cult of mandempig

Dear denizens of tumblr,

tumblr spam =/= virus



I got that ManDemPig thing, checked it out, and I’m 100% safe. It’s not a virus. It’s just really fucking annoying.

Can you all stop losing your shit now.

Nobody has proof that it’s a virus. You’re all just running off hearsay.


Someone who’s been on the internet long enough to know how to research viruses.

Aight guys. So the Mandempig shit is circling again. 

It is not a virus. These videos are just kind of unfunny and low quality. Whoever’s making this crap is desperate to make it go viral. As far as I can tell, this is some English guy (in his early twenties?) with way too much time on his hands. (It makes me kind of sad, he’s trying really hard.) He’s just submitting these videos to as many people as possible through any means. Calling this a virus is only amplifying the reach of the spam and causing unnecessary panic in the online community. Just delete these submissions whenever you get them. If you don’t ignore these posts, you are encouraging him to continue spamming everyone.