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Your Cullen screenshots give me life, like that is my precious most beloved and cherished husband and I die every time I see one of your screenshots of him because he just *sobs* LOOKS SO GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL IN THEM AND THEY'RE SO HIGH RES LIKE HOW DO YOU DO THIS WHAT IS THIS BLOOD MAGIC SORCERY

Thank you so much! I am so glad that you like them!! He is one of my favorite love interests so I tend to post lots of shots of him!

As for the high res, I use the DAI Cinematic Tools to increase the resolution of the game, it makes everything very clear and high res and detailed. I also use this mod, Cullen Textures, by the wonderful @fontofnothing who takes great shots of Cullen as well! I use the 4k versions for his face and armor for better details!

i’ve read a lot of fanfics that explain cullen’s lip scar with stuff like “he was slashed with a knife/sword” like no he was definitely not because if it were a knife, the marginal chances that said blade only going through his lip (and not into his gums/teeth) is TINY and really i guarantee you it’s because cullen was punched in the mouth with an armored fist

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Da:I the Herald getting drunk and streaking through skyhold


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Iron Bull:

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