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the idea that cullen is supposed to be a voice for all the templars hurt by the circle system is so wild like the man has repeatedly demonstrated a staggering lack of consideration for fellow members of the order who have been through the ordeals he demands sympathy for

he will narrate the events of kinloch hold to the inquisitor as his personal tragedy but when keran had been captured by blood mages, cullen’s response was to argue that he be thrown out of the order

he will apparently tell you he only followed meredith’s orders because he was afraid of being cut off from lyrium but he will call samson weak for struggling with addiction 

he asks to “personally oversee” the judgement of knight captain denam - who was following orders under the influence of red lyrium AND an envy demon - and is wholly condemnatory towards the man, yelling about how denam “following his superiors orders nearly destroyed the templar order” as if he did not literally do the same thing two years earlier

i cannot tell if he’s intentionally written to be a giant fucking hypocrite, or if his writers were so desperate to distance him from all the shit he’s been part of that they inadvertently made him look like one but honestly i feel no sympathy for him at all

cullen and bull are like.. opposite….

cullen keeps saying he’s changed, but really he still fears/hates mages. when he’s not actively talking about how he’s different now and all regretful, he totally slips back into “meredith was kinda right” and “mages are so spooky and things always go bad with them”

but then iron bull SAYS he’s still part of the qun but irl he’s so chill??? he’s terrified of demons but he’s one of the nicest to cole anyway, he doesn’t *say* the treatment of saarebas is wrong but he has mages in his company no problem. he thinks he thinks the qun is right, and his big-scale tactics are still anti-mage, but when he’s not actively like “oh right the qun yeah that’s me loyal ben-hassrath” he totally slips into being chill & nice.

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Can I hear your rant about c/ullen?

Look I mean I am running a fallout blog and it will be ultimately unfair for my followers, friends and mutuals that like c/ullen for me to go around spilling all my frustrations on the internet because that’s generally what most of us do and really you can’t hate a character as much as there are other things surrounding the character that you hate and sometimes is really easy to just spill your guts on a post but i know it makes people that like the character uncomfortable and they feel bad for liking the character and all, i’ve been on both sides and i generally avoid talking shit about people’s favourite characters because it’s just a waste of time to ruin someone’s day. 

bottom line is that i genuinely dislike him and i hate seeing him and i won’t shit on him for my followers. and i dislike him because I have huge issues with things being forced on me, and he is forced on me through three games and has one of the worst fanbases on this website like if d/ragon age fandom is bad these are among the worst. i don’t like when a game forces me to like someone - its bad writing. i love new vegas cause i have the absolute freedom to kill someone that i don’t like or in the best case scenario tell them to fuck off. and it frustrated me that some mediocre character from the first two games was given a huge role in dai and at no point my inquisitor could tell him to pee his pants and in any way get rid of him so the game forced me to interact with him and see him around and I Don’t Want That Again, i really don’t want a game forcing me to like or hate a character and obviously dai forces you to at least sympathize with him. and don’t get me started how you can be mean to vivienne but you can’t tell c/ullen to shove his sword where the sun don’t shine. 

so my point is i dont want characters forced on me, and with few others i genuinely don’t like in d/ragon age, i can like either kill them or never recruit them and get it over with. but not this guy, im stuck with him and that on a personal level irritates me 

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hey! this is a dumb question but i just got into dai and im wondering why it seems like so many people hate cullen? he seems like a pretty neutral/inoffensive guy, but theres so much hate. did i miss something he did?

ugh necessary pre-note that I’m not strongly critical of him, but this actual post is pretty critical of him since you asked what’s wrong with him, not for a defense of him.

Because he’s an ex Templar, and he still supports the Templar order, for better or worse. Or, rather, not the order itself, but his fellow Templars; he thinks there’s good in them, and whether or not he’s right, he’s standing by that belief. I can’t really abide by that; my fave chara is and always will be Sebastian (he’s also 1 of my comfort characters), but I really cannot stand the Chantry or the Templar Order. I just don’t favor abusive institutions. Some of my friends disagree, and that’s their bag.

He also admitted to doing nothing during his years in Kirkwall to stop the abuse of his charges. I’m not gonna give to some fantasy that he partook in those abuses because I think that’s just desperate reaching; it was already bad enough that he stood by and turned away from them, allowing them to happen. This includes doing nothing to stop his fellows from abusing mages in the tower, as he seems more offended that Ser Alrik is dead and doesn’t pay attention to the letter Hawke is giving him about the Tranquil Solution.

Like, whatever good he has for him, just ignoring abuse around you that you can stop is, I feel, justification enough. I’m not gonna fault anyone for not liking him. But I’m also not going to waste my time or energy it, for a number of reasons, all of which r personal and private. Others are more than free to. The only actual critical posts at all that I’d recommend reading about him is be Dalishious, though.

my opinions on cullen rutherford

over the past few days, I’ve gotten a some anonymous asks requesting me to explain what I think of cullen rutherford, because if you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of cullen content right now. I feel this is a great time to share my feelings about him and the Discourse around him, also what I think about various opinions this toxic, toxic fanbase has about him.

feel free to add, praise, disagree, or completely obliterate me for this in reblogs or replies. these are my opinions, some gotten from others, some crafted from my own readings and personal views. hate cullen or like him, say what you will, but if you respect my opinions, I will respect yours.

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among the more hilariously garbage defenses i’ve seen of cullen is the idea that meredith was ~hiding the abuses~ at the gallows from him

yes definitely he was completely oblivious 

what do you mean his conversations with hawke indicate he fully supports meredith, is pro-harrowings and tranquility

what do you mean he writes to meredith supporting harsher treatment of mages because people are helping apostates escape

what do you mean by act 3 the situation in kirkwall has deteriorated to the point where templars and mages band together against the horrific conditions in the gallows

clearly cullen knew none of this despite being knight captain for ten years poor sod 

Confessions in the Blackwall tag about how they left him for “honorable” Cullen


Cullen fans are like a disease at this point. I swear they infest everything. No place in the fandom is safe.

You wanna read any f/f stories? Too bad, you have to wade through countless Cullen/Inquisitor fics first. Because it totally makes sense that a tag for femslash or f/f is filled with straight noodle romance fics!

You wanna read about Solas, Blackwall, Fenris, Anders, Sebastian or basically any other male character? Too bad, because Cullen! Cullen this and Cullen that. You romanced Solas/Blackwall? Well, I did that too but I dumped them to hook up with “honorable” Cullen. Sebastian/Anders are both fanatics, Cully-Wully would never do that.

You want to look at Mass Effect stuff? Here’s Cullen in N7 armor! And….you know what…no, I have a few things to say about that. N7 is an Alliance program for the best of the best. Shepard gets accepted after their service as either a War Hero, Sole Survivor. or Ruthless. Anderson was one of the first soldiers to graudate. Vega gets accepted for his service (and the mission against the Collectors). Not even Kaidan or Ashley gets offered to be an N7, despite their service history.
But a glorified prison guard with no military experience? Sure, let’s stick him in that armor like some weird kind of Conrad Verner cosplayer.

Not even the word “commander” is safe! Here’s Commander Cullen! What do you mean he never earned that rank? Shut up!

You have Cullen blacklisted? Oh, well, I’m not gonna tag anything with his name anyway. I’m gonna use my own personalized nickname for him! So you have to look at him anyway!

Cullen asked Leliana about the Warden! That totally means that they will hook up once Inquisition is over! What do you mean he only asks a romanced Leliana and my post is disrespectful to the Lelianamancers? Shut up!

Seriously, I wouldn’t mind so much if I wasn’t constantly bombarded with Cullen shit! Keep it in its own tag for fuck sake! And stop shitting on the other characters!

Somehow ended up in the Cullen Critical tag by mistake *beats head against wall*.

- I don’t give a rats ass whether you like him or not and there are plenty of characters I dislike. I’m still amazed, though, at the amount of energy people go to in pouring out hate but *shrugs*. Whatever. Perhaps they haven’t learned how short life is.

- What does upset me is the amount of misinformation and ignorance being spewed about PTSD and wider mental health in general. Especially people claiming to have the illness. Based on some of the posts I saw you either need to change doctors or you’re lying about having the condition. If you do have it, then understand that PTSD affects people differently, so your expert opinion on what your experience is will be quite irrelevant to another.

It’s hard, to not reply, but I’d prefer to keep this a happy space. I’m too old to fight a group of people who will never listen no matter how often the truth is pointed out.

Honestly, what’s really mind blowing about Cullenites isn’t just that they go “why do you hate Cullen” when you write entire essays on why but they plug their fingers in their ears and go “lalala”, but it’s that they attack people for not liking him.

They go into the Cullen critical tag, and then into the inboxes of anyone who criticized him, and yell, pick fights, or tell them to kill themselves.

I’ve been in fandom for around fifteen years, and I’ve never seen this kind of behavior, or any characters like Cullen who got away with actual genocide, and had writers who retconned anyone like that. I don’t think there’s any character anywhere that I hate more than Cullen, and I’ve never seen any fan act worse than Cullen’s do.

No you know what I’m irritated enough to make a post about this.

I get why people wanted bisexual!Cullen or bisexual!Cassandra. I really, really do. I have zero issue with people writing fic or having headcanons or making art, you rock on with that. I love me some Cullen/Dorian and Cass/Josephine, I’m on the boat with you.

But making it into an issue of representation is… wow, no. Making Cullen and Cass straight really doesn’t deny us representation in this particular game. We’ve got, what, 12 people in the inner circle, right? Here, I’ll make a list:

  1. Cullen (straight) - LI
  2. Leliana (bisexual)
  3. Josephine (bisexual) - LI
  4. Solas (straight) - LI
  5. Vivienne (straight)
  6. Dorian (gay) - LI
  7. Varric (straight)
  8. Sera (gay) - LI
  9. Cole (asexual)
  10. Iron Bull (pansexual) - LI
  11. Cass (straight) - LI
  12. Blackwall (straight) - LI

That’s 6 out of 12 queer people. Out of 8 romances, 4 are queer people. Krem is a trans man and is featured pretty heavily for being a side character. Hell, throw in Maryden, Sera seems convinced she’s coming onto her so she can get in the queer line, too. You can flirt with Harding as any gender and she’ll respond positively, so throw in Scout Harding.

There are multiple queer NPCs, both important and purely incidental (Celene and Briala, minor NPCs like Ritts).

Did Cass and Cullen’s VAs record dialogue for queer romances? Yeah. They probably did that BEFORE deciding if they were queer or hetero romance options, so they wouldn’t change their minds later in development and have to call the actor back in. In the end, they decided to keep them straight. That’s okay. I know I forget this sometimes, but straight people get to exist, no matter how inconvenient they are.

They didn’t steal anything from us by making Cass and Cullen straight. It’s not Gaider being a big meanie and peeing on all our fun. You want to romance Cass, make a dude. The male VAs are great, y'all should take the opportunity to enjoy them anyway. You want Cullen? Make an elf or human lady, especially if you’ve only played Qunari or dwarf. The lady VAs are also great, and humans and elves are fun to play.

Being disappointed is fine, but there’s no need to act like something was taken from you. There is PLENTY of queer representation in Inquisition. No matter what your character’s sexuality, they’ll have 2 love interests at minimum, and way more than that if your character is bisexual or pansexual. Hell, if your character is asexual, you can have MOST of the romances even if you refuse sex (I think Bull is an exception, possibly also Sera?), and Josie and Solas don’t have sex scenes as an option at all. Color me cynical, but watching people cry “we could’ve had it all~” over the might-have-been-but-isn’t bisexual white blond dude when the other m/m options are a South Asian man and a character voiced by a Puerto Rican is kind of… it makes me feel weird, something about that feels off and is super reminiscent of fandoms where people cry over not getting two white dudes to kiss when there are canon brown queers in the cast.