cultural intergration

Not my place in the Tumblr world, but I'm giving my perspective from a cultural enthusiast.

Just FYI, when you say white people can’t do anything that’s not within their “culture”, you look just as ignorant as the naked girl posing with a war bonnet. The key to cultural integration is understanding and coming together. Understanding why a group of people wear certain garments, eating certain foods, speak in a certain way. This is where ignorance comes in. By disregarding the history, the stories behind what these things mean, we lose a piece of meaning.

It’s just not as simple as saying, “You can’t wear this bindi, it’s not in your culture.” Why? Because it’s just encouraging further separation between the people in this world. Instead we should be saying things, “Do you understand why bindi’s are worn? Do you know what they symbolize. Can you evaluate yourself in the way that shows you are wearing a cultural piece in the way that is meant to be worn?”. Everybody who knows me knows that I am 999.9% all about coming together as a people. I hate ignorance and just plain flat out asshole-ness as much as the next person.

Now, silly ‘ol me on Tumblr tries not to judge everybody who seems to pass by (no matter how hard that may be..), but I stand by the fact that I can’t judge a person’s story by just one picture. Maybe they found Hinduism in a way that other’s may find Christianity. Maybe they are just interested in what it stands for, not necessarily how it looks. The point I’m trying to get at, is the we shouldn’t automatically judge a person because they are  X race, doing things that only X race should do.

Of course, those reading this may ask, “WHY are you writing this though? You must not have a full grasp on this..”, and you know what. I probably do not. I just can’t help but make a comment that shaming a whole race, and trying to be the sole person that decides what is appreciation/appropriation get’s a little out of hand sometimes. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with taking park in another culture, I actually encourage it. Learn about people. Learn about traditions, because without that, you’re stuck in the ignorant bubble that many people tend to get trapped in.

I say this all because I’m set to go to South Korea next summer, to study the language deeply so I can enter one of the SKY universities for cultural studies and to further my Korean skill. Being a person with these kinds of interests (i.e. other cultures, countries, and languages) while also being white (as I tend to gravitate towards languages such as Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese), I’ve heard a lot from various different races that I should just 'stick to my own languages’. These separation barriers aren’t going to make the world any better. Telling people what they can and can’t practice or wear solely because of their race isn’t going to make the world any better. Wearing something from a culture with thousands of years of history without understanding why it even exists in the first place is not going to make the world any better.

I just feel like there are so many things wrong within this world of cultures that we should pay attention to. Like how 'BAD ENGLISH’ is something to be mocked upon in North America or the UK. People with foreign accents are just in our media for comic relief. Or maybe how certain cultures are portrayed only in the stereotypical sense in children shows with audiences of kids as young as 3 years old. Why aren’t people talking about these issues? This needs to be a thing on tumblr.

This is just me wandering around on Tumblr, don’t mind me. These are just my opinions and that can’t be changed. I’m 100% responsible for any spelling mistakes within this post, as I tend to write too fast and not pay attention to any of my writing.

Excuse me for this,

but can I just say that I’m now done with terms like “weeaboo” or “Koreaboo”? 

I mean it’s one thing if you are 24/7 talking about this, and outwardly expressing how superior a group of people are, but just because somebody shows an interest in Korean culture/language, does NOT…let me say that again… NOT make them a ‘wannabe’.

White people learning a language that many Non-white people speak =/= being a wannabe.

Learning and writing in a language other than your native language =/= being a wannabe.

Wanting to live in another country =/= being a wannabe.

Cultural intermixing is a GOOD thing in today’s age, and we shouldn’t be discouraging it. Being open to other cultures, learning and being interested in another language is a GOOD thing. Wanting to experience a different society is..again..a GOOD thing. 

I’d rather there be a group of 15 'weeaboos’ or 'koreaboos’ who say good things about the culture/language/people, than see just one ignorant person who says stupid shit like “All gooks are communists” or “Japs deserve to die”.

But in the end, somebody is going to disregard my post. Why? Because this is my ONE tumblr for Korean/Japanese idols. So somebody is just going to pass me off as one of those. Would you also like my tumblr on the funny stuff I find here? How about my tumblr on Gyaru fashion? My tumblr where I update with the latest movies I’ve watched? My tumblr where I translate my favorite Japanese actress’s blogs? Yeah, let’s just stop judging people based on what they are interested in , okay? 

sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, i tend to type fast and not pay attention.