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Fidel Castro and Malcolm X at the Hotel Theresa in Harlem on September 19, 1960. 

Castro was visiting New York City to address the United Nations. He had checked into the elite Shelburne hotel in Midtown but it allegedly demanded an exorbitant fee in hard cash. Tabloid newspapers fumed that Castro’s “uncouth primitives” had “killed, plucked, and cooked chickens in their rooms at the Shelburne and extinguished cigars on expensive carpets”.The president and his entourage of 50, almost all dressed in combat fatigues, were said to have considered sleeping in hammocks in Central Park and threatened to march to the UN and set up camp on the grounds.But Malcolm X and other civil rights leaders arranged for the Cubans to stay at the rundown Hotel Theresa in predominantly black Harlem. Malcolm X wrote in his autobiography that Castro “achieved a psychological coup over the US State Department when it confined him to Manhattan, never dreaming that he’d stay uptown in Harlem and make such an impression among the Negroes”.

“Castro’s first words were lost to us assembled around him,” the New York Citizen-Call reported. “But Malcolm heard him and answered, ‘Downtown for you, it was ice, uptown it is warm.’

“The Premier smiled appreciatively. ‘Aahh yes, we feel very warm here.’

“Then the Muslim leader, ever a militant, said, ‘I think you will find the people in Harlem are not so addicted to the propaganda they put out downtown.’

“In halting English, Dr Castro said, ‘I admire this. I have seen how it is possible for propaganda to make changes in people. Your people live here and are faced with this propaganda all the time and yet, they understand. This is very interesting.’

“’There are 20 million of us,’ said Malcolm X, ‘and we always understand.’”

Malcolm X was later quoted as saying Castro was the “only white person he ever liked”.

(via The Guardian)

100 Days of Trump Day 64: Fallout New Vegas

Edit: Of all the 100 Days of Trump i’ve done, this one has gotten the most response, I suspect because most Alt Rightists haven’t heard of anything I reference except Fallout New Vegas.  Also they keep saying its bullshit but can’t actually point to any specific fact to dispute because you know…morons 

Welcome Back to 100 Days of Trump, where I try to explain WTF happened in 2016 through 100 works of fiction, and I think we haven’t had quite enough video games in the last three days, lets talk fallout.  Now the Fallout series has a lot of depth, good characters, fun gameplay and interesting ideas so generally I recommend all of it….except Fallout 3….and Fallout 4….and Brotherhood of Steel…..Ok really just the first two games and this one, but the point is only New Vegas is really relevant to Trump, but play the first two if you like classic RPGs.

     So everybody knows that Fallout is a post nuclear world, but the premise of the…good games is that society collapsed…..nothing really changed.  People are exactly the same just with less fancy houses and and the sins of the Old World continue on to the future.  So ok, sounds like post Great Recession America, how is this about Trump?  Well FallOut New Vegas is about the player being trapped between three factions

 Caesar’s Legion, a violent reactionary sexist, racist, right wing militant extremist group who advocate racial supremacy, and a return to an idealized past that never existed.

The New Californian Republic, A bunch of corrupt moderates who couch their language in the ideals of democracy and progressive ideals but are duplicitous, warmongering, and have become increasingly sexist, racist, classist, and undemocratic but look good compared to the first group.

Mr. House, a completely amoral rich plutocrat whose utter selfishness and open hostility to submitting to any form of control are mixed with surprisingly progressive social policies and honest look at the problems.

    So New Vegas is an alternate universe if Bloomberg actually ran third party, and Trump wasn’t a complete idiot. 

Today though, I want to focus on Caesar’s Legion.  One of the themes of New Vegas is even though the US has been wiped out, everybody is clinging to symbols of the past, clinging to them out of context and justifying their actions by claiming continuity with the past.  The NCR claims to literally be the US goverment despite a century long gap between the fall of the US and the NCR’s founding, or the fact that it doesn’t use our constitution, or the fact that it is only located in California.  And its desire to seize control of all the American land means it prioritizes war over its citizen’s well being (stop me if this sounds familiar).  Mr. House is determined to preserve the culture of Las Vegas, or rather the way we imagine Las Vegas, with all of the actual realities of Vegas culture removed, its the city center without the city around it, forcibly preserved by an immortal dictator.  All the factions try to link themselves to a mystical past (a past we know is utterly whitewashed cause its our present), but the worst of them all, is Caesar’s Legion

    See, Edward Sallow was a history nut of the old world when he read about the Roman Empire, and sought to recreate it anew in post apocalyptic Nevada, arguing that since Rome is the foundation of Western Civilization, a return to true Western Greatness.  Wherever they go, they bring cultural purity, slavery, Roman era gender relations, and require absolute conformity to their way of life.  According to Caesar

“Pax Romana=It means a nationalist, imperialist, totalitarian, homo genius culture that obliterates the identity of every group it conquers.  Long term stability at all costs.  The individual has no value beyond his utility to the state, whether as an instrument of war or production”

But here is the thing, speaking as a big roman history nut…..THAT ISN’T TRUE.  Pax Romonus means “Roman Peace” and means just that, peace.  Rome was an Imperialistic, slave owning, genocidal empire that could be extraordinarily brutal, but guess what?  It wasn’t nationalistic, the Roman Empire was always borrowing ideas from other cultured cultures in order to improve their empire, it was extremely multicultural and interventionist.   I mean

   The Roman Navy was Carthaginian 

   The Roman Gods were Greek 

    Later they converted to a monotheistic Sect from Judea

    For a while they worshiped a Syrian god named Sol Invictus 

   Most of the Elites Spoke Greek

   The Roman Legionary Structure was influenced by the neighboring Samnites

   The roman Calvary was almost always Gallic, North Africa, German or Syria

    Trajan and Hadrien were Spanish

   The Severun dynasty was North African/Syrian (and btw the dynasty that most resembled New Vegas)

    The Ilyrian Emperors who saved rome from the Crisis of the Third Century AD, like Aurelian, Diocletion, Claudius Gothicus) were from the Balkans

  Constantine was Balkan/British

   Flavius Aetius (who defeated Atilla the Hun) was Scythian 

   Justinian and Belisarius weren’t Latin Roman

   Hell after a certain point, almost none of the Emperors are Roman any more, instead they are German, or Hunnic, Syrian or Raba, Spanish or African, Gaulic or Balkan, non Roman Italian, 

  In fact, one of the main reasons why Western Roman Empire fell is that it didn’t allow the various Gothic/Germanic strongmen to become Emperor in their own RIght.

    Rome was never a homogeneous unchanging culture, from Romulus to Constantine XI Roman is defined by its capacity to change and adapt, and its multi cultural empire gave it a lot of ideas to draw upon.  And when you look at White Nationalists today who fetishist Rome, it is a rome they don’t understand.    By the Way, that Hegelian view of history, that is believed by Steave Bannon. 

   Also…the transformation to dictatorship doesn’t go as Caesar claims, cause guess what?  Julius Caesar didn’t invade a foreign nation to become Emperor, he had a civil war with his own country.  And Augustus Caesar took pains to ensure that his Empire was a soft and nonthreatening as possible, the more authoritarian emperors like Septimius Severus were terrible rulers whose regimes fell into civil war and chaos.  

Also The Julians didn’t claim to be “Son of Mars” they claimed to be descended from Venus Goddess of Love, hence her role in the Aeneid.  

This is the foundation of the Roman Imperium, the Goddess of Love     

     Also Rome didn’t emerge out of a harsh brutal land to fight against the weak fat settled people, Rome emerged in Central Italy, a lush fertile climate.  Hell according to legend, Rome was founded by the refuse and exiles from all the surrounding societies, who came to Rome for a second chance and married Sabine women.  Honestly Caesar (the in game Caesar no real life, Julius Caesar) seems to be confusing Rome with Sparta, and which of those two civilizations conquered the known world?  I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t the one with the eugenics model.  It was the one with the independent aristocracy, and a Republic who did most of the conquest of Rome.  This is a map of Rome at its height 

and this is how much of that was taken by the Republic, not the empire

That is more than half, and a great deal of the remaining was conquered by Emperor Claudius, you know, this guy?

the one with the limp and the stammer and the twitch.  The Empire mostly fought Romans, it was the Republic that did the real conquering.  To say nothing of the road building.    

    And when the Legion tries to Cosplay as Real Rome, it never quite matches the true stories. 

   This stories resembles Roman propaganda, except…Rome rarely wiped out the entire population, in fact their empire was supported by a network of client kingdoms who betrayed their former rulers to side with Rome.  One of the most important pieces of Roman rule that if you surrendered, you were treated fairly, if you fought a bit and then surrendered, you were treated well.  If you fought to the death, stuck to your principles as Vulpes implies, then you were wiped out.  Just ask the Jews at Masada how Rome respects those who fight to the last.  

    So we have a violent, militant, reactionary culture fetishistic a past that never truly existed and they don’t seem to understand to justify extreme racism, violence, and horrifying sexism in order to fight against a corrupt hypocritical but far less awful democratic regime.  Sound Familiar

oh…..well that too but also this 

   Those who idealize history are always those who understand it the least, and New Vegas for all its buggy often frustrating gameplay glory, understands what happens when history is co-opted by those who don’t understand it but wish to use the symbols of nostalgia to justify their own atrocities.  Isn’t that Right Ulysses, so named after the man who traveled the ocean for 10 year trying to find home and then freed all the Slave?

Edit: I also want to talk about this real quick

Yeah that whole “War is great for its own sake” macho bullshit?  The Romans weren’t so into that, they were much more into “Hey, work for us, and you can keep all your stuff”  There is a reason why all of the ancient rome spoke of Roman Treachery.  

    The Pax was about law and order, not about conquest and survival of the fittest, I mean the entire point of the Aenied is rejecting the Illiad’s macho warrior culture mentality

the impression im getting that some of the people twitter that are getting defensive over slavery dont actually come from families that practice it (bc then they wouldnt be calling it “slavery”) reminds me of this passage from aijaz ahmad where he says one of the origins of cultural nationalism is the “professional petty bourgeoisie’s penchant for representing its own cultural practices and aspirations, virtually by embodying them as so many emblems of a unified national culture” and at first i kinda just glossed over how he says “petty bourgeoisie” and also “aspirations” but tbh now that i think about it a lot of times this dynamic of romanticizing and defending the “cultural authenticity” of the upper-class doesnt come from people that are at the tip top of society but like more middle class folk.

 like if youre actually rich and you have a bunch of ‘servants’ whose family has lived on your family’s property for generations and their payment is mainly in the form of you providing them with ‘food and shelter’ (with “wages” that are basically just a minimal allowance)  you dont necessarily need to write some nonesense about how this is a sacred and culturally authentic practice to justify its existence like it justifies itself mainly out of the utility it provides you and your rich family. but if youre some more middle-class person that is removed from that context but subscribes to a cultural-nationalist ideology the way youll justify shit thats specific to a status you hope to one-day obtain is by invoking a more ‘top-down’ idealogical approach about authenticity and whatever

  • Liberal: Indigenous cultures need to be preserved. This is a rich heritage that's being wiped away by Western culture!
  • European Nationalist: European cultures need to be preserved. Our rich heritage is being wiped away by multiculturalism.
  • Liberal: Don't be racist! Cultures die and change all the time. You just hate POC.

a tiny little information: if my love for my country, my appreciation of tradition, and my devotion to All Things Slavic misguided you into believing I’ll adore and agree with your nationalist, white pride, or in any way heavily right-wing blog, then from the deepest part of my slavic heart: fuck you.

Tfw you wanna be a “good ally” and think you should “play it safe” by defaulting to the most hardline views on cultural appropriation and suddenly you’re a reactionary cultural nationalist

if we’re going to be marxists at all then that means all of class society everywhere is up for critique and opposition. cultural nationalist arguments that non-western class society is too sacred for critique is anticommunist and anti-liberation at the end of the day.


Some choice quotes from the independent article about Peter Cvjetanovic and some quotes from him directly:

A student pictured chanting white nationalist slogans during a neo-nazi rally in Charlottesville has spoken out to insist he is not “an angry racist".

“I came to this march for the message that white European culture has a right to be here just like every other culture,” 

“Robert E Lee [a top general for Confederate forces during the American Civil War] is a great example of that. He wasn’t a perfect man, but I want to honour and respect what he stood for during his time.”

“As a white nationalist, I care for all people. We all deserve a future for our children and for our culture. White nationalists aren’t all hateful; we just want to preserve what we have.”

I fucking lost it at the last one, he chants Nazi slogans, identifies as a white nationalist and says he cares about everyone and doesn’t get why he’s being called a racist.
Donald Trump represents not so much the conservatism of his voters accustomed to voting for the party he opportunistically commandeered for his self-promotion tour, but an alt-right cultural and ethnic nationalist movement in his image. He is shifting politics away from the fiscal policy of Republicans of the recent past to an identity politics inspired by social exclusivity. Conservatives may not be authoritatively racist but they have embraced one, and one that bragged about using his celebrity to be a creepy, old rapey man. Somehow those aren’t deal breakers, and it’s not even Trump’s fault, it’s the entire Republican Party’s fault for enabling him, a guy who fucking lies about his wealth and then sues anyone who jokes about it, and loses.
—  Levi Olson

anonymous asked:

i agree with the destruction of the US and the sovereignty of chicanx/native americans/black people etc over different portions of the land but practically speaking where all the white amerikans gonna go tho? place is gonna look pretty sparse

We aren’t gonna just kick out or genocide all the white people. TBH this whole (not just this ask, but reactions towards decolonization/de-settlerization by other white socialists generally) worry about “what will happen to white people” is rooted in a settler fear that what ya’ll did to our people is gonna come home to roost. While there have been some proposals for something like this in more cultural nationalist circles, its mostly just talk and not taken seriously by most people or revolutionaries. We can, and have to, solve the contradiction of colonizer and colonized without falling into cultural nationalism that just blames white people for everything, not digging into the system of capitalist-imperialism which is the basis for white supremacy and patriarchy. Anti-colonial revolution in our era (the era of neocolonialism) requires socialism, revolutionary nationalism, and materialist/proletarian feminism.

I’ve never met another revolutionary nationalist or anti-colonial communist who wants to ship all the white people back to Europe. I mean really, thats impractical as hell and resolves the contradiction of colonizer and colonized in a very antagonistic way that won’t work as cleanly (if you can even call it clean lol) as it did in other peripheral and see-peripheral nations in the period of decolonization last century (broadly, 1945-1980)

I believe that for proletarian revolution to succeed in the United States we need a multinational communist political party that is explicitly against white supremacy and recognizes the need for the self-determination (up to and including secession) of all oppressed nations within the US. Few communist parties have historically recognized this. This means that white cadres should be wholly against that they have a sovereign nation that has a right to exist on this continent, in a sense a form of “class suicide”. In fact, the liberation of oppressed internal colonies and de-settlerization is the only way for the proletariat of the settler nation to find liberation.

More practically, an official body of the former US would also probably need to exist for a short while for the purpose of paying reparations. In addition I expect, many Euro-Americans of more right-wing political stances would leave the country of their own will once anti-colonial revolution kicks off. Those who stay and are committed to the revolution and self-determination of oppressed nations would likely work in a sort of bi-national governance (set up in such a way that the interests of settlers are never given primacy over the interests of the proletariat and oppressed nations) as long as they are committed to anti-colonial socialism and practically working to bring reparations to oppressed nations. I think Maoism plays a huge role in this with Cultural Revolution, an education system centered on a de-colonial and communist worldview, mass cultural campaigns for the former colonized. We should also recognize that the US is already, to a certain extent, de-settlerizing. The white population is shrinking as immigration and migration from other countries combines with a high birth rate and the lack of legal segregation characteristic of colonial periods. The neocolonial era we live in retains the national oppression of chicanos, new afrikans, boricua, indigenous people, but it also due to its lack of more openly colonialist policies, there is “multiculturalism” and the basis of a full uprising against neocolonial capitalism in its entirety, lead by the joint leadership of all oppressed nations.

The thing about anti-colonial politics that throws people off is it shifts the focus. White people aren’t at the center. Men aren’t at the center. It focuses on those facing imperialist exploitation, and their struggle to throw off and break those chains. What happens to the exploiters and colonizers in this historical moment is not a question we can answer statically and forever, but one for the historical struggle to determine.

i remember when ppl said i was wrong to say “cultural nationalist” bc some of the ppl on this site that hate me are mixed so they cant be “nationalists” and its like r u fucking serious right now

i think its funny how that person cited Zoroastrianism as an example of a “closed-off, ethnic religion” because there are actually debates in the Zoroastrian community between reformists who wish to openly accept converts and possibly even engage in proselytization, moderate conservatives who usually only accept conversion in cases of non-Zoroastrian spouses and staunch traditionalists who categorically reject all conversions . All sides have their own theological and social reasons for believing the stance they do. But of course for a ethno-cultural nationalist that isnt even Zoroastrian only one of those can be taken to be “authentic”

this post will probably self destruct but here are some tentative thoughts: (actually i decided not to destroy it because its a decent formulation of my thoughts)

so basically what i think is going on is this: 

alex tizon is not a hero, he was complicit in something very evil and his way of dealing with it wasn’t admirable. i think he wrote the essay knowing this. in fact the essay is an exploration of his own guilt. the essay is a story of his guilt. if he didn’t wan’t to call it slavery he had a wealth of vocabulary for doing so both in english and in tagalog, but he chose to use the word ‘slave’, because slavery is what it is.

the practice ought to be abolished, but it is kept alive by complex cultural problems 

i think some people are responding to it the way they are because they experience the same problems, so they’re trying to have a dialogue about the cultural problems that keep it alive. 

i think there’s actually two discussions going on on twitter that I think are overlapping and being mistaken for each other

there’s the former i just mentioned, who are being misunderstood as the latter, especially that one person who was almost sold by their grandmother to the mafia so they relate in that way. I see a lot of people expressing pain about having to be silent about and complicit in their family’s wrongdoings because of familial piety culture

and then there’s the people excusing the slavery because it’s not western, and dismissing western condemnation of the slavery because the criticism is western, which is a pretty terrible cultural nationalist take on this whole matter that I won’t stand for at all.

i have a lot of complicated thoughts on this whole matter and i’m worried of being misunderstood.