Day 176 - Camp Saukenuk; Cuivre River State Park

Today we dropped off our oldest son at Camp Saukenuk boy scout camp (in northwest IL) - and we hiked around the campgrounds enough to click off 1.5 miles on the pedometer.  

Starts with chaos…ends with fun.  :)

Cool little bridge on one of the trails in the camp.

He were are walking back from the lake where all of the boys just took their swimming tests.

The pedometer showed 6407 steps when we left camp…forgot to snap a pic of the beginning reading.  :(

On the way home from the scout camp, we stopped at Cuivre River State Park and hiked 4.38 miles around Lincoln Lake on the Lakeside trail.  Here are a ton of pics starting with the shady drive into the park.  :)

The Irish twins…

And their papa…

Did I mention how hot it was?

The trail around the lake has a LOT of wildflowers (and a lot of butterflies!).

We saw quite a few kayakers…they had the right idea of what to do on a hot day!

Gettin’ sweatier by the step!  (No, that’s a GOOD thing!!)

Here we approach Hoosier Beach (not real name)…

And there is Hoosier Beach behind me…we didn’t have any cigarettes so we were asked to leave…pfft.

There were several sets of staircases from the lake to the campgrounds…we didn’t ascend any.  The kids wanted to, but I knew they needed to save some energy to complete the hike around the lake.

The trail is lightly used but well marked.  (However, it is longer than the sign says!)

Active families are sweaty families…but we are still very close (for a few seconds anyway…LOL).

Jonah alternated between lagging behind and wanting to run ahead.  That’s so his personality!  

The trail crosses quite a few creek beds…they were ALL dry.  I imagine in the spring or after a heavy rain that this would not be the case!

Just past 4 miles and we aren’t back to the start yet…much to the kids’ chagrin…

Crossing the earthen damn…

Stats ‘n stuff…

Pedometer reading at the end of the trail…a little under 11,000 steps since the reading as we departed Camp Saukenauk…that seems high for a 4.38 mile hike.  Do you know why?  Because the gravel roads (several miles worth) we traveled when leaving Saukenauk were bumpy enough to increment the pedometer.  That’s my theory anyway…I didn’t really verify this!  ;)

Miles today:  5.88

Miles this month: 96.15 (corrected total…must go back and fix my math errors!) 

Miles this year:  569.36