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Model Teddy Quinlivan comes out as transgender
She felt “a great sense of urgency” to speak out in America's current climate.

Model Teddy Quinlivan came out this week as a transgender woman, saying the current political climate inspired her to be public about her gender identity.

Now 23, Teddy says she began her transition at age 16, but has been presenting as a cisgender woman in the fashion world for fear of hurting her career. But a growing number of transgender models have paved the way for inclusion and acceptance in the industry, and she felt the time was right.

The 23-year-old Massachusetts native, who also walked for the likes of Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg this week, said she felt “a great sense of urgency” given a recent spate of anti-trans violence, as well as the various ways in which President Donald Trump’s administration has rolled back rights for transgender Americans.

“We made an amazing progression under the Obama administration, and since the new administration took office there’s been a kind of backlash,” she said. “There’s been violence against transgender people ― particularly transgender women of color ― since before I even knew what transgender was. I’m very fortunate to be in [a] position [that] I never really thought I would be. It’s really important to take advantage of a time like this.” […]

“I think one of the ways we can help people in the trans community is to give them a platform,” she told CNN. “The fashion industry dictates what’s in fashion, what’s cool, what’s acceptable. It’s not just about who’s walking fashion shows … it’s about who’s on every newsstand in the country.”

Congratulations and thank you for this important moment, Teddy. 


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