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Malcolm X photographed by Gordon Parks for LIFE magazine promoting the Muhammad Speaks newspaper, 1962.

On the night of April 27, 1962, scores of policemen ransacked the Nation of Islam Mosque in Los Angeles and wounded seven unarmed Muslims, leaving Ronald Stokes dead and William Rogers who is seen in the wheelchair above paralyzed.

This is Douglas, a happy hippo cared for by Steve and Anna Tolan in their wildlife rehabilitation center. Douglas loves to give kisses to those willing and he is good friends with a ferocious crocodile that lives in the same lagoon as he.

Chris Traeger Positivity Spell

inspired by Parks & Recreation

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  • Sit in a bright, sunny place
  • hold a glass of lemon water in both hands
  • smile and sit up as straight as you can
  • say:

“I am (name). My words bring happiness to everyone! All who interact with me feel great! I am literally the most positive person on the planet.”

  • drink the lemon water
  • spread happiness throughout the day!

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