This 200,000 Year-Old City in South Africa Could Rewrite Human History

A giant stone city was discovered in South Africa, approximately 150 km west of port Maputo, Mozambique.By calculating the erosion rate of the dolerite, it became possible to assess the age of the site. It was estimated that the 1500 square-kilometer metropolis was constructed between 160,000 and 200,000 years ago!

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Whimsical Dreamscapes on Eyelids by Tal Peleg

Israeli make-up artist Tal Peleg composes impressive miniature dreamscapes on her eyelid with the sole use of liquid eyeliner, eyeshadows and small design accessories, such as glitter. By imagining scenes from fairy tales, mythology and classic novels, Pele demonstrates her incredible talent on her eyes to give viewers an insight look into her world of beauty. Featuring popular figures and stories such as Garfield, Rapunzel, Ariel and Pandora’s Box, Peleg’s aim is to demonstrate the artistry in beauty and makeup by showcasing an unconventional point of view.

Friluftsliv translates directly from Norwegian as “free air life,” which doesn’t quite do it justice. Coined relatively recently, in 1859, it is the concept that being outside is good for human beings’ mind and spirit. “It is a term in Norway that is used often to describe a way of life that is spent exploring and appreciating nature,” Anna Stoltenberg, culture coordinator for Sons of Norway, a U.S.-based Norwegian heritage group, told MNN.

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Hello,you all make me very proud cause I know we’ve been told many times that our culture and even skin color is something we should hide in order to assimilate. But ya’ll out here teaching others to embrace who they are - I swear my ass would still be hiding from the sun and using all kinds of bleeching stuff and also I would never had published selfies with bindis… I love ya’ll.


African Odyssey by Johan Georget 

French artist Johan Georget was bitten by the travel bug since 2007. He has traveled to Bangkok and other parts of Asia, as well as Melbourne and Norway. His most recent trip this year landed him in Africa. He explored 12 countries from South Africa to Ethiopia. During his trip he gathered over 30,000 photographs to capture the landscape of the breath-taking savannah of the Kalahari to the deserts of Namibia to the turquoise waters of Zanzibar. Overall Georget’s aim is to capture his zest of wanderlust and his travel journey by paying homage to nature.