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To our beloved ELF ♥

Salute! it’s Sergeant Lee Hyukjae. Heoheohoe I said Sergeant… I’m a Sergeant. Can everyone believe that? The time when I was cutely wearing onto the private first class badge it seemed like it was yesterday but I’ve now filled all the levels of army service ribbon and when I pose with it, its not a joke. I’ve even have a squad  leader badge on my shoulders because I was the squad commander!!! Heoheo anyway is everyone  doing well? It’s been a looooong time since I wrote a letter. Did you guys wait for a long time? The day has cleared up and the weather has become better so would you even have thought of me while you run around playing outside all the time? I know very well that everyone is going around playing because you are excited. Well it’s okay. I can understand. While you can still play, play to your hearts content now, When the Summer comes, everyone has to regain your senses and work faithfully for you regular job. I’m also slowly preparing to meet our ELF now. I’ve been washing well so I won’t look like someone in my 30s, taking care of my skin and exercising hard so I will have the stamina to run around all night during Sushow and I’ve  also been reading lots of book so that I can become smarter and make high level jokes when we meet guys… I’ll be preparing this and that. The most important thing is the preparation for out comeback album!!! In order not to disappoint our ELF who has waited for a long time, I’ve been worrying again and again so I will gift you guys good music and performance as a present!! No but even if it is not so. I’ve actually really had a lot of worried. What kind of posture and image should we prepare to come out with over what ELF wants, we want and the general public wants… in the end, after worrying an d worrying, I’ve started to feel uneasy and several thoughts became complicated but the conclusion in my heart even just for a little but!!… I will tell you guys next time. I really miss our ELF. Because you guys have worn the the rubber shoes for such a long time, your feet should smell of rubber… but now you guys have to wear the rubber shoes again for Kyuhyunnie…. sigh you guys have had  a hard time. but well what can we do? We have many people.. I will register you guys as rubber cultural assets. Hang on just for a little bit more!! Hang on!! Just in a while more, D&E and D&E Company CEO will be coming back so I hope you will spend everyday enjoyably. Because it’s Summer, don’t eat much cold stuff and be careful not to get food poisoning and a cold. Because you guys are old now, you guys can’t just eat everything like before. Just don’t be sick please!! Also, because it is getting warm, you can take this chance and shave your head bald. I love you our ELF ♥

2017.05.20 Sergeant Lee Hyukjae ©

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Korotan D - English Translation of Chapter 5 

Here’s all 15 pages of chapter 5! It’s quite a bit to read, this time ^^; 

Things take a dire turn in this chapter, so we get to see Fuwa put her Katsuragi Yako-esque deductive abilities to use, while Isogai, Megu, and Karma use their leadership skills to mobilize the class. Athletic students like Okano and Kimura get a chance to shine as well. Also, as you can see in the picture above, Class E finds one of Korosensei’s houses!

I apologize in advance for the ending, though…

Chapter 5: Thief Time 

The next day, while Terasaka was taking a breather after he had finished carrying all the lighting equipment early in the morning, he noticed several people with an imposing atmosphere. One held a duralumin* case, while another was surveying the surrounding area. Furthermore, behind them was a monk wearing brilliant orange robes.  

Nathonni fidgeted restlessly as he waited for the three to approach.

“So you’ve come at last. Please, allow us to see it.”

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Interior of Chaya (茶屋) - a traditional Japanese Tea House at Higashi Chaya District (ひがし茶屋街) in Kanazawa (金沢), Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Chaya (茶屋), a traditional Japanese tea house, is a place of dinning, party and show entertainment, where geisha performs musical instruments and dancing for guests. Chaya houses are special designed traditional Japanese-style two-story architectures. The rows of this historical tea houses in Higashi Chaya District have been designated as Japan’s historic sites and precious cultural assets. There are many restaurants, tea houses, and souvenir shops for tourists, and guide tours for introducing and sightseeing inside of those tea houses.

“The gods, then, says [Wole] Soyinka [Myth, Literature and the African World], were made by human beings. And he quotes from the Yoruba instructions (proverbs) to support the statement… The quotation has echoes in other African languages. Here again what we have is not a linear, unidirectional relationship, but a reversible cycle.”

“Human beings make gods; the gods reciprocate by helping beings become more human. This may sound mystifying, but only to readers who forget Soyinka’s explanation of the African attitude to gods and spirits. According to this explanation, the gods are ideas and ideals [in its absolute perfection] clothed in mythic form. That there are persons ready to take the mythic forms for fact is only natural, just as the existence of persons who see through myths and know that at the origin of every myth lies human ideation [To conceive mental images].The African universe of thought is inclusive; it contains the believer, the agnostic, and the atheist.”

“This ought under normal circumstances to be a truism, but the point Soyinka makes so forcefully is that in the anti-African intellectual universe created by Europe in its time of dominance, it is not. The Western, European world propagates its own cultural and intellectual reference points. The Arabic world pushes its own worldview. The Chinese and the Japanese have their own gods and myths—their own ideas and ideals around which they organize their world. But in the still colonized world that is intellectual Africa today, colonized minds have not only remained ignorant of the best cultural reference points created by the African people throughout the millennia; they have grown actively hostile to the very idea of recognizing, studying, possessing and developing those cultural assets

Ayi Kwei Armah
“Remembering the Dismembered Continent” Page 70

The Signs as Bangtan Quotes

from non-title tracks. let me know if you want one with only title tracks!! 

 Aries: “A little sense of liberation, a little sense of regret; a little sense of hostility towards this world that’s strange to me.“ -어른아이, BTS

Taurus: “I was too shy to become your sun, so I became a cold moon.” -이불킥, BTS

Gemini: “When in love, be passionate. When you’re singing, make it prickly, passionate and prickly.” -INTRO: SKOOL LUV AFFAIR, BTS

Cancer: “I’m ready to be cut by your rose-like embrace, as I hold you again.” -잡아줘 (Hold Me Tight), BTS

Leo: "Moss surely grows on a stone that doesn’t roll. If you can’t return, go straight through your mistakes and forget them all.“ -INTRO: NEVERMIND, BTS

Virgo: "That’s the only thing money can’t buy; the dreams are free size, aim to the vast skies.” -The Stars, BTS

Libra: “It’s like a wind that gently strokes me. It’s like a dust that gently drifts along; you’re there but for some reason, I can’t reach you. Stop; you, who’s like a dream is a butterfly high to me.” -BUTTERFLY, BTS

Scorpio: “It was all beautiful, right, our path, but they’ve all faded; dry leaves come down like tears. The wind blows and everything grows apart all day, the rain is falling and you’re shattering. Until the very last leaf– you.” -고엽, BTS

Sagittarius: “My mother said the sea is blue; she said to let out your voice as far as you can. But what to do, it’s so dark and, there are only different whales
speaking entirely different words.” -WHALIEN 52, BTS

Capricorn: “I just shout out-loud to the world that everything’s gonna be alright. But the world gives me fear, then just stop; thoughts fill my head and instead of the ball, I throw my future. Because of the other’s standard of success, my worries spread like cancer again, god damn it.” -INTRO: 화양연화, BTS

Aquarius: “If the standard of beauty is sea you are the deep sea itself. A mini cultural asset that should be taken care of on a national level.” -호르몬 전쟁, BTS

Pisces: “When I feel like I’m forgetting myself, in that place I find my old self
(I) remember everything, even your smell– you’re my summer autumn
winter and every spring.” -MA CITY, BTS


BTS Festa 2017
‘What About Me? (이력서)’ [110617]

((Photo 1))
Name: Min Suga
Birthdate: 93.03.09
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Making Music
Hobby: Lying down
Notable achievements: Breathing for 25 years straight
Preferred Computer Softwares: Cubase
Typing Speed: 500 syllables per minute
Certification: Class C drivers licence, 2nd grade - Word Processor, Government-recognized human cultural asset in the art of lying down
Self-Skill Evaluation:
Art - 10/100
Sport - 50/100
Lyrics - 90/100
Memorization - 30/100

Daily food consumption: I eat whenever I’m hungry
Daily drink consumption: 4-5 cups of coffee

Notes: Has nice skin

((Photo 2))
Biting my nails
My motto: I am a genius
Movie that describes me: Scarface
My biggest charm point that beats no other is: Weak health
My perfect fatal flaw is: My bad memory
What I think about often nowadays: I’m so hungry

~What I Like~
Who I look up to:
My father
Sports: Basketball
Favorite Song: First Love
Snack: Coffee
Material of performing uniform: Cotton
Fashion Style: [Look at the picture that Suga drew] I like long sleeves

~What I Don’t Like~
I hate that winter is cold
When I don’t like myself: When I’m hungry
Most recent embarrassing moment: Don’t have any

((Photo 3))
Drawing of me growing up: [Look at Suga’s drawing]

~Relationship with members~
Jungkook thinks of me as:
A hyung
Jungkook to me is: The maknae
RapMonster thinks of me as: The second hyung
RapMonster to me is: The leader
V thinks of me as: A white person
V to me is: Full of charm
Jin thinks of me as: A dongsaeng
Jin to me is: The biggest hyung
J-Hope thinks of me as: My life saver
J-Hope to me is: J-Hope
Jimin thinks of me as: A hyung from Daegu
Jimin to me is: Busan tough guy

((Photo 4))
~Future goals~
Personal goal of 2017:
To produce and release a lot of songs
What is needed to achieve that goal: I need to write a lot of songs
What I want to do before I die: Become an amazing/respectable person
Something that I improved in comparison to last year: my age, my apetite
My biggest potential: To become older

((Photo 5))
~Personal Bragging Time~
I am a genius in everything.

MBTI personality test result: INFP
Accuracy: 0.5, half a star
The part of the test that explains / fits my personality well: In order to learn how to be consistent, start with the small things and then go from there.

I, Min Suga, as a member of BTS, recommend Genius Suga.

Confident about my salary!


Domestic URUSHI is known to have higher amounts of the important ingredient “urushiol” and be of higher quality. It also glossy and the coating is extremely tough and robust. It has also been used in a variety of buildings from the old days. URUSHI from Japan has been used for the repair of the cultural assets. However, rising prices and the reduction of URUSHI from Japan coninues, so the preservation of these cultural assets is difficult.

We are planting “URUSHI” trees along the plains of the “Minamisanriku Nagashimizu area” and along the coast that has been abandoned because of the Great East Japan Earthquake. By managing the growth in the plains rather than in the mountainous areas, an efficient reduction of effort is possible in cultivation. It takes 10 to 15 years to harvest lacquer. However, if we don’t try to solve this problem now, we will lose the art of culture. In the future, we hope to continue creating the design

and development of new products using URUSHI.


Tips and tricks for newcomers on university PR courses.

External image

This list is a combination of things I have found to be very important and things I have been told are important by wise owls I have met. 

  • Read.

Everything. Seriously. You have to have a third eye and know what is happening around you at all times, you have to have awareness of the latest news stories, adverts, marketing campaigns, bloggers, theories. It’s not like in school, you won’t be tested on them, but it’s useful when you’re coming up with something new, when you’re doing almost anything. Also read beyond everything on my list; read books. Public relations is largely based on writing and your ability to sound coherent, persuasive and legitimate – develop your vocabulary and your overall relationship with words. It will be your bread and butter one day.

  • Write.

If you already like writing and do it as a hobby – great! If not, you might want to find a way or an outlet which keeps you writing on a regular basis. For me, I have always written things and I have endless files on my computer of thoughts, unfinished books, autobiographies and memoirs. I also have this blog and I use it as something to show potential employers to showcase my writing, my thinking and my involvement in what I do. I also have friends who write about things unrelated to PR – one friend writes about games, another writes about sex and relationships, and another keeps what is essentially an online diary. Just write and be creative.

  • Read the websites and blogs.

Make sure you know what is happening in the industry and familiarize yourself with the things that are considered news in PR – so, read PR News, PR Week. Read public relations blogs by students and professionals. Not everything may be understandable at first, but you will get there and learn to speak the industry’s language – huge advantage also when writing your assignments.

  • Don’t be naïve.

Public relations is not easy, it is not a walk in the park and you will not have standard hours. I think anyone starting out on the course should really explore the basics and the way the industry works because you still have time to change your mind. I find, looking around at my course peers, you either have it or you don’t. It’s not all glamorous events and schmoozing, it’s a lot of long hours and a lot of dedication.

  • Identify what you enjoy most and become an expert.

During the first year you’re usually thrown a lot of theory and basics, however these truly are the basics and it’s important for you to see what you really enjoy, read up on it and use it in everything you do. For me this was persuasive techniques and psychology. I loved it and now every time I look at any advertisement or campaign I know exactly what they are doing, but I also know what to do when asked to create something.

  • Do your work.

If you fall behind in first year, you will not understand why certain things are happening in second year. Basics really are the foundation and you have to know them.

  • Look for work experience now.

Yes, you have just started, but now is the time. Do not wait until you are all assembled and told “If you don’t have work experience yet, now is the last minute”. Do it early, do it regularly and you will have a huge advantage over everyone competing with you. You don’t have to do it for months and months; intern for a week. Just make sure you’re not being asked to bring coffee – you want to learn. Large companies will most likely not give you these learning opportunities right off the bat because they don’t have the time to teach you everything so start with smaller agencies.

  • Dream big.

Do it. Having your ambitions clear and your future goals set, even 10 years from now on will keep you going and doing your best. It’s not an easy course and it won’t be an easy job. Grow that tough skin.

  • Master social media.

For obvious reasons.

  • Network!!

Get a LinkedIn account and use it to connect with professionals you meet or just university peers. Build a network of people you can refer to if you need something. Knowing people in the industry is key now and later, as well as knowing people in other industries who may be able to help you in the future. You want your name out there and this is very important.

  • Get international experience.

If possible. I don’t mean go to Ibiza or Cancun and go on a bender for a week, I mean explore cultures, get to know people, learn languages. Public relations takes place all over the world and companies and agencies have offices everywhere nowadays. Being able to live somewhere else and tailor communications to other cultures are a huge asset.

Those I think are the very important ones. Some others include:

  • Develop your creativity
  • Learn to enjoy coffee
  • Enjoy being driven and work hard – it’s what sets the successful ones apart from everyone else
  • Get good grades – employers will care about all your grades, starting in first year
  • Don’t forget you’re working towards being responsible for someone else’s reputation one day, so be responsible with your reputation – treat yourself as if you were a brand
  • Reach out to PRPs on Twitter and talk to them – they want to hear what you have to say. Like one of their Tweets? Reply and tell them why!
  • Be a shark. Playing too nice won’t get you very far. 

This is my take on it and it might be completely different to others, but these things have gotten me far, but to be honest I have worked my butt off to be where I am now and it was totally worth it! :)

I hope you love your PR course and the field as much as I love it. Writing this has made me all giddy. …. glass offices and projects…

You can do it! 


Bare branches by Masako Ishida

location : Kyoto Ohara Shorin-in Temple,Kyoto city ,Kyoto prefeture,Japan

 京都 大原 勝林院

This is a temple of the Tendai sect,which was founded in 1013 by Jakugen,a disciple of En-nin,as a plac to practice Hogi Shomyo, which En-nin brought back from Tang Dynasty,China to Mt.Hiei. The temple later became the centre for the learning of Tendai-style Shomyo. Syomyo is one of the studies for Brahmans that originated in India,but it was sidely diffused in Japan as a chart of admiration for Buddha or as a prosody for reading the sutra,and had a great impact on Japanese music, including folk songs ,as well as on Buddhism. This is also a place famous for the “Ohara Mondo”, or Discussion at Ohara, during which Kenshin,a priest of the Tendai sect,invited Honen,the founder of ‘Pure Land’ Buddhism and had a discussion with him on the intent of prayer. According to legend, the Amitabha of the principal Buddha image proced the enlightenment or the masses by dispersing light from his hand during the discussion. As aresult,this principal image was called the “Amitabha of proof” The main temple accommodating the principal image and its bell tower are designated as a tangible cultural asset by Kyoto City. Moreover ,the temple bell made at the time of the foundation and the stone tower called Hokyointo located in the east of the temple are designated as important cultural assets by the government. - Kyoto City

I visit here very often..and try to take pictures of autumn leaves many times– It’s really amazing. I adore a stunning combination of green, yellow, and red leaves that really stand out. … However as for this place it might be better to wait till late winter, or, at least, after leaves have fallen so as to get a wide view and create great composition without being obstructed by the leafy branches.. , I think :)


Unpopular/Bad opinion- but people need to chill on using vitiligo overlays as an excuse to use black/brown/poc cultural assets on their basically white sims. Also I’m not targeting/calling out anyone specific- just a trend I’m seeing that I wish wouldn’t. Also I’m white as fuck so take what I say with a grain of salt.

TFLN -- Suga edition

(510): You think you’re the fucking Mozart of sexting.

If you hadn’t been waiting to hear from Yoongi all day, you probably wouldn’t have even bothered to check your phone when it buzzed.  You pick it up and swipe to look at the message, slightly puzzled when you read its contents.

From: SweetSyub ♥
Your front is the best, your back is the best.

Your phone vibrates again a few seconds later.

From: SweetSyub ♥
From head to toe, you’re the best.

And again.

From: SweetSyub ♥
If the standard of beauty is the sea, you’re the deep sea itself.  Your beauty is a cultural asset that needs to be taken care of on a national level.

You’re typing a reply when another text comes in and if you hadn’t been rolling your eyes before, you definitely were now.

From: SweetSyub ♥
My flexible tongue movements will send you to Hong Kong.


To: SweetSyub  ♥
Why are you sending me lyrics to your songs?

From: SweetSyub ♥
I’m trying to seduce you.

You laugh out loud and with a few taps on the screen you’re calling him, giggles still pouring from your lips when he answers.

“Really, Yoongi?”

“What?” he grumbles.  “I thought it was a good idea.”

“I’ve never seen such poetic sexts in my entire life.”

Yoongi sighs and you smile.

“You don’t have to try and seduce me, babe.  I’m already yours.”

Interior of traditional Japanese home built in 1878.  The home has been designated by Japan as a national designated important cultural asset in December 27, 1994. Photography by Omi Genji on photohito


Inside Toriyasa- A Restaurant Dating Back to 1788.  Toriyasa is a restaurant in Kyoto along the Kamogawa River that specializes in chicken dishes– particularly a kind of chicken hotpot called mizutaki. The restaurant dates back to 1788, during the second year of the long rule of Shogun Tokugawa Ienari. The first floor of the building also dates back to at least 1788, if not earlier. The restaurant’s architecture is really a treasure– so much so that the restaurant is listed as an Intangible Cultural Asset by the Japanese government.  May 24, 2015. Text and photography by Rekishi no Tabi on Flickr.  



A short explanation: “Eierkratzen” is the German term for the Croatian method of decorating Easter eggs and essentially what this report is about. Now the problem is that “Eier” (eggs) is also a German slang term for “testicles”. (You say balls, we say eggs.) And “kratzen” means “to scratch”. You see where this is going, don’t you?

Here’s the sentence that finally cracked her up:

“Und wenn man wirklich aktive Eierkratzerinnen sucht, ist die Auswahl sehr klein.” = “And if you really look for active (female) ‘egg scratchers’ the number to choose from is very small.” Before that she already talked about “Eierkratzen” as cultural asset.