cult bears

there’s something endlessly hilarious to me about the phrase “hotly debated” in an academic context. like i just picture a bunch of nerds at podiums & one’s like “of course there was a paleolithic bear cult in Northern Eurasia” and another one just looks him in the eye and says “i’ll kill you in real life, kevin”

'Post Break-Up Jams' Playlist

In no particular order, and in varied degrees of depressing to upbeat…

“Pieces (Hushed)” - Andrew Belle

“I’m a Cuckoo” - Belle & Sebastian

“Two Weeks” - Grizzly Bear

“Simple Song” - The Shins

“Youth” - Daughter

“I Don’t Want Love” - The Antlers

“Sober” - Childish Gambino

“Helplessness Blues” - Fleet Foxes

“Never Wanted Your Love” - She & Him

“Go Your Own Way” - Fleetwood Mac

“I Can Hardly Make You Mine” - Cults

“Columbia” - Local Natives

“All I Want” - Kodaline

“Promises, Promises” - Incubus

“Stubborn Love” - The Lumineers

“Post Break-up Sex” - The Vaccines

“Mess Is Mine” - Vance Joy

“Who Knows, Who Cares” - Local Natives

And it’ll all be okay.

“The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people passing by
I see friends shaking hands
Saying, “How do you do?”
They’re really saying, I…I love you”

Here’s Louis with Rainbow Bear ❤️💛💚💙💜🐻 spread the love xx.

Bear (Spirit Animal)

The bear is worshipped as a totem animal (zoolatry) across many cultures, and commonly shows strength and confidence. The spirit provides strong grounding forces.

In Siberia, the name used to designate women shamans is the same as the word “bear”. In Northern America, in the Inuit tradition, the bear spirit animal is also connected to the shamanic tradition and women.

For the Inuit people, the bear is a strong power or totem animal. In some beliefs, it is said that if an Inuit hunter accepts to be eaten by a bear, he may reincarnate as a shaman and carry the spirit of this animal. The polar bear is considered as the “Wise Teacher” as it shows how to survive in harsh conditions.

There was a practice of bear-dressing across the vikings (berserkers) and ancient Greeks (cult of Artemis). Bears are a symbol of warriors in Celtic traditions.

  • The bear spirit is of great support during times of hardship and provides courage to face challenges.
  • The spirit can encourage a leadership role.
  • The bear also symbolises motherhood.
  • The bear spirit teaches patience.


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Write A Thon Day 4
(Worldwide Day)
Anthony Ramos x Reader
Words: 990

hi all. i was supposed to post this yesterday but it was too damn stressful and busy. i skipped school today to recover, but i’m still so damn tired.

i’m a day behind now which isn’t incredible for me but i will finish writing the day 5 imagine very soon. i have a headache so i don’t think i’ll be able to write it today, but tomorrow hopefully!

much love to all of you. requests are open as usual



“So you’re ready?”

Anthony looked up from his suitcase, giving you a small smile. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” He stated, zipping it shut and letting out a soft sigh. “Are you sure it’s not going to be cold? It’s winter here… shouldn’t it be the same there?”

You rolled your eyes. “I know my country pretty damn well. I mean sure, you’ll need maybe one jumper, which you’re wearing, but in summer you’ll be close to naked most of the time,” You said. “Can we go through that vocabulary check again?”

“Don’t you think you’re overdoing this slightly? I mean, surely I won’t need to know all of these…”

“What’s a thong?” You interrupted, ordering an Uber and heading towards the door, pulling your case behind you.

“Can’t I just call them flip flops? It makes so much more sense… I feel like I’m talking about underwear if I call them thongs,” Anthony whined, forming a small pout with his lips.

“Hey, I changed everything I knew when I moved here! I mean, you drop all the u’s from words! For example, it’s c-o-l-o-u-r, not c-o-l-o-r. It’s wrong. We may as well drop the u from you as well,” You stated, pressing the button for the elevator and waiting.

“I’ve told you a million times and I’ll tell you again, it’s c-o-l-o-r. I won’t stand for your spelling mistakes. By the way, will we have shrimp when we get there? I’ve heard it’s delish when it’s on the barbie,” Anthony asked, following you into the elevator.

You took a deep breath, letting it out with a loud sigh. “For the last time, there are no shrimps. Just prawns. And if I hear you say “barbie” one more time, I will throw up. Which reminds me, please don’t do your Australian accent when we get there. We all know it’s extremely inaccurate and will make everyone uncomfortable or angry,” You stated, pressing the button for the ground floor and sighing.

“Will we have vegemite at least? I wanna try everything I can, and I’ll bring everything back too! We can make it feel like you’re at home, but you’re not! It’ll just be all the food from your homeland here and it’ll be super exciting!” Anthony rambled, bolting out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened. You rolled your eyes, following him quickly.

“Of course I’ll give you vegemite, but you’re not going to like it,” You replied, putting all of your things in the boot of the uber when it arrived. You stepped inside, getting comfortable and resting your head against the window.

“Why the hell not? It sounds delightful in all of the youtube videos. I’m sure people are just screwing up their face for comedy. Speaking of youtube, I watched these two British fringe guys talking about Australia and it was pretty great. But they mentioned some concerning animals and I was hoping you could make me feel a bit better about them?”

“What kind of concerning animals would you be talking about?” You asked, raising your eyebrow.

“Well first of all, there’s the textile cone which is obviously the most dangerous of them all. I mean, you step on that shit and you’re probably gonna die. That’s pretty scary, right?”

“That doesn’t even seem like a real thing. Were these British guys legit? Or did they drink some alcohol in the arvo and then make the video?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“What the hell is arvo? Is it like an avocado?” Anthony asked, a confused look on his face.

“No, it’s the afternoon. You should’ve picked this up from me long ago. What else don’t you know… oh! Have you heard of drop bears?” You asked, a smirk appearing on your face.

“Drop bears? Sounds dangerous, tell me more,” He said, resting his head in his hands.

“Well, a drop bear is like a koala-“

“I like koalas.”

“Most people do. But the difference between koalas and drop bears is that drop bears are three times the size of humans, and they feed off the blood of small Australian children. Sometimes they attack adults, but adults survive. Everyone always has that one friend that was attacked… it’s pretty violent if you ask me,” You stated, the smirk on your face growing larger.

“Are we gonna be safe? How do they kill you?” Anthony asked, fear in his eyes.

“Well, we’ll be safe as long as we stay away from bushy areas and trees in general. Otherwise, we’re doomed,” You said, patting his back. “But don’t worry. If you get attacked, you’ll have a scar to prove you survived Australia.”

“Are they worse than the snakes? And the spiders?”

“Way worse. Bigger than a shark, teeth sharper than a snake’s… do you want me to continue? You seem a bit… scared,” You said, giggling.

Anthony frowned. “Why the hell are you laughing at my fear? I have reason to be afraid. You don’t seem afraid at all… have you been attacked? Are you apart of this drop bear cult?”

“Well, the thing is, there isn’t a drop bear cult. There’s just koalas. They’re a myth… you fell for it pretty badly though. I thought you’d see through it the moment I mentioned it,” You said, bursting into a fit of laughter.

Anthony groaned. “I hope you get bitten by a snake,” He muttered, crossing his arms.

“No you don’t. You love me,” You replied, kissing his cheek.

“I do. And I hope you’ll protect me from all the bad things your country has to offer.”

You smiled, hugging him tightly. “You can count on me.”

“Good, because I also have some concerns about…”

You rolled your eyes, listening to Anthony going on about the other dangerous creatures as the car trip went on. You hoped that eventually, your boyfriend would realise that Australia isn’t as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be.