Obi-Wan’s Snobbery

Obi-Wan is one of those characters who genuinely believes he isn’t in anyway a bigot. This is in spite of the fact that he struggles when dealing with people who are “uncultured,” and “uncivilised,” as if those words weren’t subjective. Apparently the only culture that matters is Core World culture. If you don’t know about that you’re uncultured, clearly ignorant, and a rather pathetic life-form in need of rescue, and a “proper” education. To be refined is to appreciate opera, and the fine arts. It doesn’t involve being multilingual, and deeply immersed in the art, etiquette, and society that developed separately on an Outer Rim world. They’re archaic, naturally: Clearly inferior. Obi-Wan is a snob who is barely aware that he is one, and he is all the more a better character for it.

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Hi Dear ... Do you recommend any swedish children book to read 👶👶👶

hello! first of all i recommend Astrid Lindgren, she’s the epitome of children’s literature! and if you want to understand swedish culture (which i guess is part of the point in learning a language?) i think reading her works would be a major key.
here are some classics:

Astrid Lindgren:

  • Bullerbybarnen
  • Pippi Långstrump
  • Bröderna Lejonhjärta
  • Madicken
  • Mio, min Mio
  • Lotta på Bråkmakargatan
  • Rasmus på Luffen
  • Vi på Saltkråkan
  • Emil i Lönneberga
  • Ronja Rövardotter
  • Karlsson på taket

Elsa Beskow (her illustrations are also iconic for the swedish national romanticism and the jugend era, so if you’re interested in swedish art, Elsa Beskow is a good place to start):

  • Sagan om den lilla, lilla gumman
  • Solägget
  • Tant Brun, tant Grön och tant Gredelin
  • Tomtebobarnen
  • Olles skidfärd

Peter Cohen:

  • Olssons pastejer
  • Herr Bohm och sillen

Gunilla Bergström:

  • Alfons Åberg

Barbro Lindgren:

  • Loranga, Masarin och Dartanjang
  • Sunkan flyger

Ulf Nilsson:

  • Adjö, Herr Muffins

Selma Lagerlöf:

  • Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige
  • Gösta Berlings saga

Erik Åkerlund:

  • Bland tomtar och troll (old norse / swedish mythology, made famous by the John Bauer illustrations (and for being an amazing piece of literature))

Tove Jansson (she was a finnish author but she was a finn-swede and alors, she wrote in swedish):

  • Pappan och havet
  • Vem ska trösta knyttet?
  • Muminpappans memoarer
  • Det osynliga barnet
  • Trollvinter
  • Farlig midsommar

Thomas Funck:

  • Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll

Gösta Knutsson:

  • Pelle Svanslös

Sven Nordqvist:

  • Pettson och Findus
  • Mamma Mu
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Name: Katelyn
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello everyone! My name is Katelyn, and I’m a sixteen year old girl from a small town in the US. Being from such a small town, I don’t get to experience many things outside of here. I’m hoping to make friends who are willing to tell me about where they’re from and share stories about their life! I’m very enthusiastic about learning new things, and I would love to learn about different cultures, languages, foods, activities, etc!

You can imagine that I try my best to keep myself busy in a place with very little to do. Some hobbies of mine include painting, listening to music, sports, reading, playing the ukelele, baking, taking pictures… the list goes on, so I’m sure we can find something in common!

I was hoping to find someone who could exchange letters with me, but would also be willing to keep in touch via social media! I like to think I’m a very kind and openminded person, so please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’d love to get to know you!!!

Preferences: Ages 18 and under. I’d prefer someone who is willing to send letter with me! I think it’s really nice to have something tangiable and sentimental from another person. It would also be neat if you were outside of the US, or speak another langauge besides English! In all, I’d like a person who is willing to grow with me, and share their life with me along the way :-)

the last design i had made for modern Minotaurs made no sense.. their clothes were dull and their anatomy was awful. so i redid them with enough research.

based on the ancient Greeks and Indian culture i figured that minotaurs would wear very loose clothes, like robes! they’re very peaceful too!


in Greek mythology because king Minos didn’t sacrifice the bull send by Poseidon, Poseidon made the king’s wife fall in love with the bull. then she went through all the trouble of letting a wooden hollow cow be made for her to climb into and have. and that’s how Minotaurs came to be. literally 


Looking for Surprises in Senegal

On his first visit to Senegal, Jake Michaels was inspired by the “curated” looks of many of his subjects. As he took portraits on streets, in cafes and at beachside nightclubs, he sought to make the people shine, while also spotlighting the action in the background.

Photographs by Jake Michaels

Text by Kerri MacDonald

Produced by Eve Lyons

Oct. 14, 2017


Hase-dera in Spring 春の長谷寺 by Patrick Vierthaler