Andy does not identify with a gender-specific pronoun such as “he” or “she,” preferring the use of “they” or “them” instead, signifying that they do not think of themselves as male or female, but somewhere between or beside those two binaries. And while it may seem like a particularly modern gesture, Andy says that, in many indigenous cultures, gender neutrality was commonplace and only interrupted at contact with Europeans.

“It started happening to indigenous bodies during those institutional times where people were regulated,” they say, referring to colonial schools that enforced gender roles.

Andy says that, traditionally, their Anishinaabemowin language was more inclusive of both genders. Instead of saying sister, brother, son, daughter, mom or granddaughter, people were simply “child,” “sibling” or “parent,” according to Andy.

Furthermore, in other communities, elders and knowledge keepers say two-spirit people were embraced as special and powerful, and were even honoured in some communities as medicine people or healers.

Andy is part of a support circle under the umbrella of the NYSHN, which brings together grandparents, mentors and indigenous community members who identify as two-spirit and/or along the queer spectrum. Indigenous languages have words for gender states that are not expressed in English, as well, and the NYSHN allows for the exploration of these identities.

In Cree, for example, “aayahkwew” means “neither man or woman.” In Inuktitut, “sipiniq” means “infant whose sex changes at birth.” In Kanien’keha, or Mohawk language, “onón:wat” means “I have the pattern of two spirits inside my body.”

Tbh I wish SM would debut all NCT members already and promote them as one big group instead of having different units. They can still add more members later on since one of their concepts is having infinite members and of course not everyone can take part in each songs but wouldn’t it be better if the album they’ll be releasing would have variety in songs? Different cultures expressed in different genres combined in one album, wouldn’t that be a better concept? Let’s be honest SM’s idea of different units promoting in different countries isn’t that realistic. How many units have they debuted already? 3 units and 3/3 units are based in Korea. At least with this kind of setting members would be able to rest more than promoting one song after another because of being in different units.  


Stunning Abstract Expressionist Paintings by Fabio Deronzier

Born into a family of artists, 18-year old Parisian artist Fabio Deronzier’s abstract expressionist paintings posses traditional elements in a contemporary world. Influenced by romantic painters, such as Caspar David Friedrich and J. M. W. Turner, Deronzier’s work behaves as an extension of the romantic ideal of nature. Abstract in nature, Deronzier’s pieces contain a moody, atmospheric, and melancholic tone, which demands attention. The brushstrokes convey chaos and turmoil, which seem purposefully crafted in order to move even the untrained eye.