cultural appropriation

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You know, I actually wanted to learn how to cook Japanese style dishes for a long time, and seeing people on this website saying that cooking other culture's dishes is offensive makes me wanna make a cooking blog where I post myself preparing the food just to see how many people tell me to kill myself

Being able to cook is awesome (disclaimer: I cannot cook, though my girlfriend taught me how to fry an egg). I think that while you may encounter some people like that, you’ll also encounter a lot of people who are supportive of you and enjoy your blog too, just like I did :-)

Cultural appropriation

I may not have a popular opinion here but it seems a bit to me like ‘cultural appropriation’ translates to 'If you or someone from your culture didn’t do it first, don’t do it at all’. For instance, I’m black but if I see someone who’s white and has dreadlocks, I think to myself good for you- they like the hairstyle so much they want to have it on their own head. If anything, it’s helping integrate different cultures and is a step forward. Surely it’s a positive thing?! I have a weave, my hair looks completely straight (There’s no way naturally my hairs ever going to grow like this). Maybe everyone with a weave should have white girls shouting at them similar to how I have seen black girls shouting at white girls about dreadlocks.

Tory Burch recently had their ad removed because of Poppy Delevigne and two other girls who we’re black were dancing to JuJu on that beat. Like how ridiculous, anyone can fucking dance to that, people don’t make music to exclude people. Ask the rappers and I think they would say they want everyone to dance to it and enjoy it, wanna know why? Because that’s how artists make fucking money.

I don’t want to go on too much of a rant BUT if people enjoy things from other cultures, I think it’s a positive thing and people should encourage it.

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The discourse w/the porn blog is dumb af, like why tf you up in here upset about appropriation when you can't give receipts? Im not sayin it doesnt happen cause im latina and im SO SICK of seeing white girls tagging themselves as bruja, but at least i know what tf i'm mad about and why. then you go an claim to not believe in witchcraft or magic?? this person is literally starting discourse for the sake of discourse and if they actually that salty blacklisting exists for a reason...

I agree. I really do believe that what they are trying to say comes from a real point of concern, but what they are saying is…wrong? 

Witchcraft does not belong to POC. Witchcraft did not solely originate from POC. White people can practice witchcraft, and doing so is not cultural appropriation. If a white person practices Voodoo, or Santeria, or some other closed religion, they are reprimanded and to be honest, usually attacked for doing so, because we KNOW these things are wrong. We know they are not open to us. I don’t think that you can understand or even take part in discourse for the witchcraft community when you don’t even believe in it???

And like you said, no receipts whatsoever. Like, give me examples of this actually happening and I would be glad to back off and say you’re right I’m wrong, but….you’re wrong. 

“I am Native American from the Omaha tribe in Nebraska. My Indian name means ‘shooting star.’ I wish the world knew that we do still exist. And, no, we don’t all live in tepees. When I see people in headdresses or Native American accessories, I feel disrespected. They don’t know the meaning behind it, how we wear it, or what we do to earn it. This is a real eagle feather. It doesn’t just fall off an eagle and someone says, ‘Oh, here — it’s yours.’ You have to earn it in my culture. I feel powerful when I wear it, more confident, and more connected to my ethnicity. I’ve never been embarrassed about being Native American. I take pride in it. I love how spiritual we are — it’s like we’re in tune with the Earth and the universe. I know there’s no other culture out there like mine.”

Daunnette Reyome

As much as I loved Moana, I have to remind myself that Polynesians likely feel about it how I, as an Eastern Asian, feel about Avatar: the Last Airbender. As much as I adore atla, I always end up taking a moment to sit back and go “Ah, that cultural hodgepodge…..” 

It always strikes me that non-Asians probably would only see one culture in the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom whereas I see several in any given scene. That being said, please keep in mind that Disney took elements of several Polynesian cultures and thrust them together in this movie. Take a moment to use Moana as an opportunity to do proper research and genuinely learn about different cultures.

A Note on Cultural Appropriation

If you’re not Native American, its not smudging its smoke cleansing.

If you’re not Native American, its not a spirit animal, it’s an animal guide, patronus or daemon. (And no it’s not a totem animal either.)

If youre not African American or Afro-Carribean, it’s not a voodoo doll it’s a poppet.

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.