cultivated pearls

Polynesian cultivators share their pearls of wisdom

Mangarevan perle cultivateur Gabriel Teakaruto steered the motorboat across the lagoon to his family’s turquoise-painted “graft house,” perched on pilings above the water. Already wet-suited to tend his oysters, he looked like an amiable tiki with his Polynesian profile and ready smile.

Kimlud is a fashion brand of chic and elegant jewelry and fashion accessories. Kimlud uses genuine cultivated freshwater pearls and natural gemstones.

12. Short Story

The legend of Pearl Lake was always that mermaids were very real and knew exactly how to cultivate pearls. If you were very lucky and if they favored you, they would allow a pearl or two to float up to you. 

Sometimes, early in the morning in spring, you could come across Pearl Lake and find hundreds of pearls skimming the water. Presents from the clans, sharing the good harvest with humans. 

She had grown up listening to the tales from her grandfather. She would sneak down to the lake as a little girl, her eyes searching desperately for the sign of a fin or a pearl. Anything! 

When her grandfather was about her age he was gifted a large, green pearl and she was determined to get one too. Alas, she was never favored and now as she stood, all grown, looking down at the water. She realized it was because she selfishly thought she deserved one.

So it was that she looked down and saw, for the briefest of moments, a tiny hand let go of a small, pink pearl that floated up to the surface. Then a ripple and just the very tip of a fin. 


Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao, Philippines

Like a precious pearl nestled in a clam, a quiet cove in Davao, Philippines cradles the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, where you can have the ultimate beach getaway without the cacophony of beachgoers.

Surrounded by an abundance of pristine beaches, against a backdrop of natural grandeur, our resort provides the perfect tropical holiday. Adding to the luster that makes it radiate are the well-appointed suites and villas with balconies that lend a breathtaking view of the horizon. Guests will also delight in the mouth-watering cuisines of the Maranao Restaurant and the cocktails at Parola Bar — the ambience of both is made more spellbinding by the ocean.

Formerly a pearl farm where thousands of pink, white, and gold pearls were cultivated, Pearl Farm flourished into an island hideaway now known as the Jewel of the South. What better way to escape from the banal everyday routine than to bask in the beauty of mesmerizing horizons, luxurious lodgings, and enchanting beaches? Pearl Farm Beach Resort will undoubtedly leave a happy imprint in the memory.

a headcanon about Pearl

there’s a post floating around about the idea of Pearl being a mass-produced drone

and there’s another post floating around about the idea of gems living on/in an inanimate underclass of enslaved gems

so the thought occurred to me… if those two things are true, then there’s probably an enslaved gem working as some sort of manufacturer or cultivator of “Pearls”

but what mineral would it be? i submit to you: Nacre, also known as “Mother of Pearl