Sera, Bull, and Dorian (provided Dorian is drunk enough): Are doing said dangerous but fun thing with the Inquisitor and having a blast. One of the chandeliers they’re swinging on ends up breaking, and they’re forced to clean it up with the Inquisitor. “Worth it!” is the group’s motto.

Josephine, Cassandra, and Vivienne:
Throw a fit and demand that they come down immediately for several reasons. One, it’s dangerous, two, it’s stupid, and three, it’s unbecoming of the Inquisitor and the companions joining them. Each one of this group gives their own, terrible scolding to the ones swinging from the chandeliers. Josephine’s fiery glare and scolding is actually terrifying.

Blackwall and Varric: They laugh, but don’t join them (fearing Josephine’s wrath). They also don’t do anything to stop them. Varric is watching and writing every detail down for posterity.

Cullen: Panics. “Maker’s Breath! You’re going to fall and break your neck!” He frets and demands they come down. When it’s over, he just leaves them to their fate of facing an infuriated Josephine, exhausted, not a single word out of him.

Solas: Investigates the yelling and finds the Herald, Sera, Bull, and Dorian swinging from the chandeliers. He promptly turns around and goes back into his room, shaking his head with a disapproving sigh.

Leliana: Saw them and knew what they were planning. Doesn’t stop them, instead letting Josephine handle it. Silently thinks it’s hilarious, giggles when no one is listening. She could imagine herself and the Warden doing such a thing, back during the Blight.

Cole: Doesn’t understand why everyone is panicking. “They’re okay,” he says, befuddled, “they’re happy. The chandeliers don’t mind.” He’s eventually pulled away by Solas when he starts heading to the railing, as if to join them.

Oh man, such a heartbreaking tone he uses there >_< Poor Celyse is so lost, good thing she has Cassandra there, even if Cassandra is a bit grumpy eheh ^_^ 


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anonymous asked:

hey! do you have any good volturi fic recommendations?? :))


As for other ones, I’m a HUGE Reneslec shipper so I really loved InspiredInTheMoment’s stuff on FFN as well as a few others!! I’m on mobile so I can’t get links or authors (sorry!) but another good one is Heir Of Blood which is a Jane romance story but it’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world I really really love it! If I have any more recs I will make a post but omg there’s a lot that aren’t coming to mind :)))))


“We will not run from here, Inquisitor.”

MLZ Studios just completed a showcase video of my DA:I Cullen cosplay and it gives me life! I’ve watched it about forty times because I can’t figure out how he managed to make me look that cool.

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“Whatever happens, you will come back.”

Vancosplay and I went out to shoot my Cullen cosplay, and (as per usual) he produced magic with these photos!  This costume has been such a labor of love and I’ve had so much fun reinterpreting Cullen’s design.

Character: Cullen Rutherford (female version)
Series: Dragon Age Inquisition
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