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Since this blog reminds me of yeeem, I wonder how it would go if a Space Pirate met a Sangheili. Probably just worting and screeching and then a protracted war that ends in the Covenant collapsing again

then the planet got glassed the end

The Krayt Dragon’s Heart

An Explanation: Last night I was sketching some designs for a tattoo I want to get; the Unfettered symbol from Fialleril’s Tattooine Slave Culture inside the Rebel Alliance symbol, when I had the thought that the Rebel Alliance symbol kind of looks like a stylized dragon with the Unfettered symbol at its heart. Then this happened. I hope you like it and that I didn’t accidentally misrepresent anything…

This is the story of the First Unfettered child of Ar-Amu, and how the Krayt Dragon acquired a new heart.

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To Rule A Kingdom

TITLE: To Rule A Kingdom 


AUTHOR: inadequatelycontent

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Loki’s father decides to give him a chance so he tells him he must marry for the sake of an alliance. Odin sends him to your country where you are the crown prince(ss) and he has trouble adjusting to your differences in culture. Especially knowing that he can only be your spouse, and not a full king.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I was originally inspired by the above imagine, but i have decided to change it slightly to make things more interesting! Hope you enjoy! 

Chapter 1: Stand Down

Tensions were rising in the Kingdom of Asgard as whispers of a revolt against the royal family were being held by the common folk. It didn’t come out of the blue, nor was it a surprise to many who resided within the palace walls. If it were not for the glorious and beloved Queen Frigga, there was no doubt that the people of Asgard would have already made their move.

“Father, you are becoming old and spineless! Please allow for a successor,” Loki, the dark Prince pleaded with his father in the privacy of the royal office. For months now the youngest son of the King had been begging for his father to step down. It wasn’t a matter of pride anymore, this was a matter of life or death. If the people were to start their attacks upon his family Loki knew it would be only a matter of time before they reached the throne room and captured each of the royal members. The fear of being decapitated or exiled was strong among the residence of the palace and it angered Loki that his father wasn’t willing to pay heed to those around him.

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Stargate SG-1 meme: four quotes (4/4)

“The SGC may be the single most important human endeavor for the future of mankind.”  Jack O’Neill (quoting Daniel Jackson), Forever In a Day


Octa/via Blake. Last seen 3x01, holding her big brother’s hand lovingly. If seen, please deliver to the 100 writers without return stamp so they can’t pretend they lost her.

Note: be cautious you get the correct one. If any of the following apply it is not Octavia. Do not approach!

•appropriative tattoos/personality

•permanent emo phase

•talks about darkness and swords and angsty symbolism

•beats own brother

•asks for help then betrays brutally

•murders people (especially without cause, like, say, taunting and then beating them past death with a garden hoe)

•seven clan alliances, believes self to be in charge of all of them and know how their culture works

•family alliance duties amounting only to not killing them

•can’t go five minutes without needing another Murder Fix •obsession with death

•random, overly romanticized suicide attempt without anything beforehand to imply depression and a total lack of issues after

•sex with someone you tried to kill a few hours previous

•tries to be Aragorn with a cliff fall but is really just wormtongue

•literal garbage who doesn’t deserve the people who love(d) them

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Goblin radio dramas swept into popular Horde (and Alliance) culture after the events of the Siege of Orgrimmar. Initially a means of tracking the events of wartime, they became a necessity in the months afterwards. When the Legion arrived, the dramas were shelved for war correspondence to return. In times of relative calm, the radio dramas return to the airwaves of Azeroth to grace everyone with absurd tales of magnificent heroism. Why, a goblin death knight took out Helya last week!

How wonderful! Confirmed. Even the gnomes tune in– but they’ll never admit it. A few have tried to pitch a Gnomish radio drama to compete with the goblin one, but it never really took off. 

Fun Fact 112

The Visegrád Group is a cultural and political alliance of four Central European states: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The four countries have a long, shared history and common culture and the group is aimed at furthering cooperation between members. If counted as a single unit, the Visegrád Group is the sixth largest economy in Europe and 17th largest in the world despite only having a population of around 65 million.

Kiss me, Kate! SNL goes Gal on Gal

Pop ROC Pride: Your weekly LGBT Pop Culture update, fresh from Rochester, NY!

Fresh off her triumphant summer blockbuster as Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot showed off her comedy chops when she hosted this season’s second episode of Saturday Night Live. Throughout the show she was funny and intelligent, poised and professional.

One sketch that was especially amusing was when she was back in her role of Diana in Themyscira when two lesbians show up, looking for love. The ladies on the island don’t seem interested, even as the visitors wistfully watch two girls playfully tussle while fighting, but with no sexual undertones. (“It’s like we’re in a porn but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes!” Amy Bryant laments.) After a humours back and forth, Diana decides to kiss one of the lucky ladies in the hopes there’s a connection. She chooses to kiss real-life lesbian Kate McKinnon. It wasn’t just a quick peck, but it wasn’t obscene. It was fun and sexy. They part and sadly, Diana doesn’t feel it. The ladies depart, looking for better luck on the Isle of Lesbos.

The actresses all hit an absolute home run, playing with notions about lesbians without being offensive or too cliché. They weren’t experimenting to tantalize men. They did it because they wanted to. Besides, who wouldn’t want to kiss Gal Gadot?

Gal Gadot kissing Kate McKinnon

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Okay. Change of moods. I no longer want danny and raven to be a pairing but rather salty prince and princess that meet up every once in a while to talk about politics and cultures and alliances between the two realms over a cup of coffee while simultaneously bitching about having to defeat evil megalomaniac kings from taking over the world and now you're stuck doing their job

I feel I need this
And yet I still must ship it
Someone please send help

A haiku by me

Wacky Headcanon Wednesday: Alliance Public Radio

(I couldn’t decide on a single entry for the wacky Headcanon Wednesday round, so I’m probably going to have three, of which this is the first.)

(My apologies to those who aren’t familiar with American public radio, for whom this will probably be baffling and rather dull. The next ones should be a bit more generally accessible… I just couldn’t resist. :D )

Alliance Public Radio

Bringing you the best in news, culture, and entertainment from Earth to the edges of settled space—this is Alliance Public Radio!

Hovercar Talk

So what if 90% of hovercars are driven purely by automatic pilot, and basically 100% are so complex in their design and programming that they can only be repaired by proprietary diagnostic drones? Little details like that have never stopped anyone, and so millions still tune in to hear what to do if your engine starts to go cli-CLUNK cli-CLUNK WHRRRR cli-CLUNK. (”What you do is you explode,” Joker says, helpfully. EDI does not point out that he still tunes in every week.)

This Alliance Life

“Each week we choose a theme and give you a variety of stories on that theme. Today’s theme: We’re All Going To Die, Aren’t We? Tales from the edges of the Reaper War. Act One: True Blue, the story of a human woman desperately trying to send her asari daughter to safety on Thessia—and the asari immigration officer who bent all the rules to help her. Act Two: Good Cop, Good Kid, in which a turian C-Sec officer adopts a human orphan, and what the two learn about each other. Act Three: I For One Welcome Our Cuttlefish Overlords, an irreverent look at the disaster from comedian Mara Djan. Stay with us!”

The Splendid Dextro Table

It has long been the purview of public radio food shows to give elaborately mouthwatering descriptions of foods that you—to be perfectly blunt—will never actually be able to eat: because it costs $500 a pound, because the food stall is halfway up a mountain somewhere, because the restaurant is open for about five minutes on alternate Tuesdays. The Splendid Dextro Table takes this to its logical conclusion with its sumptuous stories on foods that 98% of listeners will never be able to eat, literally, because it would kill them. Hosted by the smooth-voiced turian gourmand Apiciam Teralanak, it features a human co-host who speaks eloquently on how good everything looks, and has a regular segment by Rhan’Vel vas Nedas reviewing new flavors of purified protein paste. (Tali listens to this and makes long lists of foods she wants to try if she can figure out how to sterilize them. Garrus tells her not to waste her time—”That Teralanak is just making up what he thinks the humans want to hear. You want really good turian food? I can show you where to find really good turian food.”)

Pledge Week

You didn’t think this would go away, did you? Pledge at least fifty credits, and we’ll send you this beautiful Views of Eden Prime mug. Pledge two hundred credits, and you’ll receive the complete audio broadcast of the smash hit APR exclusive, Elcor Romeo and Juliet. We depend on your support, so please, call now!

The Colony Home Companion

The highlight of this popular comedy and music variety show begins, “Well, it’s been a quiet week on Wobegon Colony, my home out there on the edge of the Terminus Systems,” a colony where “the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and all the children have biotic potential.” (Ashley rolls her eyes whenever this show is brought up, but if you play it when she’s around, you’ll notice her getting a lot of jokes that fly over the heads of spacers and those born on the homeworld.)

Fresh Air

Thanks to the highly sophisticated Terry Gross VI, Fresh Air has remained remarkably consistent over the past century and a half.

tbh i don’t really care about clarke and bellamy having some grand romance that eclipses everything else in the show with it’s passion and heartbreak

all i want is clarke and bellamy building their society, protecting and caring for their people, surviving, living, finding stability and purpose, making an impact on those around them and being the backbone of their community and determine their community’s future. i want my king and queen of the sky people, making the rules until the day they don’t have to, sacrificing everything and making the tough choices, becoming the leaders they maybe weren’t born to be, but were destined to become after falling from the sky.

i want the slowest of slow burns, one that lingers in the background of their arcs – both joint and individual. i want it to be so slow that the day bellamy kisses clarke while studying maps or the day when clarke sleepily tells bellamy that she loves him after helping deliver a baby that it isn’t a surprise – it’s an inevitability. the strength in these characters is their developments and their partnership – and that’s what i want to see from them, more than anything.

INDA by Sherwood Smith

Every once in a while you find a book that is so good that you go around telling every single person you know to read it. You give it to all your friends for every holiday. It’s so good that the moment you finish it, you read all three sequels and then you cry that it’s over. 

Inda is that book, the first in a series of four books by Sherwood Smith. It has everything: queerness, people of color, nuanced female characters, complex friendships, people with disabilities, and it’s all part of an astoundingly rich setting for a really good fantasy story. This book will rip out your heart and stomp on it. 

Inda is the son of an important and powerful prince. As the second son he is destined to inherit the protection of his fathers land, a military support to his older brother. All of that goes out the window, however, when all custom is broken by a summons from the king: all second sons of age from noble families are called to the royal martial camp to begin training, an honor normally reserved only for first sons. 

Inda and his peers are thrown into a world they never anticipated and must navigate an awkward and mysterious political situation while undergoing grueling training. Naturally, things begin to go horribly wrong and they must all learn that sometimes danger can come from closer to home than any of then anticipated. I can’t say much more than that without giving away some major spoilers, but let me try to advertise this book to you another way: 

  • Do you want characters of color? Practically everybody in Sartoran is dark-skinned. When you meet a fair-skinned person in the third book, everyone notices how unusual her color is. 
  • The women, of which there are many, all have deeply developed motivations and plots. The women have nuanced and complex relationships with each other. They have their own culture and political alliances and extremely important political and military roles which the men have no influence over. They literally train the main character to fight.
  • Do you want queer characters? The king of Sartoran is queer! Most people are expected to marry into a heterosexual alliance but queer relationships abound. Many married people openly have lovers, queer or straight, and it’s not a problem. Queer couples even raise children together! I won’t give away which major characters, but I’ll tell you that major POV characters are queer. 
  • Do you want complex and nuanced explorations of friendships, relationships, sexuality, and all the many ways they can be navigated without putting an overemphasis on romantic or sexual relationships? You got ‘em! Characters with disabilities? Smith is serving 'em up! What about a nuanced and sensitive characterization of PTSD? It’s right here!!

These books are also so much fun. There’s fighting and swashbuckling and politics and heart break and amazing friendship and betrayal and it’s not melodramatic at all. It’s just good. It’s so good. It might be the best adult fantasy I’ve ever read.

When you’re done, read the sequels: The Fox, The King’s Shield, and Treason’s Shore

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7 for bellarke please :)

fake relationship au

in sickness and in health (health being the less likely)

“You have to understand,” said the grizzled commander of the Rain Clan, which dwelt high up in the craggy peaks to the east of the sea, “you are asking us for an alliance against the Reapers.”

Clarke maintained her poker face as her hand pressed against Bellamy’s thigh under the negotiation table, a subtle warning for him to refrain from questioning the sentence’s strange emphasis.

“In our culture, alliances are sealed through marriage, usually between the children of the respective leaders,” the commander continued, giving Clarke a meaningful look.

“Um, I don’t have any kids yet,” she quickly pointed out.

“Yes, but I have a son your age,” said the commander. “He is only my third son, so I am perfectly willing to let him live with your people, should we choose to come to an agreement. He is a good hunter, a fine boy…”

Clarke was suddenly glad that she’d placed Bellamy under very strict orders to stand down, because the look of baffled fury on his face told her that he would have started throwing punches otherwise.

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Hm… one of my latest looks :) Was invited by cristiane sato to host a fashion show at the tradicional ‘Japan’s Festival’ here in Sao Paulo (Brazil). I really don’t remember what the balloon was saying, but it’s from the 'Brazil- Japan Cultural Alliance, one of the groups who organize the event ( yes, all the involved are japanese, japanese-brazilian or of japanese descent).

It’s an annual event dedicated to celebrate the japanese culture! Did you guys know that Brazil is the 2nd place in the world with the biggest number of japanese men and women right behind Japan?

p.s: yes, the dress is handmade and the flower crown too. Shoes are from Bodyline <3