cult labs

New character
(No shit)
Was doodling for a bit, and this came out without realizing it.

Name: INK

Gender: He’s- an android- doesn’t have any sex organs- But prefers He/him. (If he wants to, he can always “build” it on him.)

Likes: Being alone, experiments, cutting things, his one-man cult. (And probably hot topic too)

Dislikes: bright lights, water, long conversations, too much emotions.

About: Created by a man who tried to make a clone of himself so that his life would go on even after his death. He was a leader in a cult, but before he could finish building INK, there was a shooting that killed every member of the cult, but the lab where INK was built was never found. Years later, INK rebooted alive, and was able to build the rest of himself by following the blueprints his creator left. Now, he is looking for his creator even though his creator is long dead.

Due to the reasoning of him- he wasn’t able to fully fix some little problems that his creator left untouched, like him mysteriously leaking a unknown black substance. There is no way any of the liquid got inside of him, so just endless amounts of that substance just leaks.
(The cause of the liquid is actually INK’s life source, a black forever melting rock. It is said that this rock was summoned from the hell oceans, and that it will leak endless amounts of liquid without shrinking/effecting the rock. Danger of the liquid is unknown.)

He also can only see in black and white, so sometimes he has a disadvantage. Though- he can feel colors instead. (Sensors on his fingertips can indicate colors by either touching or hovering over the questioning colors/objects.)

Hammer’s classic horror film, Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell staring the iconic Peter Cushing is out now, on a 3 disc, fully uncut Blu-ray/DVD Double Play release!

Tribute to one of my favorite films in the last decade, “Drive”. This is the main character played by Ryan Gosling: the Driver. Is one of those films where the photography and the soundtrack really captivated my senses.

Artwork featured into the Depthcore Lab II, Cult: