A Note on Cultural Appropriation

If you’re not Native American, its not smudging its smoke cleansing.

If you’re not Native American, its not a spirit animal, it’s an animal guide, patronus or daemon. (And no it’s not a totem animal either.)

If youre not African American or Afro-Carribean, it’s not a voodoo doll it’s a poppet.

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.

Being able to roll your eyes at the term “cultural appropriation” is a sign of privilege. You think everyone should just do what they want right? Because you’ve never been ridiculed or shamed for your traditions, culture, features, and appearance while at the same time seeing others copy or take those traditions, culture, features, and appearance and be praised for “starting trends” or “being edgy”. Keep that in mind next time you wanna throw a temper tantrum because a black girl told you you shouldn’t wear dreads.

honestly tho this is why i hate white ppl who practice vodou voodoo or santeria cuz its like ur stealing my culture that u made impossible for me to access

like i personally dont agree with “if ur called to it regardless of race u should go get involved” bcuz its like

no u should spiritually suffer for something u denied to me and my kin

u should have to make sacrifices for the fact that ur ppl not only tried to destroy these religions but also
commodified them once u saw u could

u dont get to be happy spiritually when the rest of us have to make due with blog posts and occasionally finding an affirming book


If you are not Native American, dreamcatchers are not yours to use.

They aren’t yours to make or imitate or alter. They are not yours to sell.

You CAN buy or receive one from a Native person.

Native culture and traditions are not yours unless you ARE Native.


A pissed off Ojibwa woman