cult artist


Paring: Griff/Reader

Tags: female reader, meet cute, canon compliant, artists, dating, developing relationship, domestic fluff.

Summary: Little snatches of Reader and Griff’s developing relationship over time.

Word Count: 1,899

Current Date: 2017-10-20

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PART 1 // ???

i have slaved away at this damn thing for 3 weeks and now im tired and regretting everything.

this is my dadsona noah and im gonna be spitting out a comic about him for god knows how long and i can only hope this hellsite likes it.

theres cult shit and i guess romantic relationships idk its gonna be fun i have a big story planned out pls follow and stick around so i know you actually want to see more. :’)

note: im not following the canon plot. the canon plot will be the base of this story but other than that expect it to be bent to get a more interesting viewpoint/adventure out of it. My ask box is open if you have questions!


very much needed to see this role swap between joseph and robert