Coffee with a dear friend

It is always a pleasure to sit outside in the sun at a local coffee shop with a dear friend, having coffee, talking crap, future resolutions, hopes and dreams.
Cheers to that! 


Pezet x Jimek / Nie muszę wracać from Kijek / Adamski on Vimeo.

Legendary Polish MC joins forces with the official Beyonce remixer to create a piece refering to classic 90s hip hop.

Director, Concept, Postproduction - Kijek/Adamski
DoP - Bartosz Bieniek
Production - Ab Film Production
Producer - Katarzyna Rup
Executive Producer - Anna Sikorska
Client: Reebok Classics
Camera Assistant - Paweł Twardo
Gaffer - Heliograf, Maciek Gamdzyk
Key Grip - Robert Olo Senderowski, Marcin Wasilewski
Digital Equipment - Cukry
Make Up - Agata Juretko
Design Set Elements - Plum Art/Marcin Śliwiński, Przemysław Będziak, Hubert Mróz
Transport - Arkadiusz Kierski
Stills - Szymon Pulcyn
Extras - DJ Panda, Małolat, Stasiak, Piotrek Jakubowski, Pegas, Auer, Tomasz Kempski
Thanks - Foksal Eleven, Radek Bykowski

Video contains random shots of graffiti we took in NYC, San Francisco and Lisbon. If you are an author of any of those, please contact us. We will include you into credits.

Hello there, my dear dear friends!

Today we are having a really awesome iced coffee while we’re are getting ready for the next Featured Artist of the Week. Yes, today we’ll meet this cool handsome guy and we’ll get inside his head for a moment. But, You’ll see that in a couple of hours.

Until then, along with our iced coffee here, I just want to let You know that I had my graduation and my prom and […projecting again] I’ll try to put up some pictures so You all see how awesome those two events were for me.

Also, I will [and now this is a promise] get more personal and I will write about how I feel about ending this chapter of my life.

So be here for our interview on time!
Here are the already featured Local Artists, enjoy them!

Sugar & joy to all of You,
Answer With Song Titles From One Single Band/Artist

I found this on a group called People who smoke too much cigarettes, drink too much coffee and are happy anyway

It is a really fun game. You should answer to these 10 questions using song titles by a single band/artist!

  • band/artist:
  • male or female: 
  • describe yourself: 
  • how do others think about you: 
  • how do you think about yourself:  
  • describe your ex: 
  • describe your girl-/boyfriend: 
  • where would you like to be: 
  • who would you like to be: 
  • describe your lifestyle:  
  • describe the way you love: 
  • and last, a few wise words: 

Mine is this one here.



Hey all! 

Lately I’ve been working on a very dear project with a very dear friend of mine, Louana David, making very dear prints that come either in a framed or in poster mounts. 

Above are just some of my designs. I worked with quotes, typography, geometry, swirls and solid/dashed lines, I tried to keep a global style for them all, but also played with different ideas and techniques. Some are spring-themed. 

I hope You like them! 

To view more of my work, You can check out and follow the project’s blog at Cherry & Cherry PRINTS | - Yes, we deliver everywhere in Romania. 

New Thematic Day Tomorrow!

Hello there, darlings!

I’m preparing a new thematic day for tomorrow. I can’t tell You what it is, but I hope You’ll be here and that You’ll like the theme I have picked.

For the new year, 2o12, I decided to try to keep up with a weekly schedule of one thematic day- perhaps on Mondays- and one local artist interview on Wednesdays, some random posts at random times and Q&A’s on Saturdays. 

I needed to reduce blogging time for I am working hard on my thesis and portfolio. I will probably see You more in the spring break or on some extra days.

Be here tomorrow for the Thematic Day!
Have a lovely evening!



Lately I’ve been very busy working on a branding/ identity project which I can’t really tell You so much about, but I will post it as soon as available and running. 

I’ve also been busy with a 3rd 3d project, but that’s another story.

Above are 4 of my recent 5-10 minutes finger drawings made using an app on iPad. I need to buy a stylus. I hope You like them because I do. Oh, I realized that I am way over my art to be technically correct, I’m all about the blending and co., call it whatever, I simply enjoy doodling nowadays.  

Have a jolly day, I will be more online starting tomorrow, I guess.
And the Local Artists project will continue, it’s just a matter of me having the time to edit interviews.

Love & sugar cubes,