Tumblr Tuesday

Blogs I have been following for a while.


I’ve been following this guy since I first got my tumblr around 3 years ago, and he has kept up with quality posts over the years. He specializes in music and trees. He also posts a solid playlist every month that has a good variety of genres. You should check him out.


Self proclaimed as a television watcher, film junkie, and comedy enthusiast. Mainly posts things related to current comedy television shows and films, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, SNL, etc. If you enjoy television you should follow this blog. (Also based out of Sydney, Australia, which is kind of interesting to me)


I really enjoy this blog. This blogs showcases how anyone can get into customization for their laptops and/or phones. The designs for these are incredible. Custom icons, widgets, skins. All images link you to the creators page and generally consists of information about the design. If you want to see the potential that your computer or phone has, or just really enjoy design, I suggest checking out this blog.