This Comedy Theatre Uses Facial Recognition to Charge Customers

Image via The Verge

Usually when you think of Big Brother watching, you’re thinking a very serious, somber, faceless man in a dark suit, judging your every movement. Turns out he has a fun side, too.

Responding to a decline in show attendance and spiking taxes for entertainment, a theatre in Spain decided to really put their money where their sophisticated facial recognition software is. They outfitted theatre seats with tablets that captured the reactions of audience members. The deal was simple: you only pay for the show if you laugh. Every laugh cost about thirty Euro cents, and the total cost was capped at 24 Euros. Showgoers got more bang for their buck, and the theatre saw a spike in total ticket sales. The technology might be expanded to include more emotions, which you will also be charged for, presumably. 

The whole idea gave me a laugh. How much do I owe you?