Hello Again || Cugar

Cameron picked the hair off of the floor that fell from her brushing it. The brown strands ticked her hand as she disposed of them in the trash and she was all too happy to rid her hand of the irritating feeling. She looked at herself as she washed her hands, three times, and turned the faucet three times before leaving the bathroom. She walked over to her closet, opening and closing it three time before placing her feet in her favorite black shoes. Black like her socks, and her jeans, and her sweatshirt, everything matching like she wanted. She grabbed the ball off of her desk before flipping the light switch on and off three times and made her way out of her room.

She walked towards the cafe tossing her ball up and down as she counted her steps. Every other thought that crossed her mind told her to run back to her room and cancel this little dinner date with her ex, but as much as she wanted to run away, she wanted to see the girl. As much as she wanted to deny it, she still loved the brunette with all her life and she needed to help her, far more than she wanted to help herself. Upon reaching the cafe she took a seat at the completely empty table next to the door, walking around it three times before sitting down. She tossed her ball up and down as she waited for her company, keeping a constant watch at the door.

Here With Me || Cugar

Cameron rolled out of bed and took a deep breath willing herself to calm down. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She went to bed thinking that everything was alright. Sugar seemed just fine when she talked to her the previous day. What her doctor was saying didn’t make any sense, she was with her a few days ago, she ate lunch with her. Was she really that stupid, she was with her and she didn’t notice that Sugar bullshitted her way through that meal. The blonde knew something was wrong, and she felt foolish for not putting it together sooner.

She stood up, grabbed her ball, and not caring to look in the mirror, stalked out of her room. She instantly cursed herself for leaving her ball, but there were more pressing matters at hand. She ran all the way to the hospital ward, losing count of the steps she took. She didn’t care. She just needed to get to Sugar. Once she reached her door, she didn’t bother knocking. She walked right in and made her way to Sugar’s bedside. She sat right beside her and wrapped her in a tight hug. “Sug, I was so worried.” A silent tear slid down her cheek, as she held on to the other girl.

Stay || Cugar

Cameron was feeling better than she had been in a while. She had just gotten the best sleep she had in days, thanks to Brittany, and she was about to spend the day with Sugar. Things were definitely looking good. She tidied up around her room then showered, wanting to make sure that she was ready before Sugar came. Though they weren’t official, Cameron already felt like she was with Sugar. They were moving slow and the blonde didn’t really mind. She preferred it without the label anyways. They wouldn’t have to worry about labels and could just concentrate on getting better. 

The blonde was at her desk. She was drawing, something she hadn’t done in a long time. She was full of energy and felt like there was so much she could do now, she didn’t feel like being lazy. She worked on her picture as she waited for Sugar to come, keeping her ears open for a knock at the door.