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"Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or artifacts from someone else's culture without permission. This can include unauthorized use of another culture's dance, dress, music, language, folklore, cuisine, traditional medicine, religious symbols, etc. It's most likely to be harmful when the source community is a minority group that has been oppressed or exploited in other ways or when the object of appropriation is particularly sensitive, e.g. sacred objects."

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The Grifter’s way to complete a job is to talk their way through a con. They are smooth, cunning, and deceptive. A Grifter uses the highest form of acting to convince marks that they are whoever they want them to think they are. A master of multiple aliases and identities, a Grifter has to be resourceful and able to adapt to new obstacles and situations. They are the masters of the mind. Expert liars, psychological geniuses, and full of cultural knowledge, a Grifter can con the best of them.

Talking isn’t the only skill a Grifter is good at. With their less than honorable ways, a Grifter can usually pick pockets and has learned to spot others fakes. They often have conversational capacities in multiple languages, and know how to disguise themselves to fit into a variety of cultures. Their chameleon nature may lead to some mental instability or a lack of permanent self, but like all other aspects of their personality, they are bound to compensate and change.

The Grifter’s personal details, such as age, date of birth, gender, pronouns, sexual and romantic orientations, faceclaim, are completely up to the roleplayer. The Grifter is currently open for auditions.


I Have Many Names - In some stories there are characters with so many names, aliases, bynames, and/or titles that it’s hard to keep track of them. An attempt to do so ends up with an Overly Long Name. As such, when asked who they are, it is not uncommon for them to reply “I Have Many Names.”

Accidental Truth - It looks like a character is going to get caught out in a lie that they told, but then they’re unexpectedly saved—they didn’t know it, but what they said was correct all along, or has become correct quickly enough that they’re safe. Maybe it’s just a lucky coincidence, or maybe one of their friends quickly and quietly arranged things to save them, but either way, they’ve avoided having their lie exposed.

Show Some Leg - Female character provides a distraction by flirting with and/or showing some skin to an opposing guard, Spear Carrier and/or Red Shirt characters. Of course if you have large breasts it’s a lot easier. And some characters are distractions all by themselves.

Omniglot - Most people find it hard work to achieve native-level fluency in just one foreign language, even when they’re a full time student of it, but a fictional character might speak thirty languages well enough to be mistaken for a native speaker in each. This character might learn the local language fluently just by chatting while playing cards each evening for a few weeks, or perhaps due to having taken evening classes for a month when they were twenty years younger, they are able to win debates on metaphysics in a particular language.
The Great Forgetting: You Probably Haven't Heard about It But It Completely Affects Your Life
This article summarizes the ideas of Daniel Quinn, first written about in The Story of B, which was a sequel to Ishmael. The longer, original essay can be read here, and comes highly...
By Deep Ecology Hub

The Great Forgetting refers to the wealth of knowledge that our culture lost when we adopted our new civilized lifestyle. The knowledge that allowed indigenous cultures to survive, the knowledge that we had once also been tribal and the understanding that we were but one mere culture of thousands. All of this disappeared in a few short generations.

The Great Forgetting accounts for an enormous cultural collapse as once tribal people found themselves in a new and strange mass centralized society. New beliefs, new ways of life rushed into this cultural vacuum to fill the void. But without being tested by natural selection over thousands of years this new culture was evolutionarily unstable.

It is only recently that the Great Forgetting has been exposed. Understanding it holds the key to making sense of our destructive culture. And remembering what it is that was forgotten holds the key to our future.

How The Great Forgetting Took Place

It began around 10,000 years ago when one culture in the Near East adopted a new way of life that humans had not tried before.

They began to practice an intensive form of agriculture which enabled them to live in a settled location.

They developed large food surpluses which led to a population and geographic explosion. What began as farming communes eventually turned into villages, then into towns, and then kingdoms. Civilization began.

But it was a long time before anybody began to write down history, several thousand years later in fact. What happened in between was that the people of this culture forgot what had happened. They forgot that they once were hunter gatherers and foragers who lived a nomadic lifestyle. They assumed that mankind arrived on the planet at the same time as civilization. They assumed that civilization and settled agriculture was the natural state of mankind, as natural as living in a herd and grazing is to buffalo.

Naturally this gave rise to the belief that we were only a few thousand years old, that mankind had began when civilization began.

The primitive cultures that lived on the fringe areas of early civilization would appear to suggest that humans had lived another way. But they were easily explained away. They had fallen from the natural state of civilization; they had degraded into savagery. They had once lived as fully fledged humans but they had forgotten the way and now they were inferior, they were sub-human.

The Philosophical Roots of Our Culture

This collective cultural memory lapse; this belief that humans had arrived in the world as civilization builders was held by the foundation thinkers of our culture.

The philosophers, historians and theologians of the ancient civilizations: Sumer, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, India and China wove the Great Forgetting into their work.

Those that followed – the Hebrew authors of the Bible, Moses, Samuel, Elijah, Isaiah and Jeremiah, the great Western thinkers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and the great Eastern thinkers Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha and Confucius -  all wove the Great Forgetting into their work.

The thinkers of more modern times also followed suit, they didn’t take any Great Forgetting into account. Why would they? They had no reason to believe that humans had not come into this world as civilization builders. They had no reason to believe that this wasn’t our natural state. So Thomas Aquinas, Francis Bacon, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Rene Descartes carried on our culture with the Great Forgetting at its root.

The Truth Is Revealed

Palaeontology exposed the Great Forgetting. Palaeontology made it clear that mankind had not arrived on Planet Earth when civilization emerged. We had lived for a very long time, millions of years in fact, in a completely different way. Mankind hadn’t fallen from the natural state into primitive living. That was how we began.

Looking back on it one could assume that the exposure of the Great Forgetting would have been a momentous discovery. It should have shook the very foundations of our way of thinking, the very foundations of our culture. One could have assumed that this would have led to some fundamental changes about who we are and how we should live.

But it didn’t. The Great Forgetting just got explained away. Instead of admitting that two very different and legitimate ways of living had been adopted by mankind in his history the thinkers of the 19th Century came up with this: man may have been born into this world as a primitive savage but he was destined to become a civilization builder.

In essence they said: “Who cares that we didn’t arrive as a civilization builder. It was our destiny to become a civilization builder. Now that we are here who cares what went before us. Those people that lived before us were just a precursor to us. They weren’t important.”

We didn’t arrive as a civilization builder. But it was our destiny to become one.

The historians came up with a convenient way to disregard those humans that walked the earth those millions of years before our culture emerged.

Instead of accepting that they were part of history the historians relegated them to pre-history. They were before history, because history began when civilization began. We are the good stuff; we are the ones who are fulfilling the destiny of mankind. We are the ones who should be studied.

The Myth of the Agricultural Revolution

Our culture’s transition from hunter gatherer to civilization builder was also explained away. The term our thinkers coined was “The Agricultural Revolution.”

This is how it was explained: Before the agricultural revolution humans didn’t know how to farm or how to practice any kind of agriculture. They lived as hunter gatherers and foragers. Once they discovered farming they were then able to settle down and build civilization. The agricultural revolution was the foundation from which all the greatness of humanity stems.

It was explained in such a way that leads us to believe that the agricultural revolution was:

  • Something that happened more or less by everybody.
  • Something that happened more or less at the same time.

The story is told so we think that one group of people figured it out and those nearby saw what they were doing and thought “aha what a better way of doing things, what a better way of living.” Once a group was enlightened with the knowledge of agriculture they immediately stopped their primitive hunting and gathering ways and settled down to practice the better way. They could see that this was man’s destiny and they eagerly took it up.

This myth has permeated our culture since the 19th century thinkers created it to support their idea that civilization is the divine destiny of mankind. However the agricultural revolution was not a revolution and it had absolutely nothing to do with agriculture.

Agriculture had been practiced in many different ways and forms by thousands of different cultures around the globe. Agriculture is not unique to civilization. What is unique to civilization is a particular form of agriculture, that Daniel Quinn terms totalitarian agriculture.

The Agricultural Revolution had absolutely nothing to do with agriculture.

Totalitarian agriculture subordinates all life forms to the relentless single minded production of human food. It is the belief that the whole world is ours by right and we should turn all of the land into human food.

This generates huge surpluses which generates rapid population growth and rapid geographical expansion.

Through sheer weight of numbers totalitarian agriculturalists overrun neighboring regions obliterating other cultures and their way of life. The agricultural revolution wasn’t something that started and finished thousands of years ago. It is still happening today, being driven forward by our cultural doctrines which tell us that the earth is a foe that must be conquered.

The agricultural revolution wasn’t about humans finding a better way to live. It was about a single culture out of thousands beginning to live in a way that only worked through exponential growth. Civilization didn’t spread because it was a good idea. Civilization spread through force. The exponential growth of the totalitarian agriculturalists displaced anybody and everybody else. It wasn’t a revolution; it was an experiment that became a runaway train.

So when the Great Forgetting was exposed it was quickly covered up. Our culture went from believing this:

First Humans

To believing this:

First Humans
Paleolithic Humans
Mesolithic Humans
Neolithic Humans

When in fact the reality looks more like this:

First Humans
Paleolithic Humans
Mesolithic Humans
Neolithic Humans
Great Forgetting

|                              |
10,000 other cultures             Us

A New Way of Thinking

The realization of the Great Forgetting gives us a fresh perspective on human history and our place in the world. It gives us the opportunity to see that another way of living legitimately existed on this planet.

The answer to this ecological crisis doesn’t lie with bumbling along the same way we have been trying to perfect for ten thousand years. It doesn’t lie with manically trying to fix a way of life that can only succeed by growing. Eventually it was going to grow so big that it would run out of room to keep going. That time has arrived now.

Instead of trying to tweak and change our lifestyle to somehow make it work we need to have a complete overhaul of the way we live.

Now we can study indigenous cultures and say they haven’t degraded into savagery.

They haven’t been left behind in the march to progress; they aren’t the most undeveloped peoples of civilization.

They live in a way that is completely different to us.

A way that is not inherently inferior and a way that is in no means a precursor to civilization. Now we can look on them with fresh eyes, with newfound respect and listen to what they have to say.

They have lived sustainably on this planet for millions of years. We have much to learn from them.

We can now see that with the ecological crisis the problem is not humankind. Humans are not parasitic. Humans can and have lived sustainably. The problem is a single culture. The culture that began 10,000 years ago with totalitarian agriculture and still practices it today. We don’t have to change humans. We don’t have to fix them. We just have to abandon a single destructive culture.

We aren’t 99% of the world’s population because we have a better way of living. We are 99% because our culture grew and displaced those who didn’t need to grow.

We can find a new way.

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This article summarizes the ideas of Daniel Quinn, first written about in The Story of B, which was a sequel to Ishmael. The longer, original essay can be read here, and comes highly recommended, especially if you found yourself disagreeing with the summary above. Most disagreements we’ve read about have turned out to be misunderstandings, so please check the original before coming to conclusions.

For further reading, see: Limited Wants, Unlimited Means: An Intro to Hunter-Gatherer Economics

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from @sacred_teachings - Another ancient #relief of what looks to be some type of astronaut found in the archaeological site El Baul which is in present day Escuintla Department, Guatemala. This relief also has what looks to be #kukulkan (top left of relief also shown above relief) which is a Mayan God that shares secrets of the cosmos during the #Venus transit. The sculpture also shows a bird face which resembles the God #Horus of Ancient Egypt. I believe these gods from different cultures, and #space boy here, achieved anti gravity through electromagnetism and sound or something basic that we have overlooked many years ago and shared knowledge from culture to culture which is the reason for similar beings being present in cultures all around the world. And if you look at ancient art, beings are always holding mysterious objects or there is weird #symbolism involved and I believe it is the technology they created and are trying to show us and leave clues through their stories and art to help us solve the #technologyofthegods.
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Photography Platter Platforms

The rise of visual communities provides opportunities for sharing photographs and videos thus creating social imaging platforms. The photographic landscape is all around us, and shared by millions through the virtual world.

Capturing photographs now is easier than ever with the variety of devices available such as digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. Technology and practice of photography, combined with the “ways in which personal life is being made more and more visible, and photography is being made an increasingly prevalent component of numerous social, political, and cultural forms” (Pickering, 2013), make this type of photography sharing ubiquitous.

Visible publics help to share the photographs or videos by tagging images. According to Mizuko Ito “publics can be reactors, (re)makers and (re)distributors, engaging in shared culture and knowledge through discourse and social exchange as well as through acts of media reception” (Mizuko, 2008). To do this, people tagging is easy to do, and “enables users of social media to add labels to digital resources in order to help them refer to them easily at a later point” (Cook and Pachler, 2012). Tagging locations or events is another way to increase the reach of visible publics through photographs or videos.

Videos uploaded to social media sites, include videos of affinity. Videos of affinity “try to establish communicative connections to people, often members of a social network” (Lange, 2009). Trying to transmit feelings of sharing a moment in the creator’s life, videos of affinity can “facilitate large, business-oriented social networks or small personal ones”(Lange, 2009).

Finally, there is the self-portrait or selfie. People are always posing with their arms outstretched, pouting, smiling, and taking photos of themselves. The selfie an expression of individualism has become “a powerful means for self-expression, encouraging its makers to share the most intimate and private moments” (Murray, 2015) on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram.

For example, in Singapore “more teenage girls nowadays engage in online self-presentation such as posting self-portrait photographs or “selfies” of themselves and sharing “outfit-of-the-day” photos to observe and compare themselves against their peers” (Chua and Chang, 2016).

One of the biggest concerns uploading photographs and videos is having people’ consent to upload personal images of other people.

In a recent high profiled case, National Rugby League (NRL) player Mitchell Pearce filmed at an Australia Day party was drunk and displaying inappropriate behaviour. The video uploaded online has been the subject of interrogation not just from the NRL, but also his club Sydney Roosters, and every day citizens.

At the time of writing his column, Peter FitzSimons reported, “no legal complaints have been made that we know of” (FitzSimons, 2016). There was no crime or legal misdemeanour and no charges laid. More importantly, someone has uploaded a private video of another person presumably unknowingly, under the influence or without his consent. Whilst I am not condoning his actions or behaviour, the fact is this was not a public event, had he not have been a sporting figure, a role model of sorts, would this have made the national news?

Digital photography and videos are creating connected visual communities through the various social media platforms and apps. It is a great way to stay connected but it comes with a warning. As with any content uploaded to the internet, users need to take control of their photos and videos and be aware who is using them, and how they are used.


CHUA, T. H. H. & CHANG, L. 2016. Follow me and like my beautiful selfies: Singapore teenage girls’ engagement in self-presentation and peer comparison on social media. Computers in Human Behavior, 55, Part A, 190-197.

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PICKERING, M. 2013. Ubiquitous Photography. European Journal of Communication, 28, 205-208.

Stanford University has many centers and institutes dedicated to the study of various specific topics. These centers and institutes may be within a department, within a school but across departments, an independent laboratory, institute or center reporting directly to the Dean of Research and outside of any school, or semi-independent of the University itself.

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#africalinksentertainment Up and coming West-African native, @Elevated_dandy has been inspired to reach Africa through music since a young age. Growing up he has learned from his biggest musical influencers, and he is currently living his dreams through his art. His tunes have a purpose of teaching knowledge, culture, and current social events. Afro-pop, and Hip-hop can be found in his vibrant and captivating sounds that are floating through the streets of GH, Naija, and more. Collaborations with Manasy, Kunadu Vybes, S.A., and 11 singles have been put out this year alone. Music lovers should be anticipating his debut album coming in 2016!
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Here is my attempt at drawing a Head Mistress for Uagadou the african school for witchcraft and wizardry. I wish I had time to colour it at the moment as one o the amazing things about that school would be the colour palette. 

I also drew this cause I was dreaming about an idea I had yesterday on twitter…

What if @jk_rowling was to hand pick unknown authors from the country of each new wizarding school to write a new series for each one.

Her guidance and their cultural knowledge. Published first in a native language. Then a week later in English for the rest of the world.

I so want this! Don’t you?

160204-05 News Trends

- 14 articles on Andy hosting ‘Weekly Idol’ Shin Hyesung episode
- 4 articles on Heo Yeongsaeng
- 1 mention in article testing readers on popular culture knowledge (’Which answer matches the group with their correct color?’)

- None

- None

- 1 mention in article about Lee Gukju saying on ‘I Live Alone’ that she doesn’t want someone like Dongwan as her boyfriend

- 14 mentions in articles about Park Bogum returning to ‘Music Bank’
- 1 mention in article about new album releases
- 1 mention in article about Lunar New Year special ‘Idol Song Contest’

Jun Jin
- 1 mention in BTOB Yook Sungjae interview
- 2 mentions in articles about ‘Infinity Challenge’ Kim Taeho’s past mention on former members returning to IC (Wanted Jun Jin to concentrate on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ after he finished serving in the military instead of returning to IC)

- 2 mentions in articles about Lunar New Year special ‘The Boss is Watching’

detail from ”Flower of Life”

The pattern formed by the six Veena’s in this image also become the symbol of the Jewish six point star. The symbol is also referred to as the Markabah - the chariot that takes you home. It is believed that unless if this pattern is activated in a human you will not be able to make your ascension process from earth to higher dimensions. The two interwoven pyramids - two tetrahedrons are also an homage to Egyptian culture and the knowledge they held regarding ascension tactics. They had methods on how to purge the fear out of candidates for decades as you may not have fear left in you if you are to rise from this frequency to the next. This piece also suggests that we are all deeply connected through our spiritual origins, our pursuit of a dignified life, our desire to end our current human condition of suffering. Our pursuit of heaven.

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Why do Turkish people drink?

Why do Turkish people drink? #turkey #istanbul #theothertour

External image

I see that our post Unspoken Facts About Turkey gets some traffic from Google by the search term: ‘Why do Turkish Muslims drink alcohol? And I wanted to provide my personal thoughts on this. Most Muslims around the world and in Turkey see alcohol consumption as an unhealthy and therefore a kind of wrong decision, however their attitude is just like a Canadian mother feeling so sorry when they see…

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Rappers are ACTORS!

Visual Communities and Social Imaging-- The Selfie

Let me preface this blogpost with how much I hate being in photos.I personally love taking them, I just don’t like being forced to be in one. I also don’t understand the point of all those duck face group selfies of girls who claim that theres #nofilter, or when they post a selfie completely unrelated to the actual caption. We have slowly morphed into being completely self obsessed.

It all started with the simple photograph, used as a way to commemorate certain milestones throughout an individuals life, as well as a means to share memories with others. Slowly, the camera got turned around and went from taking pictures of things, be it certain events, holidays or family gatherings, to taking photos of ourselves.

With the rise of using social media to share photos, there has now been a creation of visible publics, which can be viewed as “(re)makers and (re)distributors, engaging in shared culture and knowledge through discourse and social exchange as well as through acts of media reception” (Mizuko Ito (2008, pp. 2-3). Visual publics are publics that are created using the various ‘tagging’ features available on social media, making other users aware of the fact that they are part of or visible within a particular photo, and also linking the photo back to that individuals account, providing them with more social media exposure.

This sense of community achieved through the use of social media platforms is most evident when looking at YouTube, but more specifically, bloggers. They form a relationship with their viewers that makes them want to continuously come back to the channel to see whats going on in their lives. Because of the constant updates, and the fact that they are viewed constantly, the viewer feels as if they know they YouTube star on a personal level, and will therefore relate to the content that is shown. This phenomenon can often be referred to as videos of affinity, where “feelings of membership in a social network, or feelings of attraction to people, things or ideas’ (2009, p. 71)

(missmalini, 2014)

Reference List

Lange, P 2009, ‘Videos of Affinity on YouTube’, in P, Snickars & P, Vonderau (eds), The YouTube Reader, National Library of Sweden, Stockholm, pp 70-88.

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Mizuko, I 2008 ‘Introduction’, in K, Vamelis, ed. Networked Publics, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 1-14.