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Greek seafood cuisine at its finest ! by 7th-Art


September 8, 2014
Cuisine en Locale
Somerville, MA

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anonymous asked:

I have to ask, what happens in Adventure Dad version of Fusion Cuisine?

Things get off to a bit of a rough start, but from there it goes well enough–if maybe a little awkward. It’s not exactly difficult to improve on the canon Fusion Cuisine. Connie pulls off some smooth stretches of the truth, Greg and Steven feel uncomfortable and awkward, but in the end Dr. and Mr. Maheswaran can see Greg’s a good father who genuinely loves his son, and that’s what matters.

and the topic of magic, lies, and running away is never brought up.


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Osaka Station

Why aren’t more people talking about how Steven imagined the gems in that Pleasentville/ Leave it to Beaver nuclear family-type sitcom?  Doesn’t it show the possibility that he may truly desire that nuclear family concept that was introduced to him in Fusion Cuisine?!? Besides canonical human!Gems were revealed