FIRST ACTS: Ayo Akingbade Accompanied by a lilting soundtrack, characters wander through London’s concrete jungle as the narrator reflects on the current state of the city and her imagined future.


Growing up looking like this made someone ghetto. Anything that enhanced any kind of Hispanic traits was bad. Dark lips, French braids, hoop earring…that was for the chucas. “You won’t get a good man looking like that” said my mom. This is because it was so ingrained into our heads that light skin was better. Straight, blonde, thin hair is better. White men were better for us. White looks were better for us. But now!!! Hold on!!! Kylie Jenner can wear this and it’s a fashion statement! Instagram/tumblr famous white girls can do this and they’re stylish. All my life, it’s been better to be white. Then, the white people want to look like me and my family and friends. Then, there is an article about how Kylie Jenner is what all Latinas want to look like, as if she created the look herself. How dare they? Oh yeah…they did it because they could. Because nobody was going to stop them. And it’s so irritating. Sorry for the rant.

Americans think that they invented the phrase “ yass ” and that it’s ghetto but in actual fact Scottish people have been saying it for literal generations like u do not understand its part of our culture even the really old people say it like “ yass Barbra hen I got my fuckin pills today yasss ”