Amandla Stenberg Didn't Attack Kylie Jenner, Leave Our Princess Alone!
I caught wind of the social media ‘beef’ between Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg and celebutante Kylie Jenner earlier this week. When the latter shot back “Go hang out with Jaden”…

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As the 16-year-old again captures the hearts of feminists across the Internet for wise-beyond-her-years thoughts on cultural appropriation and the Black female image (the first time was with this video just weeks ago), Jenner fans and others who could care less about Black girls have been extremely harsh in responding. The social media trolling is at predictable levels of mercilessness—which would technically make this the second time Stenberg was subject to racist abuse online. Scores of Hunger Games fans who were surprised to learn the “Rue” character was Black infamously took to Twitter to complain when the first film was released in 2012—but a few famous folks have also joined the fray, namely Justin Bieber and Bravo host Andy Cohen.

The singer chimed in via his own Instagram comment, defending Jenner’s youth because “were [sic] all trying to figure it out” and assuring anyone who may be concerned that his friend is no “racist.” Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t recall Bieber, who’s career was shaped and inspired largely by Black men, ever using his voice for any “bigger picture” issues—not a #BlackLivesMatter tweet, an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt, nothing. But he’s got the cape ready for Miss Kylie because, of course.

People on Tumblr can a bit hypocritical when it comes to white people and cultural appropriation.

Take, for example, Japan. 

There are people in Japan obsessed with American culture. They wear American-inspired clothing styles, tattoo English words they don’t understand on themselves just because they look cool (like the poor soul who got ‘condensation’ tattooed on them), and sometimes swear in English or say random English phrases to sound cute or cool. 

Basically, the Japanese equivalent of a weeaboo. 

But if white people in America do that? Oh shit, you’re appropriating someone else’s culture! How privileged and disrespectful you are! You need to learn all about their culture, history and country before you even dare emulate anything of theirs! How could you be so insensitive to steal someone else’s culture without knowing its entire background and system?!

For example, apparently you need to research Japan before even thinking of enjoying anime.

So, you know what? I took that fucking advice and I researched anime, which led me to the father of anime, Osamu Tezuka.

Who was inspired to do what he did by fucking Walt Disney.

Disney, if you didn’t know, was American.

So can you calm down now? The entire world is made up of a bunch of culture-thieving miscreants. Get over it. 

FYI: There are some things I understand people being upset over that would actually be considered ‘cultural appropriation.’ I’m Navajo, and people wear the headdresses of Native Americans like trivial party decor. It is something I feel a little miffed by, because those are earned, and they hold great importance. It’s not a costume. Those who wear one have earned a place of great respect in their tribe through acts of courage honor, etc…. Key word: earned

While it would be lovely for people to research other countries just for the sake of expanding their knowledge and intellect of people beyond their little white fences, demanding others do so just so they can say a word in another language or watch an insanely polychromatic show is fucking stupid–especially when said country doesn’t even do the same for them. 

Cultural appropriation does exist. I’m not saying it doesn’t. But for the love of tacos, use it appropriately or no one is ever going to take you or me seriously when we have REAL concerns.

“Don’t wear feathered headdresses cause they’re sacred to certain Native cultures”

Okay, no problem. Perfectly understandable. I won’t do that.

“Don’t wear bindis cause their sacred to certain Indian cultures.”

Hey, I get that. Won’t do that either.

“White people don’t have any culture.”

Okay now you can fuck off.

It’s weird how so many depictions of the Wendigo these days seem to more often have horns for the reasons of them most likely being conflated with various European horned gods, mainly for reasons of both being used as representations of “primeval” “pagan” nature

Because on one hand it’s a genuinely visually striking; super-distinctive interpretation of the creature but on the other hand it feels suuuuuper uncomfortably appropriative sticking them together because the writer thought of them as “spooky pagan-nature stuff” when I’m pretty sure there’s more to the Wendigo than just that (From what I know of the myths anyway).

Folks who know more about this them me and/or native folks from the regions the Wendigo myths come from, your two cents on this; as well as what other mistakes white writers make when writing about the Wendigo?

anonymous asked:

whats your take on "cultural appropriation"? this might sound ridiculous to some but I absolutely hate being white, I got spit on the street for walking barefoot, and got yelled at for meditating under a tree, because apparently those things are being "culturally inappropriate?" I feel like we're all humans and while I understand that replicating a culture to "look cool" or to make fun of it is unacceptable, I feel like I should be able to pursuit my spiritual side without being hated on ?

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I'm Sorry for Being White

Whenever I see a post about how “white people are racist” and “white people are insulting other cultures”, it makes me stop and think a few things:

What am I, as a white person, supposed to do? I have taken the race association tests and I was almost dead even, I dont dress up in cultural clothes without understanding their significance, and I go out of my way to avoid racist/stereotypical terminology. 

I understand that racism is a huge issue in America. I know that black people are more likely to be arrested for crimes, especially rape and marijuana possession/distribution. I understand that white people wearing feathered headdresses is degrading to native cultures. 

But what do you want me to do about it? I can say sorry all I want, but it doesn’t change the way I was born. I try to avoid prejudice wherever I can. But I’m genuinely curious: what more should I be doing?

anonymous asked:

With the atomic bombing & occupation of Japan, not even including the internment of Japanese Americans acting like the appropriation of Japanese culture and American cultural imperialism are the same thing is choosing to be ignorant on purpose. I know you're smarter than that stupid false equivalence.

I love anonymous-hate cowards. I really do. Obviously your opinion isn’t worth very much or you’d back it up with your reputation. Especially seeing as how I really put myself out there.

Did you not read the last two paragraphs, or are you normally this dense? Heaven help you, because bloody hell knows I definitely can’t. 

But I’ll bite.

Cultural appropriation exists, but saying that someone is appropriating a culture because they watch fucking anime without researching the country is bordering on absolute stupidity, especially when anime is the result of inspiration via American film. 

Japanese people obsessing over American culture and vice versa are exactly the same thing. It’s lighthearted and it isn’t political, but people like you like to be offended by absolutely everything. And usually, and especially in this case, most of people that you think should be offended, aren’t.

Let’s take a peek at some history.

The dropping of the atomic bombs put the end of World War II in context to the time. The US fire-bombed 87 Japanese cities in the last six months of the war, yet Japan wouldn't surrender. After the first atomic bomb was dropped, Japan still didn’t surrender. It took them six days after the second one to decide to give up. Six days for the government to decide how much worth they put on the lives of their own people as they refused to withdraw.

In no way do I absolutely condone the US dropping such a monstrosity onto so many people–most of them innocent, but I digress.

The US embargo (holding back of oil, etc..) and then bombing of Japan was a response to Japanese aggression. Japan invaded and occupied Manchuria in 1931, and declared all out war on China in 1937.

The Japanese (years prior to the US declaring war on Japan) aggressively invaded areas of Asia where millions of civilians, men and women, children, senior citizens, sick people, babies were systematically murdered. Women and children were captured, raped, and imprisoned under the most horrific conditions. They also experimented on many people. 

See: Asian holocaust. (Which so many people seem to forget, but Tumblr has a knack for forgetting awful things that white people didn’t do.)

Millions of Chinese were butchered by Japan’s forces. 10-20 million approximately. (Including Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, Indochinese, etc…)  And don’t forget Pearl Harbor. To put it in perspective: About 220,000 Japanese were killed in the bombings of Japan.

The atrocities committed by the USA in WWII were egregious, but let’s not forget the battle wasn’t exactly one-sided.

It was dirty, it was awful, it was bloody, and it was regrettable. The prejudice that the Japanese Americans faced was also horrific. But the generation that holds them in ill regard is dying out very quickly. I will not ignore it happened though, and it still affects many to this day. It wasn’t fair.


But the young people today have to look ahead to the future. We don’t have to be battle-damaged graveyards bearing the grudges of the people before us from wars we didn’t fight or want.

The world is a quickly changing place, where countries now share their entertainment with each other in subs and dubs, and display what makes their cultures beautiful or fantastically weird. 

(Did you know that most Japanese in Japan are thrilled to see people all over the world enjoying their culture by wearing kimono, and welcome them wearing it?)

We are more connected than we ever were before. If the Japanese wanna dress in American-styled clothing and tattoo ‘condensation’ when they probably meant rain or something water-related onto their skin, they can do that, and Americans should be granted an equal right. 

One of their ancestors killed my great uncle? I don’t give a shit. Rock on, nerds.