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[SPOILER] PERSONA 5 CONVO : Sojiro Sakura vs. Protagonist

Host of a Talk Show – Because the bus was going the opposite way with passengers on it. And yet it is our public transportation. Us citizens can’t feel safe living like this.

Elderly Male Guest – That’s just terrible.

Elderly Female Guest – I wonder why these terrible things keep happening recently. Didn’t something like this happen a while ago, too?

Master – (Playing word puzzle)The hint to the vertical one is “the kind of shellfish which is cultivated to make pearls”. (sees Pego)…Oh, yeah.. they told me that you’d come today.

Elderly Male Guest – Thank you for your coffee. I’ll put the money on the table then.

Master – Thank you for coming.

Elderly Male Guest – This shop is located in a back alley. So at least we don’t have to worry about getting hit by cars.

Master – Get hit by cars?

Elderly Male Guest – You know, there were lots of strange accidents like vehicles went out of control or something. I’m just hoping that such accidents won’t happen around here.

Master – Well.. I’m not really interested in that kind of things.

Elderly Male Guest – Hahaha. See you next time then.

Master – (Murmurs)Ordered a coffee and sat there for 4 hours huh… so, what are you here for?

I need your assistance
> Where is Mr. Sakura? / Are you Mr.Sakura? 

Master - …Hmm. I am Sojiro Sakura. I’m going to take care of you for a year from now. I was thinking what kind of a bad kid it would be, so it’s you, huh. I don’t know if you heard, but one of my customer is a friend of your parents’… Oh well, come with me.

(They go upstairs to the attic room.)

Sojiro – This is your room. I’ll at least give you a bed sheet. You look like you have something to say, huh?

> This room is really big.
There are so many stuff in here.

Sojiro – Clean the room later by yourself. I will go home after closing the shop. So you’ll be here alone during night time. Don’t get yourself in trouble, otherwise I’ll throw you outta here. Get it? Well then… I heard about what happened to you. As I remember it was something like “You were protecting a woman who’s being harassed by a man and you got that man injured, so he sued you”, huh. Let me tell you something.. he sued you because you shouldn’t even get yourself involved with “adults’ businesses”. And it’s true that you hurt that man, isn’t it?.. Then you got expelled by your local high school because of your criminal record. You were forced to move to another place and transfer to a new school because of the court’s judgement. And your parents agreed… Anyway, so I have to take care of you troublemaker from now on. I won’t tell you anything else. All I can say is that taking care of you is just part of my “business”. Behave yourself during this one year, and you should be able to get rid of this probation.

> …Probation?
For one year…

Sojiro – If you cause any trouble, I’ll send you to a reformatory… Oh, we need to go to “Shujin” tomorrow.

> What are you talking about?

Sojiro – Shujin High School. The one you’ll be transferring to. We have to pay a visit to your teachers, since they don’t get students like you very often. Tsk.. such a waste of my precious Sunday… They delivered your package, I put it over there.

Amalgamate Pearl

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Since some people asked, I’ll make a separate post describing this lore concept that was mentioned in my last short story. You can use this concept for your lore if you want though if you reference this heavily, I’d appreciate a link back to this segment.

An Amalgamate Pearl is one large pearl created by a group of pearlcatchers. Upon taking up the duty of building an amalgamate pearl, each pearlcatcher involved ceases cultivating their own pearl and focuses only on working on their collective one. Some, as a show of dedication, leave their pearls somewhere within the space that the amalgamate pearl is kept. (Shown above, these individual pearls were strung on the stand.) Since many pearlcatchers take up this duty at an early age, these abandoned individual pearls are usually quite small.

There are several reasons a group may begin to craft an amalgamate pearl. Some groups do so as an act of communal bonding. Depending on the views of the group, it may be a symbolic gesture of unity or a spiritual one. Some communities who don’t put a great importance on their pearls may do this as a ceremony of surrendering their dependence on them.  If the community does put enormous importance on their pearls (as is common) they may view those who contribute to the amalgamate as either spiritual martyrs or as pariahs. Some leaders of pearlcatcher groups may insist on their followers creating an amalgamate pearl in order to force a connection to the place where the amalgamate is kept, making it difficult for them to separate from the group.

Pearlcatcher spell crafters have found ways to use amalgamate pearls for occult purposes. While for many the pearl is only a non-literal representation of the soul or memories, some mages can make this belief into truth. Amalgamate pearls can then become a physical vessel for the souls and memories of many.


The war had been over for a short amount of time.  And although Homeworld was defeated, there were a large number of casualties on the Rebel’s side.  A lot of the success that Homeworld had during the war was due to the work of one particular gem.  


A fierce leader she was.  And a top ranking soldier among the hundreds of Quartz gems cultivated for this very battle.  Doing such a grand job, Yellow Diamond invited Jasper personally to her quarters.  The towering door opened before the orange gem, shutting immediately behind her when she stepped inside.

“Hello, Jasper.”  Spoke the feared ruler.  “I’ve asked you here because I want to give you something.  A personal reward of sorts to show your accomplishments.”  Yellow Diamond flicked her head to the left where two Quartz were standing.  Afterwards the Quartz gems stepped off to opposite sides to reveal a tiny gem between them.

Yellow Diamond began to speak again.  “Unfortunately we’re not having much success in the Pearl Cultivation Kindergarten.  But I would like to offer you a gem that is quite rare, but just as delicate and obedient as the common Pearl.  A Black Star Diopside.  And if she doesn’t work out, feel free to shatter her at any time you please and we’ll get you a replacement.”


So ive been thinking a lot lately about what Pearl’s place in gem society could have been, and the more I think on it, the more I’m almost sure that pearls are a servant class.

This was mainly spurred on at the start by Jasper referring to her as “a defective pearl” in The Return. Think about what you call defective, it’s not really people unless you’re being an abelist ass, and I don’t think that’s what they creators were going for with that. You refer to an object as defective, a product, something that is supposed to perform a function and isn’t doing it correctly. 

My theory is that pearls are cultivated to work as servants for higher tier gems (this couples for me with the Rose is Rose Diamond theory), which explains why Pearl is so much more delicate in her movement, her speech. A gem whos designed to serve royalty would probably be graceful, elegant, neat and clean, hyper vigilant to keeping order, and quiet to go along with the atmosphere. She also makes a point to say she knew Rose the longest, which hints to a pre-existing relationship on the gem homeworld, plus she says that Rose told her everything and that she knew her best, and if studying theatre and film has taught me anything, it’s that a woman’s handmaid was often an incredibly close confidant. Even more, Pearl’s powers of projection (a service for sending messages?), her issues with “not being strong enough” and a lot of her personality can be attributed to someone who spent a lot of time in a subservient position suddenly gaining complete autonomy.

And that isn’t to say that she didn’t necessarily have it before. Rose was caring, we see that, we know that she would never treat Pearl like a servant, but that was where Pearl wanted to be. She took pride in it because Rose was, indeed, wonderful. Take the conversation in Roses’ Scabbard that I got these screencaps from. Pearl is kneeling. This isn’t a position for two people on the same grounds. She is showing respect, but also devotion. Like a knight to her queen, a servant to her master.

Rose tells Pearl “You don’t have to do this with me” which is something you’re only prompted to say if you think the person you’re talking to should feel like they do. Pearl’s societal obligation to Rose is the reason that Rose has to make sure, in this conversation, that Pearl knows exactly what she’s following her into. That they will either die, or never be able to go home, because Pearl would follow her anywhere, and to Rose, it’s only okay if she knows that she’s doing it on her own, not because she’s obligated too. And of course then there’s the last line Rose says to her

My Pearl”

Pearl admired Rose, she idolized her, looked up to her, perhaps even loved her, but Rose could never love her back, because with all of those feelings came the attachment of their social relationship and Pearl’s need to serve her (happily, but still) that would always make them stand on uneven ground. The only reason that Rose would say that she was hers is if she literally was her Pearl.

Now that Rose is gone, Pearl for the first time in what is likely her entire life has no function. She’s not fighting for Rose anymore, she’s at most fighting for herself in Rose’s memory. She’s able to finally start searching for herself outside of the context of being Rose’s pearl, finding what she likes, what she doesn’t, experiencing chaos and emotions and life, almost like she’s new born. Everything is fascinating to her, which is why her character and her development is so fascinating to me.