Hello Again || Cugar

Cameron picked the hair off of the floor that fell from her brushing it. The brown strands ticked her hand as she disposed of them in the trash and she was all too happy to rid her hand of the irritating feeling. She looked at herself as she washed her hands, three times, and turned the faucet three times before leaving the bathroom. She walked over to her closet, opening and closing it three time before placing her feet in her favorite black shoes. Black like her socks, and her jeans, and her sweatshirt, everything matching like she wanted. She grabbed the ball off of her desk before flipping the light switch on and off three times and made her way out of her room.

She walked towards the cafe tossing her ball up and down as she counted her steps. Every other thought that crossed her mind told her to run back to her room and cancel this little dinner date with her ex, but as much as she wanted to run away, she wanted to see the girl. As much as she wanted to deny it, she still loved the brunette with all her life and she needed to help her, far more than she wanted to help herself. Upon reaching the cafe she took a seat at the completely empty table next to the door, walking around it three times before sitting down. She tossed her ball up and down as she waited for her company, keeping a constant watch at the door.

Keeping Secrets || Cugar

It had been a rocky week for Cameron and Sugar. They were both on edge and it felt like they were picking at each other raw, especially when it came to her smoking. Sugar wasn’t shy to admit that it annoyed her and Cameron didn’t understand what the big deal was. Everything about her situation was stressing her out and this was something that relaxed her. Then there was the situation with Santana, that was something they couldn’t even talk about thoroughly without it turning into a fight.

The fact that they were able to move past it for the past couple of days was a miracle and Cameron intended to take full advantage of it. She stopped by the kitchens to pick up some dessert for them and headed to Sugar’s room. Following the very familiar path, she made her way to her room and let herself in. She could hear the water from the shower going. After placing the cake down, she made her way into the bathroom to let her know she was in there. “Hey, Sug. She announced as she walked in. "I missed you." 

Oliva Serie V "Melanio" in Churchill (Review)

The Oliva Serie V Melanio 7x50, in Churchill, is a cigar that’s sure to please even the most demanding smoker. It comes in with a very glove soft tan wrapper smelling like chocolate and hay with a very nice double cap. It’s a very good looking box pressed stick that’s nice and spongy to the touch.

Fresh off the light it gives a very soft, creamy textured smoke with a nice aged tobacco flavor with a note of chocolate. Perfect draw and short finish with a medium body.

15 minutes in almost an inch down, I’m getting very smooth soft earth, cream flavor, and a hint of chocolate that blends in through the finish.

45 minutes in getting a bit of a transition and a nice complex blend of flavors. On the draw is a chocolate, caramel sweetness, with a slightly sweet almost salty coffee that comes in on the finish with the chocolate that also blends through with the coffee. Construction so far is perfect.

1 hour in almost to the first band and giving a small shift in flavor has taken place. The salt in the coffee is gone, the caramel is almost gone, and the chocolate is still blending with the coffee. The profile of the flavors are getting richer while keeping the elegant smoothness of the smoke. Construction and draw are both still perfect.

1 hour 25 minutes in it decided to go out. Very odd and an unexpected surprise. No tunneling or anything like that going on. After the relight the coffee and chocolate are still going strong and a bit of a cream flavor has now came back into the mix.

1 hour 50 minutes in ash fell of in a solid chunk. Burn got a little uneven, but self corrected and no need for a touch up. So far the coffee and chocolate are still blending and now a nice nut flavour has come in. I’m almost detecting a hint of vanilla on the finish. Still a solid medium body. Both bands came off the cigar with no damage to the wrapper.

2 hours 25 minutes in the coffee and nut is the only thing left and they hold through the finish. Everything is perfect about this smoke other than the minor relight issue.

Please give these a try. A great almost desert like stick. No complaints at all. I will be buying these in the future.