What We Can Do to Promote the Culinary Arts

“If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”
John F. Kennedy

When artists make the decision to allow the world to witness their talent, they do so hoping that their individual vision can be conveyed in a way that is true to their own style, influences, and personal expression. However, to be able to express yourself as an individual in the Culinary Arts industry has not been as easy as it sounds. The Taste Project aims to change that.

Each and every Taste Project is centered around the Featured Artist. This can be an established chef, who wants to reach new audiences, in order to express a more personal side of his or her artistic expression. Or a culinary student, who knows that networking and reaching out to a community of supporters is the optimal way to be noticed and begin a flourishing career. Or even an aspiring chef who just wants to show the world his or her talents.

Each of our Featured Chefs are given an opportunity at their Taste Project to create an atmosphere based on their own individual vision. We do all the work putting together a one time only pop-up restaurant style event or “Project” in which each Featured Chef designs the atmosphere, ambience, location,and menu to fit their own artistic vision.

As no two artists are alike, so no two Projects are alike. This allows us to create an experience that guests will remember for its uniqueness and novelty. Because all attendees know that each event is centered around the Featured Chef, guests will remember the chef as being the focus of their experience. This builds a support network that can be vital to a chef’s career. We aim to create a network passionate about the Culinary Arts, that can be the foundation for every aspiring chefs career dreams.