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First Acoustic Performance of Bayside’s “Mary” & “The Ghost”

Anthony Raneri and Jack O’Shea of Bayside performed “Mary” and “The Ghost” off of their new album, ‘Vacancy’ on 8/20/16 before their Jersey show. They also played a cover in between songs, “Megan” by The Smoking Popes.

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I was Tagged by @replicatorcasey Thank-you, Darling!!

Favorite anime/manga: None; I have never gotten into it.

Favorite video game: Dude…anything old school…ZELDA!!

Favorite book: I have WAAAAY too many.  I love books.

Favorite TV shows: Oh geeze…The Addams Family, The Munsters, Wonder Woman (the 70s series), M*A*S*H, Hogan’s Heros, Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilgiht Zone, Star Trek TNG, Castle, Svengoolie, That 70s Show…

There’s probably more I can’t think of; honestly, I don’t watch that much T.V. but when I do it’s typically the older shows and cult classics.

Guilty pleasure: Man…I don’t know…one shouldn’t really feel guilty for what makes ‘em happy.

Last song I listened to: Cupid Carries A Gun by Marilyn Manson

First Language: English but I’m working on French and Latin!! =)



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EW’s 25 Best Cult TV Shows from the Past 25 Years
(August, 2012)

131107 Troublemaker at 2 O' Clock Cult Show compiled
  • Hyuna:We were worried before coming because among Beastand 4min we're the members who can't really talk.
  • Hyunseung:Usually it's Hyuna who initiate conversations.
  • Hyunseung:Before Hyuna & I start a conversation, we usually check up on each other to see if we're up for it
  • Hyuna and Hyunseung:To tell the truth, this troublemaker album wasn't something that was supposed to happen.
  • Hyuna:Hyunseung and I worried a lot before recording Cult Show because we're not the talkative types.
  • Hyuna, when asked about her upcoming China activities:I'll check with the company to find out whether it is true or not.
  • MC:Aren't Beast members envious of your TM activities? Hyunseung: They said there weren't.
  • Hyuna:Why don't you tell us what part they are envious of. (laughs)
  • Hyunseung:Even though Beast members say they aren't envious of TM, I don't know whether they're hiding that fact or not. But they support me.
  • Hyunseung:We don't monitor each other among beast members when any of us shoot dramas or cf, or while I'm doing TM.
  • Hyuna:We don't really monitor each other but we talk a lot about it saying "hey you look good, pretty in this.."
  • Hyuna:I had to cut my hair for TM, my 4minute members were really surprised and amazed.
  • Hyuna:Among 4minute members we talk a whole lot. We'd compliment each other on our looks...etc For example, when I cut my hair that short in 6 years, my members were really curious and amazed.
  • Hyuna:19+ ver : There was a scene where we had to kiss, a cool scene w fire behind us, the fire spread too fast, PD told us to hurry. I wanted to do the scene in a cool way but the PD was screaming "do it, do it now!!" so it's regrettable.
  • Hyunseung:19+ ver: while the fire was spreading we were on standby. So we were surprised when the PD told us to just kiss right away. While they were lighting the fire, we were practicing the kiss scene, seems that the fire spread too quickly causing the PD to tell us to just kiss on the spot, in one cut. Hyuna and I ended up having to do the kiss scene in one go.
  • MC on 19+ ver:You said you had to kiss fast, it would probably have been a big problem if you had time to grasp the emotions of the kiss.
  • Hyunseung's ideal type:When we debut, I had a clear image of what my ideal type was. At the time my ideal type was a girl i liked.
  • MC:What about Hyuna? HS: She's charming. Charming enough.
  • Hyuna's ideal type:I don't have a definite ideal type.
  • Hyuna:I felt that Hyunseung was my rival. For ex, when I was applying black lipstick, HS went: You only? I'll put some on too. And if I notice that he's on a diet, I would put (non diet) food in front of him. MC: You both played jokes.
  • Hyunseung:We usually play that kind of "you only will (do that)" jokes on each other.
  • Hyuna:Our activities as TM are almost over, There is only a week of TM promo left. Please support Now a lot.
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26 Best Cult TV Shows Ever - #12 Firefly

2002, Fox
What It’s About: In a future where superpowers China and the United States have teamed up to colonize the galaxy by terraforming inhospitable planets, a cynical veteran of a failed revolutionary war named Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and the crew of the ramshackle spaceship Serenity eke out a living hauling cargo and evading cannibal Reavers, intergalactic mobsters, and agents desperate to recapture River (Summer Glau), a child prodigy whom the Alliance tried to make into a superhuman assassin. Instead, they drove her bonkers.
Why It’s Cult: The sci-fi/Western mash-up. The Chinese curse words. Everything that made Joss Whedon’s first TV foray beyond the Buffyverse unique also screamed “for smart nerds only.” And, as it often does, martyrdom has only enhanced its legend: Fox canceled the show after airing 11 of 14 episodes produced.
Secret Handshake: You call yourself a Browncoat. —Jeff Jensen

Three episodes in and I still like Cult… there’s just this one little thing.

Robert Knepper is creeping me out on three levels. Like his face is kind of scary-intense in real life, and the actor guy he’s playing is really weird too. I know they want us to think that he really is Billy Grimm, and also Steven Rae because why the fuck not, but even if that’s not true he’s creepy as fuck. The way he just banged his nr.1 fan (who also seems to think that he’s Billy Grimm in real life which just adds to the creepiness) on that torture table-thingy was super hot I mean very very disturbing.

And then let’s not even talk about the actual Billy Grimm.

This show is the definition of mindfuck and I’m absolutely loving it.