rain-check | seth clearwater

request: Can you do a Seth x reader where the reader is on her period and Seth is the fluff ball he is and takes care of her? Love your blog btw

warnings: fluff

notes: very short but very cute


Though you were mildly disappointed that your minigolfing date you had planned with your shape-shifting boyfriend Seth, the never ending cramps in your abdomen left you no choice. Seth did come over to your house though; and with him he brought a tub of chocolate ice cream, a heating pad (even though you already had 2) and a fuzzy blanket.

“Do you want some more tea? It’s supposed to help. Is it helping?” He rambled, his gangly limbs rolling out of your bed where the two of you laid, taking your empty mug with him. HIs brown eyes filled with concern as he watched you for any sort of answer.

“Seth I’ve already had 2 cups.” You laughed, immediately regretting it though as you help a sharp cramp go through your abdomen and Seth’s eyebrows raised as he quickly climbed back over to you, gently placing his hand on your abdomen, his inhumanly high temperature working better than any of your 2 heating pads (well 3 if you count the one Seth had brought for you) could have hoped to. When you let out a sigh of relief, Seth’s brown eyes found yours and cautiously withdrew himself from you.

“I’ll go get you some and I’ll be right back. Do you need anything else?” He asked softly, and you shook your head, rolling onto your side as Seth nodded and left the room to go get you some more raspberry tea he was sure would help your cramps.

Sure enough, he came back about 2 minutes later carrying a freshly brewed cup of tea and some more advil. “I thought you’d want these.” He said caringly, taking your hand in his and gently dropping the pills into your palm, watching as you took them since he also seemed to be concerned that you would choke and die.

You loved the boy to death but he was a bit overprotective sometimes.

“Seth lay down, I just want to cuddle right now.” You cooed, gently pushing his chest down so he laid down on your bed. He quickly looked up at you, trying to sit back up but you rolled your eyes pushing him back down.

“Are you sure? What about the heating pad? A movie? I’ll put one-” You groaned exasperatedly and laid down ontop of him so he couldn’t move. He sighed and pressed his lips to your forehead, wrapping his muscular arms around your figure and rubbed his hands up and down your back soothingly. “Just let me know if you need anything and I’ll get it.” He reiterated for what seemed to be the 7th time today. You just sighed happily in response, mumbling an ‘okay’ into the fabric of his t-shirt as you slowly drifted off into sleep.

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