups is very important.

Good news! As an ALT on the JET Program, you are part of a group (your workplace).

But that doesn’t mean you automatically fit in. Like any country, the new person has do things to show they’re part of the team.

That’s where etiquette comes in. Manners and customs are a society’s way of communicating “I belong here and want to be a helpful member.”

Learning simple Japanese work culture etiquette will do this for you. It’s a small investment that reaps big rewards. It demonstrates you’re a team-player and builds solid working relationships.

Below I’ve laid out:

  • 12 pieces of general Japanese business etiquette
  • 4 pieces of ALT-specific advice
  • 5 ideas for better communication
  • 5 key concepts that help you understand the Japanese way of doing things

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