Across My Memory

Alex art by cocotingo!

Chapter 4

Pairing: F!Trevelyan x Cullen, M!Trevelyan x Dorian

Rating: SFW (NSFW Eventually)

Tags: Romance, Adventure

Link: AO3

Anya and Alex had always been together, as long as she could remember. When they were orphaned, the siblings were taken in by a family of carpenters. Together they grew up, leading quiet and simple lives. When Cullen Rutherford and his mercenary band clash with Anya, all that changes. Cullen has been hired to escort Teryn Nicholas’s last living grandchild safely from Ostawick to Highever. Long ago, the Teryn’s first born son and his family were all killed, and the assassination attempts to murder the last Trevelyan hounded them at every step.  Anya is reluctant to let her brother place himself in danger, but agrees to help escort the group; she going one way and Alex the other. Cullen infuriates her to no end, though she enjoys outmaneuvering him, giving her days something to look forward to. If only she could stop seeing the faces of people she didn’t know in her nightmares, the lurching fear and sadness they inspired. Like memories from a dream…

A world of Thedas retelling of Anastasia!

Alex’s hands hurt from how tightly he gripped the pommel of his saddle. His legs hurt, his back hurt, even his jaw hurt from clenching his teeth together so they wouldn’t clack against each other as he bounced along. Their ride was marked with bursts of speed in between walking, trying to outdistance themselves from those who hunted them. But Alex thought that they were taking it slower than they would have been, due to him and his abysmal riding.

He was thoroughly embarrassed. After insisting on taking the mercenary companies deal, he was just making a fool of himself. He tried to act like he knew what he was doing, but when they were going faster than a walk he could only hold onto the saddle for dear life and hunch over. Anyone who saw them would know instantly that he was no expert rider, and that he was entirely unladylike. He wished now that he had never accepted this deal.

Dorian, riding close beside him, had leaned over early on and imparted his wisdom to Alex. “Riding horseback is no different than sex; you have to move in rhythm. Relax, and let yourself feel the movement.” Alex had felt himself color, his face burning immediately at the suggestive tone from the handsome man.

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“We will not run from here, Inquisitor.”

MLZ Studios just completed a showcase video of my DA:I Cullen cosplay and it gives me life! I’ve watched it about forty times because I can’t figure out how he managed to make me look that cool.

Character: Cullen Rutherford (fem version)
Series: Dragon Age Inquisition
Cosplayer: Enayla
Videographer: MLZ Studios

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  • [Inquisitor advisors help you deal with a difficult co-worker]
  • Josephine:I know a friend of a friend who has a friend who can get him fired. There doesn't need to be a reason.
  • Leliana:Look, I'm not saying murder him, but I'm not saying DON'T murder him. Be open to murdering him, is what I'm saying.
  • Cullen:Subterfuge and unlawful killings are unworthy of our Inquisition. I say send twenty of our best templars to his house and have them burn it to the ground, like civilized men.

i’ve read a lot of fanfics that explain cullen’s lip scar with stuff like “he was slashed with a knife/sword” like no he was definitely not because if it were a knife, the marginal chances that said blade only going through his lip (and not into his gums/teeth) is TINY and really i guarantee you it’s because cullen was punched in the mouth with an armored fist

Flirting my way through the Inquisition
  • me:*flirts with cassandra*
  • cassandra:*DISAPPROVES*
  • me:woah there
  • -
  • me:*flirts with cullen*
  • cullen:I.. uhm... *leaves*
  • me:what even
  • -
  • me:*flirts with varric*
  • varric:*aggressively flirts back but then leaves me for his crossbow*
  • me:this isn't going very well
  • -
  • me:hi sola-
  • solas:I LOVE YOU
  • me:...bye
  • -
  • me:*tries to flirt with josephine*
  • josephine:*doesn't offer a single flirty dialogue option*
  • me:OH COME ON
  • -
  • me:*flirts with Iron Bull*
  • Iron Bull:*keeps discussing thing*
  • me:NOTICE ME
  • -
  • me:*flirts with Sera*
  • sera:D'aww aren't you ADORABLE
  • me:no you don't.... get it
  • -
  • me:*flirts with dorian*
  • dorian:oh sweetie...
  • me:yeah yeah completely useless, I get it
  • -
  • me:*flirts with vivienne*
  • vivienne:nah
  • -
  • me:hi blackwa-
  • blackwall:marry me
  • me:ugh no not another one
  • -
  • me:*flirts with harding*
  • harding:*flirts back*
  • me:ok good i like this one can i keep her?