culinary jargon

My friends got me thinking tonight on the tl about how some people thought the first episode of Shokugeki no Soma was because the amount of fanservice the anime staff delivered. Then they got me thinking how a majority of those people will judge based on that alone and dropped the first episode because of it. Please don’t drop it, I beg you guys.

Shokugeki no Soma is more than just foodgasm and ecchi; it has actual plot. And by plot, I really mean it. The manga has an actual professional chef working with them (Morisaki Yuki) who helps them create actual recipes and use real culinary jargon like some French techniques they have now in the recent chapters. You learn A LOT about cooking, I’m serious.

“Since it’s ecchi, it’s probably a harem and all the girls are going fall for the MC….” blah blah blah. Rest assured, it is not a harem. There is romance in this though. Please do not let the fanservice scare you. Half of the reactions aren’t going to have nekkid bodies. Some will have parodies y’know.

I really, really do not want any of you to drop episode 1 just because the fanservice was too much for you. You’re missing out on one of the best series you’ve ever come across these last few years AND you’re missing out on one of the best main characters ever. Souma Yukihira is probably the most refreshing and awesome MC I’ve ever seen in my entire anime/manga lifeline.

I rest assure you guys, you will fall in love with so many characters this series offers you. Please give this anime a chance (dogeza’s to everyone)

note from the mod : submission tips

your friendly mod here! just wanted to share some tips for making your submissions as helpful as possible. we want to ensure that readers get the most out of your recipes, and that you hopefully get the most notes you can, too! :3

  • always tag appropriately. if you’re not sure if a recipe is vegan/kosher/gluten free/etc, google the ingredients to see if they are appropriate for that tag. you want to share accurate and safe information with all our readers, some of whom are still learning about food and cooking in general!
  • keep it simple. don’t use too much specialized culinary jargon, and try to be brief and clear. remember that low spoons folks can often feel intimidated or overwhelmed by overlong recipes with a laundry list of ingredients.
  • jokes and words of encouragement are always great! always! those small moments of positivity can really brighten a person’s day and make this blog a more enjoyable space.
  • use the bullet point and number options offered by tumblr. sure, you could type just a - dash - , but using the bullet points option in the text box makes your submission easier to read and feel / look more organized. people are more likely to take the time to read a post that is visually appealing!
  • include pictures, if you can. people love knowing what recipes will turn out like! i know this is not possible for everyone, and sometimes takes that extra energy we don’t all have, and that is precisely why we don’t require photos. 
  • list precise measurements whenever possible. while it might be a staple dish for you that you can just eyeball, you are introducing it to an audience where many people are completely new to preparing their own food. many people follow this blog as an introduction into cooking their own meals. precise measurements take away a lot of the stress of cooking for many, many people. even if you just make up a measurement (½ cup chopping onions, 1 small chopped onion, etc), and it won’t actually alter whether the recipe turns out, please do it! for many people, it is the difference between them trying an exciting new recipe and eliminating something because it is intimidating. 

and, as always, please let me know if you ever have questions or concerns! happy cooking! <3