Lana del Rey continues her rampant disrespect toward latinx. Specifically Colombians in her song Florida Kilos as yayo is a slang term for cocaine. Although she claims to feel some “love” and “appreciation” for latinx culture she continues to prove herself as a racist by fetishizing us, appropriating the language, chola imagery/style and even her name. 

Also, outside of racism and apropriation her romanticism of drugs and drug culture is disgusting and harmful. 

ok lemme break it down. cuz it’s not that hard. white people are inherently racist. point blank period. if a person is working hard and striving to unlearn and review their way of thinking, that’s good and all but there’s so much to unlearn. because they have not experienced what it’s like to be a person of color, they would never understand the oppression that comes with being a poc. just like cis people are inherently transmisogynistic. does this mean cis people hate trans people or won’t stand up for them or won’t date them? no. the same for white people. i have fabulous white friends who understand their privilege but it doesn’t it there.  it just means the society puts these terrible ideals of what a person should be in our heads and as much as you might unlearn that, there’s always going to be a hint of racism, transphobia, homophobia and so on in society. it’s the little things like using the wrong pronoun, ‘accidental’ cultural appropriation, making weird faces in relation to things that make you “uncomfortable”.
all we need to do is recognize our privilege and keep unlearning.


Asking for Tumblr's Permission...Why? Don't do That (Cultural Appropriation)

I was scrolling through the Cultural Appropriation tag and I noticed a few post about people doing basically this:

Hey Tumblr, I want to ask you, is it ok for me to do X thing, am I appropriating your culture by doing this?

Like why? Why do you do that? I get that you’re trying to be respectful and kind, but you’re comming here, a place where a big chunk of its users are whining bitches who have little to no understanding of how the world works and you’re asking those people for permissionas if they are the maximum figures of authority in this matter?

I propose something better, go to Wikipedia or another source of information of your trust, research what you’re trying to do (For this case let’s say, wearing a dirndl for a party), look for its history, it’s meaning, the situations where it is used, learn everything you can about them, and then after reading, make the judgement yourself if it is correct to wear it.


As long as you understand the cultural meaning and the significance of something, you have every right to use it no matter your race or nationality, you know why? Because you actually understand its meaning and you’re smart enough to know when you can use it, how you can use it, when NOT to use it and how NOT to use it.

Research it and come to the conclusion yourself, you be the one who decides what to do with your life, don’t give that power to Tumblr special snowflakes, they don’t know what they are bitching about, they just want to bitch because its easy, they are bored and they want to feel special for defending their culture according to their extremely narrow and simplistic perspective of the world.

Special Snowflakes of Tumblr DON’T EVEN HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN LIVES, and yet you’re comming here and ask them to control yours? Don’t do that people.

Reasearch YOURSELF and decide YOURSELF.

Why has Tumblr started seriously calling middle easterns and people from that descent, "brown people"?

Like, it’s gross and inaccurate. The skin colors in the middle east area differ soooo much, and honestly, there’s no cultural consistency between all these people, they aren’t a collective group. What are you even trying to express with this term?
I know it’s too late to change it, but honestly, it just makes no sense outside of jokes.

anonymous asked:

whats your take on "cultural appropriation"? this might sound ridiculous to some but I absolutely hate being white, I got spit on the street for walking barefoot, and got yelled at for meditating under a tree, because apparently those things are being "culturally inappropriate?" I feel like we're all humans and while I understand that replicating a culture to "look cool" or to make fun of it is unacceptable, I feel like I should be able to pursuit my spiritual side without being hated on ?

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Okay, maybe bornabitch-allthedaysandnights blocked me

My post won’t go through. But for those of you reading, let me post it again:

Wikipedia has actually become a much more reliable source since its creation, particularly when it comes to simple lists like the one I provided. In any case, believe it or disbelieve it, it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Clearly you’re not going to change your mind, although I hope some people who read this that are on the fence see the truth of the matter.

Let me give you an example of cultural apropriation. Cultural apropriation is taking a Buddhist symbol, flipping it around, sticking it on a flag on a blood red field and making it the international symbol of hatred and bigotry until the end of forseeable time; see: The Nazi Party. Cultural apropriation is not when one studies the culture and decides that it would make a better fit for them than their current one, learns the ways, practices said ways, and then wishes to express their respect for the culture using a modern form of expression such as a tattoo.

For instance, I am a very patriotic Croatian woman. An American friend of mine is in love with the Croatian World Series team, and so he got the Croatian flag tattooed upon his arm. However, I know for a fact he knows what sort of symbol our flag is for Croatians. We earned the right to our sovereign flag in the Homeland Wars. The flag is a symbol for those fallen men and women who died when we broke from Yugoslavia. Yet, because my American friend acknowledges the weight of the burden he carries upon his arm, it is acceptable for him to share in our culture. This is not cultural apropriation. Also, I was like you once, when I first moved to the US five years ago. I believed America to be full of bigotry and ignorance. People would make fun of my accent and all that, but I realised that underneath, they were curious. They wanted to adapt. Where other countries would shun you for your difference, the people of the US love adaptation. So many Americans were so curious about Croatia, a country that many people have never even heard of. And so I taught them, and both of us grew from it.

How about instead of demeaning people who want to be part of something new, educate them. Instead of using harsh words, use kind ones. Your attitude will get you nowhere. And if you don’t listen to this, so be it. I believe that would make you the willfully ignorant one.