Danny MacAskill: The Ridge

“I particularly like the bit where he is perched on top of the Inaccessible Pinnacle adjacent to the summit of Sgurr Dearg. The seeming nonchalance with which he climbs the In Pin, as it’s called, with his bike on his shoulder, and the way in which he navigates a narrow terrace on his bike, are jaw dropping. But the whole seven minutes 40 seconds of MacAskill’s new film The Ridge is visually stunning and electrifying if you have walked and rock-climbed in the Black Cuillin, as I have. This ridge is dangerous enough on two feet, let alone carrying or riding a mountain bike!” - Ian Fraser.

Third Day

The weather today is much better than yesterday. The plan is to go and visit the Fairy Pools. This destination should provide a lot of variety as it has the mountains in the background and all of the rivers, waterfalls and pools to photograph. I will head there and complete as much of the walk as possible without using up too much time!

On the way to the Fairy Pools I will drive past Old Sligachan Bridge. This is a bridge that is now closed for vehicles but you can walk across. Behind the bridge is the Cuillin mountain range so this location will make for some good images. I’ll head to Fairy Pools as soon as I am done with this bridge.