What can I say to you that I haven’t said yet? I’m always saying how special you are. I feel like I’m actually starting to bother you. lol But okaaaay, today is your birthday!!! Today I’m allowed to be cheesy! :P

You’re more than a “fandom person” to me. You’re a real friend. You always come to my mind whenever I have something crazy/good/bad to tell. You keep me entertained no matter what the subject is – from pervy stuff to broken fridges. You support me even at my worst days, and let me keep talking for hours and hours about how much I miss my dog. Jeez, you’re so patient! You’re the friend who sings silly songs to make me feel better. The friend that sends me messages at 3 AM. (I’m still sorry for texting swear words to your mom’s phone, btw). You’re the friend who doesn’t always agree with me, but respects my opinion anwyay. We share mutual love for actors, series, books, music AND FOOD. Oh, and we can’t watch Ice Age anymore. Seriously, how lucky are we to know each other?! 

I’m very thankful to Twilight for bringing you to my life. I want you to be sure that I’m always here for you, no matter what.

I can’t wait to see you sleeping on my couch next month!!! (Hopefully you won’t be awakened by any geckos on your feet… hahahaha).

Have a wonderful day!!! 
All the best to you! Always!

I love you very much! ♥

- V.

cullencircus  asked:

what is it? I'm lost, serious haha

some ppl are freaking out bc someone said the other movies [or the last one; not quite sure] of fsog will come out 2023, and i think it’s not true [at least i hope so] because i can’t wait 9 years, i may die.

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Questions by stupidchick:

1.the best moment of your life?

I don’t think I ever had a best moment, I mean there were good ones but not best one, I can’t remember right now so I think I don’t have one

2.favorite movie?

Restless <3 cream or chocolate?

Chocolate hate someone?

No, I don’t hate anyone

5.your biggest dream? and fear?

Biggest dream: travel the world Fear: don’t reach my biggest dream lol

6.summer or winter?

Autumn lol

7.favorite book?

TFIOS but my reason to love the book is different from everybody’s reason, it’s more personal and deep, connected directly with my life

8.what do you want for your future?

I want to be happy ‘cause I’m not right now so you have twitter? instagram? or fb?

No, yes and yes thing that you hate and the other people love?

Nothing, I’m really not the kind of person who hate

11.write a word you can say in other language 

Well, I can translate anything in portuguese to english and vice versa lol

Here: love = amor (portuguese), Tchau (portuguese) = bye and many other words

My questions:

1. Your favorite food

2. Your favorite tv show

3. Your favorite book

4. Your favorite movie

5. Your favorite singer or band

6. How do you think you’ll be in the future

7. Do you regret something you did or did not?

8. Favorite song ever

9. What were you doing before I interrupt you with this tag game?

10. Your favorite name

11. Would you like to change something about you?