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You talk about piling up treasure – money, property, culture, knowledge, and so on and so on. In going ahead with the Jesus Prayer, […] aren’t you trying to lay up some kind of treasure? Something that’s every goddam bit as negotiable as all those other, more material things? Or does the fact that it’s a prayer make all the difference? I mean by that, is there all the difference in the world, for you, in which side somebody lays up his treasure – this side, or the other?
—  J. D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

I was buying a t-shirt at a comic book store the other day, and the guy at the till started up a conversation about eighties movies and culture. He was really knowledgeable and friendly, but despite that, I could feel my entire body tense up, and I kept trying to find ways to end the conversation without seeming overly rude.

It only struck me today just how sad this whole thing was. Because this wasn’t me being standoffish or antisocial - this was me panicking, because I just wasn’t in the mood for the conversation to turn into a trivia quiz, or to hear that he “hadn’t expected a girl to know her stuff”. 

Luckily, none of that happened. So I’m sorry, nice guy from the comic book store. It wasn’t you - it was a lifetime of dealing with self-proclamed nerds and ‘geeky guys’ acting like me talking about interests I’ve had since childhood is really just a trick meant to seduce their sorry ass.

Teepee contract fuels frustration ahead of Grand Pré festival

An event being held next month in Grand Pré, N.S., to celebrate the historical ties between the Mi'kmaq and Acadians is taking heat over a decision to contract the work to build 15 teepees to a company that’s not Indigenous-owned.

Mi'kmaq lawyer Natalie Clifford said the move runs counter to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Canada adopted last year.

Under the declaration, Indigenous people have the “right to maintain, control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions.”

By contracting out the teepee work to a non-Indigenous firm, Clifford said this goes against to the declaration.

“I find it kind of a disheartening, disappointing move on behalf of our own chiefs here in Atlantic Canada,” Clifford said.

“It’s not about excluding non-Indigenous people from taking part in our culture, but it’s about empowering us to be able to learn and move forward and create our own works that are of our culture and our historical knowledge.”

Nova Scotia firm is building the teepees

Organizers say they opted for a company that’s not Indigenous-owned because there’s no other option to get the structures made nearby.

“The only other way to get teepees these days would have to be to order them from Manitoba to Alberta,” said Morley Googoo, regional chief for Newfoundland and Nova Scotia with the Assembly of First Nations.

“There’s nobody here, and the next best thing was to keep it local.”

Little Foot Yurts, a small, family-owned firm in Wolfville, N.S., is making the teepees. Owners Selene and Alex Cole learned specialized manufacturing techniques from local Indigenous communities, as well as by travelling around the world.

“We’ve become like a sponge to learn not only about Mi'kmaq shelters, but also Sioux style and many other First Nation styles of living,” said Alex Cole, who is from England.

‘My doors are 100% open’

He’s hoping that Indigenous elders and youth will be involved in helping to erect the teepees at the festival site, and said he’s happy to share his expertise about how to build them, free of charge, with Indigenous people.

“I’m a very willing and intentional holder of this information, and I’m very excited about the opportunity to pass it back,” Alex Cole said. “My doors are 100 per cent open.”

Googoo said he visited Little Foot Yurts and said he’s proud of the work a “humble family” has put into the teepees.

While he understands why some people might be discouraged with the awarding of the contract, he said there’s still much more work to be done “to catch up on the supply and demand” after adopting the UN declaration.

“We’re still growing from a time where all our cultures and items were suppressed,” he said. “So while we look at this as a disappointment for some people right now, we have to look at it as an opportunity our people need to get into.”


Ran an educational skull table today! It’s so great to see kids and adults so interested, asking questions and being able to handle and look closely at things they wouldn’t normally get a chance to. Some kids kept coming back during the day, and teaching other kids what everything was! Passing on their newfound knowledge. A good day.

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Multiples of five for Serena and Shauna for the ask meme thing please?

5.Who is the one who points with their chin?:

I honestly can’t see either one of them doing this, but if I had to pick, I’d lean a little bit more to Serena when she’s trying to be subtle. 

10.Who is the one who likes to quote movies, books, and songs in conversations?:

Definitely Shauna. Eventually Serena catches on that’s she’s quoting things but it drives her crazy to the point where she internally screams but doesn’t say anything because she doesn’t want to admit her lack of pop culture knowledge.

15.Who is the one who puts bajillions of stickers on their door/wall?:

Shauna. I can just picture her room covered in stickers, pictures of friends, and everything like that!

20.Who is the one who uses YouTube for their music because they don’t want to buy/download anything?:

I don’t think either of them would, since they both kind of work with entertainment so they get why you should always pay for things instead of just streaming.

Give me two characters and pick a couple questions.

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Hi, so I've always been confused on the online descriptions of a male with Libra sun/Aries moon/Sagittarius rising. I was wondering if you could do a description of it. Thanks!

Oh my gosh, one of my friends has almost the exact same placements! Well, male Libras are sometimes seen as overtly flirtatious; but I see them more as scholarly. Your Saggitarius rising brings out the love for knowledge and culture even more so. Don’t let your Aries moon take away from that. Those with Aries moon can cut themselves off from emotional commitment and outreach because they have a need to be the strong one mentally. It’s okay to let your natural people skills and love for the world around you shine! Saggitarius risings have such infectious smiles!! Please travel the world. You deserve it.

Hope you liked it and thank you for the ask! Let us know how we did.

- Courtney 💚💖

I don’t know who or what I am culturally, and I feel like I end up hiding or apologising for it all the time. People include me in assumptions of whiteness and detachment when they talk about groups I’m descended from and I have no idea what to say, because it’s not like I have any extra special cultural knowledge, but like….I knew my grandparents, and I’m not detached. At least not in that exact way. And I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by speaking up, and I know it makes people uncomfortable when they don’t know if I’m in my lane or not, but I’m uncomfortable when I don’t.

maybe this is why I like representing myself as a skeleton so much vOv

Indigenous archaeological find in Kakadu recasts Australian history

A dig at Madjedbebe on the traditional lands of the Mirarr people in northern Australia has unearthed thousands of artefacts, some as old as 80,000 years. The discovery upends decades-old estimates about the human colonisation of the continent (previously estimated at between 47,000 and 60,000 years) and adds western scientific evidence to Indigenous cultural knowledge about the length of time their ancestors have occupied the land

• Australian dig finds evidence of Aboriginal habitation up to 80,000 years ago



imo, theres a LOT of emphasis put on control. they talk about dictatorships, how they repress both art/culture, AND knowledge/learning.

i’m gonna avoid talking about what i think Really Happened, because i havent entirely worked that out for myself, but for themes and what they represent and why this story’s being told…

i think it’s largely a meditation on the ways we’re repressed by society at large, our smaller and more insular social groups, and the closest relationships with loved ones(so essentially, the world at large and at every level of interpersonal relationship and society in general)

we’re given a tale of two physically identical people to illustrate two extremes in behavior and personality, and how the same outside forces conspire in the same way to tear them apart, tear them down, and force them into roles they dont want to inhabit.

it also forcibly strips them from their individuality, their personhood, and their self expression- they will never be a single, unique person ever again, because they will always know there’s someone else out there wearing their face.

going back to the extremes in behavior n such… it’s easy to be an academic and look at someone who is an actor, or an artist, and think of them as the penultimate in self-expression and personal freedom. but at the same time, if you’re a creative it’s easy to look at someone in a more stable, academic or scientific role and think that they have more freedom to be themselves, in that they dont need to constantly maintain an Artsy Appearance to Stay Relevant n such. they can literally just be who they are, and if they have no inspiration they can just go back to work until true inspiration strikes.

but thats ultimately not true, because NO ONE is allowed true self expression. neither of these men are allowed to be their authentic selves!! the teacher spends nights drinking wine and plowing his fuckbuddy, sure, but it’s PASSIONLESS, it’s rote and he’s sick of it but he has nothing else. everyone(including his own mother) tells him he has a good apartment, a great career, he should be happy and thankful for what he has, but what he has doesnt FULFILL him. but he keeps doing it anyway, because it’s the narrative society’s constructed for him, the Correct Life Path. he’s miserable, and trying to communicate so gets him shut down and told there’s something wrong with him. he’s held to the expectations of that life, whether he wants it or not

and the actor man sees his casual fuck buddy and his complete lack of immanent baby-having and sees him as the pinnacle of freedom, because this isnt the life he wanted for himself either. anthony’s miserable, he feels trapped, and he has no outlet to escape into the life he WANTS to live. he wants to be single, he wants to drink and fuck and he absolutely doesnt want a baby. he doesnt want to be a father.

also, it’s interesting to note how adam steps into anthony’s life at the end. they both look the same because they’re both put under the same pressure to conform to society’s expectations, and he’s capable of putting on a persona and playacting as anthony, but it’s as fake and miserable and heavy as his last one. and it only brings to light how REPLACEABLE he is. even in anthony’s death(assuming he died in that car crash), adam is STILL NOT GRANTED HIS OWN AUTONOMY! he still cant escape the knowlede that he’s not his own person, he’s a puppet of society who doesnt get to feel genuine joy or self determination because NONE OF THIS IS THE LIFE HE WANTED TO LIVE, but both are the life he’s now forced to inhabit.

so like…. lets talk about this from different levels. starting with the closest ring(wife, mother, best friend, other close relationships), then the second closest(work friends, neighborhood, social groups you choose to be part of like your local DnD group or soccar team or whatever your niche interest is), then the farthest ring(society as a whole)

so. well actually maybe its fairly obvious, and i dont need to get into it??? hmm. well, obviously anthony feels trapped by his wife. he doesnt like that she’s pregnant or that he’s being tied down, and as much as adam isnt big on his current relationship, hes not exactly thrilled by the pregnant wife either, because of the way she represents a loss of self identity

she shows how easily he can step into someone else’s life to replace them, AND how easily he himself can be replaced, and how he can never truly be himself. she also imposes a lot of ideas of how he should be onto him. same with the mother, she’s cruelly dismissive of adam’s wants and desires and creative self expression, all in an attempt to love him and “look out for him”- because if he’s financially stable then he’s provided for and safe and that’s all that matters. not his actual happiness, but rather how “safe” he is and how much she can pat herself on the back for having raised such a “respectful” child

things turn awkward in adam’s life whenever he expresses a dissenting opinion(he isnt a huge film fan, but most people are expected to have at least a passing interest in film, and when his coworker brings up films as a neutral topic and he expresses that he isnt a fan, it turns the conversation awkward and stilted until he’s given a film to watch anyway, because that’s the social expectation)

what’s funny though, is that despite their ultimately antagonistic relationship and the way they reflect a loss of individuality and personhood, the only reason they meet is because of the intersection of knowledge and culture, and they find in each other a sense of community, commiseration, and relatability. who do they understand instantly and intrinsically? who do they seek out? who do they actually SHOW THEIR TRUE EMOTIONS TO throughout the film? EACH OTHER. on the phone with each other for the first time, adam starts stumbling over his words and saying things in the worst possible way, and admits he only gets this way when he’s excited, yet we never see him act like that again throughout the film… because nothing else EXCITES him

he’s excited by the thought of someone else understanding. of someone to commiserate with, to relate to. someone who feels what he feels. a sense of true community. and he gets that, but in doing so looses the one thing that he truly thought of as unique(viewing himself as one of the only- or at least the few- who felt stifled and lacking in true creative outlets in their lives) (i also think thats why anthony responds with more joy and amazement, because for him he’s reassured by the communal feeling and the fact that even someone in a Respectable Job could feel that way, whereas adam is horrified because EVEN PEOPLE IN CREATIVE JOBS FEEL THAT WAY)

society at large held them both down to such a startling degree that anthony viewed his wife as a spider, himself caught in a web of commitment, while adam felt every day blur together as he shambled through life in a daze, both steeped in misery. they hated their lives, lives imposed on them by a society that operates through subjugation and a suppression of individuality. and they both embodied one of the two major things you can use to combat such a society- and they were both held back and burdened by expectations specifically tailored to hold back those ideas, and keep that individuality from blossoming.

but then adam’s knowledge met with anthony’s art/culture, and they were able to OPEN UP to one another. knowledge became aware of art, and together they forged themselves a small space to really try and feel what they felt and develop who they are as people, without all these expectations weighing them down and moulding them into people they didnt wanna be. and did they ultimately crash and burn(no pun intended)? yeah. they did. but they tried. and they only failed so spectacularly because of a society that wanted them to fail, that kept their emotional growth in that area stunted to keep them from ever rising up against these ingrained ideas that are ultimately harmful

now, am i saying these were two good and pure men deserving only of nice things, who never made a mistake???? no. they were both huge assholes. i mean, anthony wanted to fuck adam’s GF… WHILE SHE THOUGHT HE WAS ADAM. he tried to push her out a goddamn moving car. adam tried to fuck her while she was asleep at one point, and then fucked anthony’s wife while SHE thought HE was anthony—- these are SHITTY PEOPLE.

but i mean… i dunno, its, the point isnt to be about perfect people, but instead to show how badly all these limitations and expectations can fuck people up, leave them emotionally stunted and miserable, how it can lead to depression and a lack of identity or a sense of self… how it leads to tragedy, basically.

say it out loud white and proud

anti white and liberals try to put self hate on white people’s brains (anti racist is code for anti white) and (Multiculturalism its code for white genocide) , calling white racist for saying europe its white countries or saying europe for european meanwhile asian for asian and africa for african it’s okay ,  and people of color can’t be racist 

leftist media lecturing white about how they should be ashamed to be white they always speak about Whiteness or make fun like using comedy (Liberalism is a Mental Disorder) today its the fashion that anti white calling white racist , nazi , supremacy for speaking their freedom , anti white claim only white can be racist   mentioning white history of colonization and slavery and war crimes and nazi as excuse why white should not be proud of themselves and proud of their European cultures and heritage and Knowledge anti white claim slaves built Western civilization and white was lazy , what about the fucking arab and Turkish and african history who colonialism Europe and enslaved millions of white and destroying europe civilization , i don’t see anyone shaming people of color of their bad side of history imagine the outrage of white comparing every muslims and black and asian violence and racism by using their history

this is just a crapshoot but i think lesbians often get into women who r older because there isnt a lot of solid framework for lesbian culture and relationships especially now that lesbian culture is fading a lot and we feel like we need the guidance of someone older with the connection to lesbian culture and knowledge of lesbian life which an older person is more likely to have

The age of white Christian America is ending. Here's how it got there.
Is White (Protestant) Christian America in decline? In the introduction to his 1987 Cultural Literacy, E.D. Hirsch Jr. laments the loss of a shared American culture — a body of knowledge, from Shakespeare to the Bible, that united Americans. Read more

Again, hate Morrigan spending Inquisition being presented as the ‘proper’ host for the Well of Sorrows, but you know? I have to agree with her when she condemns Abelas for being so quick to destroy the Well - “You’d let your people’s legacy rot in the shadows!”

Because that IS what Abelas (and Solas) basically do. Because the Dalish don’t do it 'right,’ they’re not 'true’ elves and thus don’t 'deserve’ their history, lineage, heritage, and culture. What good is knowledge that is hoarded away, kept from those in need of it most?

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Ok i have a question: is doing part of your hair up in french braids cultural appropriation? Like how daisy ridley did her hair at the d23 expo? (Im not accusing her of it or anything i was just wondering bc its not like corn rows or anything but its like multiple braids??) idk if this makes sense sorry 😂

i get you! no french braids aren’t cultural appropriation to my knowledge, i dont think a culture has monopoly on that one and they’re not cornrows so… yeah they’re not.

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💕 🎥

💕 Would my muse ever be in a polyamorous relationship ?

“I’d rather keep it a lil’ more TRADITIONAL than THAT.” 

“I figure ONE lover would be ENOUGH to deal with…”

🎥 Who is my muse’s celebrity crush ?

“How many can i SAY ? My TOP FIVE have gotta be Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Stewart, and – OF COURSE – Elvis Aaron Presley !( Wanda Jackson & Natalie Wood ain’t bad either. )

“I don’t really HAVE one of those…” ( NANCY SINATRA, full stop. )