cult show

Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show directed by Jim Sharman, 1975 

Cult Classics that everyone needs to see. 

some of these are big name movies with big followings. some are movies that maybe only a cult of like 20 people love. But they are great. feel free to add more that you like.

Donnie Darko

SLC Punk!

The Crow (only the first one. the other ones were trash)

Rocky Horror Picture Show


Cry Baby

Lost Boys

The Big Lebowski


A Clockwork Orange

Monty Python and the Holy Grail  (an/or) Life of Brian


Time Bandits

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (and/or) Bogus Journey

Wayne’s World Series

Any Movie From Kevin Smith’s “View Askewniverse”

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Shaun of the Dead

Help get Mystery Science Theater 3000′s “Gypsy” renamed!

Hey folks. I’ve been informed that today is International Rromani Day, and I thought I’d inform you of a small thing you can do in its honor. 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a cult comedy show from the 90s in which a guy and some robots make fun of bad movies. One of the robots was named “Gypsy”, an unfortunate fact that will unfortunately go unchanged when the show comes back April 14th, after almost two decades off the air. 

The good news is that this is probably out of ignorance, not malice. Series creator Joel Hodgson has changed a lot about Gypsy for the revival–specifically, she’s no longer voiced by a man doing comedy falsetto, but instead a female comic named Rebecca Hanson. He’s also changed her personality, feeling it’s unfortunate that the show’s only lady lead for its first seven seasons was defined primarily by being dumb. 

It’s clear to me that Hogdson is open to changing things for social justice reasons–he just needs a push. 

On Sunday, April 9th, Joel Hodgson will be hosting a live video Q&A about the Mystery Science Theater 3000 relaunch. He’s accepting questions at until 12pm US Pacific / 3pm US Eastern time on Sunday. 

I believe that, if enough of us write in informing him that G*psy is a racial slur, and that the name should be changed, he will take action in future seasons.

I know there are bigger issues to solve, but this might be the best chance we get to make our voices heard on this specific issue, and the timing couldn’t be better.

Frederick the Goblin Deity

So our party had spotted a pair of goblins and we let our paladin go first.

Paladin: I’m gonna shield bash the first goblin.

DM: *Rolls strength check* Oh for christ’s sake…

Evidently the goblin had a -1 modifier to strength.

DM: His grand total is..0. You bash him, he flies into space…you hear his comrade yell “Frederick NOOOOOO”

Rogue: Did…did we just create a celestial being?

DM: Congratulations, you have created Frederick the deity…

The cult of Frederick showed up repeatedly throughout this campaign…

Here’s the setup: Mad scientists send a guy (Joel) into space and force him to watch cheesy movies. He can’t get back home because he’s used parts from his spaceship to build two robots whose commentaries make the movies bearable.

Sure, Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a silly premise — but it also had a cult following. The show aired in the 1990s and helped spawn the entire attitude of the Internet, where nothing is off limits from being mocked. MST3K eventually came to an end, but now, to the delight of millions, it’s back.

New ‘Mystery Science Theater’ Coming To Netflix In The Not-Too-Distant Future

Photo: Darren Michaels/Netflix